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                                               About 1962 - A postcard sold in the bookstore                                   Now

Photographers Photos  Thanks to David Kay  And special thanks to Becky Griffey Caldwell (1968) for Donating the Photographer

Some Good Photo Memories borrowed from our Overton Friends



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Lost and Found     Some one left a pair of glasses at the Reunion, brown with a brown cord.  Let me know if they are yours.

Email from  Guido Ercole our foreign exchange student in 1965

Dear friends from Messick, here is a short story of my life. When I came back to Italy, I graduated and went to University to get a degree in law, but I started to write on a sport newspaper and I got a place as a journalist so I left University and in 1972 I got married; in 1973 my wife died in a car accident. At the ...end of 1976 I got married with Anna, a teacher of French: she was a widow too, and had a 4-years-old girl, Sabrina, now 39: she graduated in economics and works for the Fiat. In 1986 I started working for the most important newspaper of Torino, La Stampa (of the Fiat Group) as chief of the sports pages. In 2004 I retired and I have tried to enjoy life. I have been many times in the States, but never in Memphis, but since my wife loves country music, we plan to make a tour in Tennessee... maybe next year... Best wishes (and forgive my English, after so many years…). Guido Ercole

I told him if he gets to Memphis to let us know and we will do an Event.

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Committee Members:   1965: Kathleen Boyd Marshall, Terry Leggett, Paul Reeder, and Stan Walker  
                                            1964: Carol Ann Inman Koch 
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