The game that started it all! In Fantasy Zone, you control Opa-Opa, a mysterious fighter ship that has wings and legs. Opa-Opa's mission is to clear all the evil Menon bases from the Fantasy Zone, a solar system of eight fantastic planets. Only Opa-Opa can defeat the Menon invaders and return peace to the Fantasy Zone. Fantasy Zone can be played on many systems.

Sega Master System

Cheat from Sega Sages:

Extra Men
During the demo mode press the Directional Pad 50 times or more (any direction) and then start the game. Collect $10,000 before going into any shop; and then enter a shop. You will be able to buy 9 ships for $9,000.

Nintendo Entertainment System

I don't know too much about this Tengen release, but it probably isn't that great. Around the same time, Tengen converted other Sega games such as Alien Syndrome and Shinobi.

PC-Engine (and Turbografx-16)

The PC-Engine version of Fantasy Zone features the same frantic shooting action as the SMS version, but throws varying enemy formations at you. The screen also scrolls slightly up and down for a bigger playfield. The graphics are also better, obviously.

There was a playing tip guide in an old issue of Gamepro, unfortunately I can't find it...

Sega Saturn

Fantasy Zone was released in 1997 in Japan as part of the Sega Ages lineup of classic Sega games. It's the same game of Fantasy Zone, with an added vocal version of the title song!

Cheat from Eclipse Gaming:
Arcade Mode
When the "SEGA AGES" logo appears, hold A and C and press START on the second controller. You will hear a sound and the game will change to arcade mode.


I've never seen it, and never even knew Fantasy Zone was an arcade game until recently. If anyone knows anything about this rarity, clue me in!

General Fantasy Zone Hints:

Shoot the bases as soon as possible! They decrease in value the longer you play a level.

If anyone has any more tips, let me know! I generally just fly around and blast everything...

Noz's Fantasy Zone homepage (Japanese)
Playing tips for Fantasy Zone, if you can read Japanese...