Woob is Paul Frankland
Journeyman is Paul Frankland and Colin Waterton,
or Paul Frankland by himself
Max & Harvey are Paul Frankland and Mark Butt (Scab Boy!)

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Woob albums

em:t 1194 - woob t:me / Europe CD
Woob 1194 EX294 / Instinct / U.S. CD
[72:48] 6 tracks
  1. [32:13] on earth
  2. [13:15] odonna
  3. [1:45] amoeba
  4. [9:29] wuub
  5. [10:32] strange air
  6. [4:28] emperor

em:t 4495 - woob² t:me / Europe CD
[62:08] 7 tracks
  1. [4:30] gate
  2. [4:48] pondlife
  3. [12:25] woobed
  4. [8:32] creek
  5. [:36] cupboard
  6. [24:58] depart
  7. [6:18] later
"Back from a televised live performance in Amsterdam, Woob continues to turn heads with the release of his long-awaited second album: 'Woob²'. Featuring his highly improper band, Paul Frankland's second full-length offering further develops his slowly gestating soundscapes and massively extruded grooves, as tangible instruments add a surreal psychotic edge to the album's febrile atmospherics and dark, abstracted dub."

"Woob Woob Woob" Demo Tape (chrome cassette with color inlay)
[30:00] 2 songs
  1. Planet Woob
  2. Deeper

Void, Part 2 BEES005 / Beeswax / Europe 12"
[38:56] 4 songs
  • Side A
    1. [15:50] void, part 2 (Frankland)
    2. [7:50] void, part 2 - Journeyman a.m. mix (Frankland/Waterton)
  • Side B
    1. [7:51] void, part 2 - Leadmill's, Rising mix (Frankland/Sullivan/Oakes)
    2. [7:25] void, part 2 - 303 mix (Frankland/Sullivan/Oakes)

Journeyman albums

Mama 6 NTONECD2 / NTone / Europe CD
Mama 6 NTONE2 / NTone / Europe Vinyl LP
  1. [4:56] Valves
  2. [10:48] Estarlay
  3. [21:21] Mama 6 pt.1
  4. [15:19] Latneiro (woobs sunrise dub)
  5. [13:03] Mama 6 pt. 2
  6. [13:31] 3001 (edit)
Mama 6 review by Noah

50cc (Parts 1&2) NTONE10 / NTone / Europe 12"

National Hijinx ntoneCD24 / ntone / Europe CD
[65:36] 11 tracks
  1. [9:55] national hijinx
  2. [5:05] national hijinx part 2 (mr. swanks menstore)
  3. [4:01] rusty beats
  4. [6:21] spy
  5. [8:15] 50cc (full service history)
  6. [4:15] tuft er
  7. [4:03] sloath
  8. [5:26] eugolana box
  9. [5:24] sonny
  10. [5:41] biscuits
  11. [7:04] the darg frog
Trivia Fact - Mark Butt, who designed the cover to National Hijinx, appeared with Frankland as "Max & Harvey" (see compilation appearances below)

Other Woob/Journeyman appearances

em:t 0094 EX280 / Instinct / US CD
em:t 0094 t:me / Europe CD
  • [12:17] Woob - Void, part one

Plug in & Turn on x2 EX297 / Instinct / US 2CD
  • [4:52] Woob - Odonna (Bells Remix)
  • [10:09] Woob - Pluto (Trip To Pluto Remix) mix of Strange Air

