(Game Gear)

In the year 6216 (?), tumultuous events in the history of space finally came to a close. The hero Opa-Opa had won the long drawn-out battle with creatures from the star called Menon. He recaptured the Fantasy Zone.

Fantasy Zone lived in peace for a time...

Now it is 6344. Trouble is threatening to strike Fantasy Zone once again. Somewhere, someone is trying to take control of the zone. Rumors of impending doom are heard everywhere and as if to verify the rumors, strange things are beginning to happen in Fantasy Zone.

Just about the time the rumors finally reached Opa-Opa Jr., the legendary hero's son, Opa-Opa Jr.'s friends began to disappear one at a time. Finally his father also disappeared.

One day a letter arrived at Opa-Opa Jr.'s doorstep. It read, "Fantasy Zone will be converted into Fantasy Zone Gear according to our plans. Your father is our captive. He will be of no help to you if you try to resist us. You have one week to decide what to do. We suggest that you surrender."

Opa-Opa Jr. didn't hesitate for an instant. He would never surrender, not in a thousand years. He set out to defeat the enemy from Menon to save his father and friends.

Cheats from Sega Sages:

Config Mode (GG)
For level select and more, press Up, Right, Down, Left, 1, 2, 1, 2, Start at the title screen.

Invincibility (GG)
For invincibility, enter the Config Mode code, highlight "Mode" and press Left, 1 + 2.