(Mega Drive / compatible with Genesis)

Super Fantasy Zone retells the story of brave Opa-Opa, the fighter who returned peace to the Fantasy Zone. The evil Menon bases must be cleared from each planet!

Super Fantasy Zone is a souped up version of the original Fantasy Zone. Levels scroll slightly up and down as in the original, and many of the same enemies make appearances. The regular game plays fine, and the bosses are okay, but the spirit of the original seems a little lost in the translation. maybe it's just me...

Just as in the original, the bases are worth more money if you destroy them quickly.

Rubber Boots, Super Lights?
The effects of these items aren't seen unless you're in a special level. For instance, lights are particularly helpful in the cave level where you can only see a certain radius around Opa-Opa...

Super Fantasy Zone (cheat?) (Japanese)