Tone Tales From Tomorrow NTONECD5 / Ntone / Europe CD
compilation album mixed by Coldcut
  • [7:08] Journeyman - Mama 6 (part 2)
  • [8:25] Journeyman - Mama 6 (part 1)

earthrise.ntone.1 EX316 / Instinct / US 2CD
  • [7:15] Journeyman - 50cc
  • [14:52] Journeyman - latneiro (woob's sunrise dub)
  • [4:46] Journeyman - mama 6 (funki porcini [remix])

em:t 2000 EX311 / Instinct / US 2CD
em:t 2295 t:me / Europe CD
Disc one of em:t 2000 is the same as em:t 2295.
  • [6:08] Woob - Fourteen Thirtythree

em:t 5595 t:me / Europe CD
  • [6:50] Woob - Mould

tone tales from tomorrow too NTONECD9 / NTone / Europe CD+
compilation album mixed by Coldcut
  • [4:18] Journeyman - 50cc

earthrise.ninja.2 SDW013 / Instinct / US 2CD
  • [5:21] 9 Lazy 9 - Journeyman's Electric Lazyman

Stoned... Chilled... Groove Europe CD
compilation album mixed by Coldcut and Strictly Kev of DJ Food
  • Journeyman - latneiro (woob's sunrise dub)

DJ Food - Refried Food Part 2 ZEN1233 / Ninja Tune / Europe 12"
Other releases in the Refried Food series have Journeyman mixes as well.

If ya can't stand da beatz, git outta da kitchen SDW008-2 / Instinct(?) / US 2CD

Radical Beauty OM007 / Om / CD+CDROM
compilation album mixed by Nick Philip
A TV-resolution video of a segment of the CD-ROM featuring 50cc (Pt2) has also aired on the US MTV show "Amp".
  • [5:02] Journeyman - 50cc (Pt2)

em:t 1197 t:me / Europe CD
  • [8:43] Woob - Giant Stroke

Hab - Hab DOT1201 / Dot / 12" vinyl

Coldcut & Hexstatic - Timber Ninja Tune / ZENCDS65 / US CD+
Ninja Tune / Europe 2CD+
Ninja Tune / 12"
  • [5:26] Journeyman - Journeyman mix

Hybrids Hypnagogia / CD

Woob/Journeyman appearances (album tracks)

em:t explorer EX330 / Instinct / US 2CD
  • [6:08] Woob - later
  • [6:04] Woob - pondlife

Amberdelic Space DTKCD019 / Dressed to Kill / Europe 4CD
  • [7:00] Woob - on earth [edit]

The Next Step Instinct / US CD

Mind the Gap 16 CD included with Gonzo Circus magazine

Em:t Beat Exploration Instinct / 1998 US CD

Ninja Cuts 3: Funkungfusion Ninja Tune / 1998 CD

CDuctive tracks

CDuctive lets you order individual tracks to be burned onto CD. I haven't tried them out personally, but once I do I'll post the results here. There aren't any really interesting tracks from Journeyman yet, but maybe in the future...?

'Spotter Sample Id's

"Welcome to Central Industrial. We are the future."
Ghosts... of the Civil Dead

"...I advise extreme caution in attempting apprehension. Good luck, Al.
"Uh, thanks uh... I think I'll probably need a little luck."

Quantum Leap (the episode where we get to see "the future")

"...You've come to kill... Odonna, you've come to die?
"I don't know, I don't care. I only know I'm here. I only know I'm happy"

Star Trek (original series) : Odonna

"...Wy don't we take our visit to the ol' master control, eh?
...my user told me to quote 'take that sucker out', or I'll never get back again.
"We can't get to the MCP without the help of my user..."


"...Look uh, it's 3 AM. These guys are running on bad coffee and four hours of sleep. You'll have to cut them some slack.
"I can't afford slack..."

The Abyss

"When's he coming back? How are you feeling?
"Oh, I'm better. Still a little cold... Claire, do you...
"Shhh! ... Alex told me to shoot anyone if he wants to come in here..."

