The Good Haman
Tired of dull, amateurish Purim Spiels?
Why not do a spiel this year that is fun, witty, and easy to put on?
Total running time for each is about 45 minutes

The Good Haman Purim Spiel

This Purim spiel is a sixties treatment and explores the possibilities of what would happen if Haman decided to be a good person. The other characters reveal some aspects of their personalities not usually examined and ultimately, we learn how all of this changes (or doesn’t change) the story. The spiel begins after Vashti has already been banished, Esther is queen and Mordechai has already saved the King’s life. Included are three original songs and short snippets of famous sixties songs to be played between scenes.

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Watch Good Haman Welcome Song

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When you purchase Good Haman, you will receive the script, lead sheets for the songs, and a CD with the songs and incidental music as they are presented in the show.  Included on the CD is also vocal versions of the songs to help you learn them.

You will find that these spiels are a lot of fun for both the cast and the audience.

The price for the rights to perform this spiel is $250.

If you would like to perform The Good Haman Purim Spiel, or if you have questions,
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