"...The track 'Strange Air' is all made up of bits from a film soundtrack, combined with a sound from a well-known pop tune which I won't mention... The dialogue on 'Strange Air' is from a horror film that I wasn't even watching. I just found it on the audio track later."
Info from Phil Ward's The Mix interview with Frankland

"Is there one chair in this place that works?"
"John. If you want to leave, leave"
"Things are getting complicated."
"No, they're getting real simple. We don't have anything to talk about."
(and other speech in Mould)

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

"I've left you alone too much. No wonder you've grown morbid... imagining you hear dead voices... but I'm going to change all that now, now that the experiment's over, I'm going to spend more of my time looking after you and Billy."
The Colossus of New York

National Hijinx - The track 'Sonny' featured some samples from the Al Pacino film 'Dog Day Afternoon'. 'Mr. Swanks Menstore' is an obscure film from the seventies.
Info from Peter Wullen

Other Information

T 0115 985 9595
F 0115 941 2277

a collectors' series for enquiring minds in an anxious age.

'emit is a division of time recording ltd. the albums which make up this ongoing collectors' series are designed to reward the careful listner. such attentiveness is rarely encouraged in our evasive, soundbite age; to fit in, we are expected to become superficial and absurd. we must, at all times, be distracted, or risk the dangers of introspective listening to our brains.
it would seem it is presumed by so many that music communicates nothing beyond its form; a mere soundtrack or diversion. now perhaps we should be asking; from what are we being diverted?'

Roland Sound Space
the emit collectors' series features recordings which have been spatially expanded using the roland sound space 3-D sound imaging system.
the roland space system is a result of roland's extensive analysis of psychoacoustics and can be used to localise any sound source in any position, and at any elevation, within a complete 360 degree listening field.
the system can be used to position up to four totally independent sound sources, whether stationary or in motion around any area of the listening field. the system calculates these spatial transformations in real time. recordings processed with the sound imaging effect can be reproduced on conventional stereo speakers. no additional hardware is required.

escape your speakers.

Woob gear
Paul sent me a more up to date list of Woob equipment. Cool, huh?

Much older gear used...
According to a post from the Hyperreal ambient archives, the Woob demo tape is reviewed in the 10 Aug 1993 issue of Future Music. It also lists Woob's equipment used for the tape:


Peter Wullen's em:t articles (in Dutch)
Includes interview with Paul Frankland!

em:t interview

NTone Journeyman page
Includes a few .aiff samples from Mama 6.

Woob page (French)
I don't speak French, so I have no idea what this is.

News Tidbits

The latest, 15 April 99...

Hey, that woob e-mail address at the top of the page really does work so use it! Paul Frankland told me he's gotten some interesting mail.

I also found out that Woob and Journeyman are still alive, as for exactly what/when the releases will be I won't say because I don't want to start any rumors here, plus for the most part I don't know! But, I do get a lot of e-mail asking if there will be any more Woob and it looks like sometime in the future there will be. So, that's good news!

From Peter Wullen: 1998

I interviewed Paul Frankland a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I had to stick to general questions (my phone-bill!) but some interesting news came out anyway. He's actually very busy. He's putting together a video for a new Journeyman single that's going to come out in March. There's going to be released a new Journeyman album before the new Woob.

Paul wasn't too happy with Woob² so he's waiting till they have a bigger budget to spend on the making of the new album. The tracks on 'National Hijinx' were recorded in '96. In the meantime Colin Waterton kind of pulled out from the whole project to do his own stuff. Riad Abji played on a lot of tracks of 'Hijinx' so that's where the Woob feel comes from. The next Journeyman is going to be more club orientated. The next Woob is going to be more musical with collaboration of songwriters and string quartets.


WOOB Discography by btribble!
Last Updated 15 April 1999
This is just what I've found out there - please tell me about anything I'm missing!

Thanks to Tim Wright for Mama 6!
Thanks to Mark Butt for all the info!
Thanks to Chris Nolan for the Void part 2 info.
Thanks to Peter Wullen for telling me about em:t 1197,
and the quote for the movie sample non-ID. =)
Thanks to Ben Shearer for telling me about The Next Step.
Thanks to Seofon for the Mould sample info.
Thanks to Thaddeus Herrmann for telling about the Central Industrial sample.
Thanks to Noah for the Colossus sample info.
Thanks also to the Hyperreal ambient archives for keeping info available
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