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Driftwood Casual Tumblers & Stemware

Tumblers & Stems Accessories

Roly-Poly Cocktail (2½", 5 oz.)

YoP: Late 1950s-1960s (Prior to 1967), and then probably again in the mid-1970s.

Shown in Crystal, Gray, Plum, and Charm Blue.

Roly-Poly Old Fashioned (3", 9 oz.)

YoP: Best I can tell, the Roly-Poly Old Fashioned was made for a short period of time in the late 1950s - or 1960s (prior to 1967).

Shown in Crystal.

Consider yourself fortunate if you ever find this size roly-poly. Update 8/2015...I finally did! Picked up 2 in Crystal at a thrift shop in Maryland. I've pictured all 3 sizes next to each other.

Roly-Poly Hi-Ball (3½", 12 oz.)

YoP: Probably an original item, was last shown in 1979 catalog.

Shown in Peacock Blue, Crystal, Accent Red, Amber, Gray, Buttercup (Yellow), Charm Blue, and Cinnamon (Brown).

In later years, after the Roly-Poly Cocktail and Roly-Poly Old Fashioned were dropped from the line, this was referred to simply as the Roly-Poly.

Sherbet (3", 5 oz.)

YoP: Probably one of a few items made for the entire Driftwood Casual run.

Shown in Heather, Amber, Peacock Blue, Gray, Accent Red, and Cinnamon (Brown).

Cocktail (3 3/8", 6oz.)

YoP: Probably an early if not original item, last shown in the 1981 catalog.

Shown in Accent Red, Buttercup (Yellow), Peacock Blue, Delphine Blue, Charm Blue, Ritz Blue, and Moss Green.

(Single) Old Fashioned (3½", 9oz.)

YoP: Probably an early if not original item, gone by the 1971 catalog

Shown in Buttercup (Yellow)

Some catalogs called this the Single Old Fashioned while others just say Old Fashioned.  I finally found some of these.  They're not an easy size to find.

Double Old Fashion (3¾", 14 oz.)

YoP: Probably available for the entire run.

Shown in Amber, Cinnamon (Brown), Heather, Plum, Buttercup (Yellow), Peacock Blue, Charm Blue, Accent Red, and Gray.

On The Rocks (3 7/8", 9 3/4 oz.)

YoP: 1975-1980

Footed Juice/Wine (3 7/8", 10 oz.)

YoP: 1975-1979

Shown in Lime Green and Ritz Blue

Juice (4 1/4", 6 oz.)

YoP: Probably available for entire run.

Shown in Crystal, Moss Green, Delphine Blue, Amber, Heather, Peacock Blue, Accent Red, Ritz Blue, and Buttercup (Yellow).

One of the easily found tumblers. Found in gorgeous 8-color boxed sets.

Table Tumbler (4 1/8", 10 oz.)

YoP: An early item last offered in the 1967 catalog.

Shown in Moss Green, Plum, and Crystal.

The table tumbler is one of the earlier pieces and is not easy to find today.

Hi-Ball (5 1/8", 12 oz.)

YoP: Probably available for the entire run.

Shown in Crystal, Cinnamon (Brown), Ritz Blue, Peacock Blue, and Lime Green.

Parfait (5", 7oz.)

YoP: An early item last shown in the 1967 catalog.

Narrow version of the goblet.  I've only seen Parfaits in Crystal and Peacock Blue.

Goblet (5¼", 13oz.)

YoP: Probably available for the entire run.

Shown in Amber, Delphine Blue, Heather, Accent Red, Crystal, Peacock Blue, Cinnamon (Brown), and Moss Green.

Iced Tea (5¾", 16oz.)

YoP: Probably available for the entire run.

Shown in Crystal, Delphine Blue, Heather, Plum, Peacock Blue, Ritz Blue, Gray, Moss Green, Cinnamon (Brown), Amber, and Accent Red.

Handled Iced Tea or Beer Mug (5¾", 16oz.)

YoP: Only shown in a 1960s advertisement.  Since this is simply an Iced Tea with an added handle, however, it could've been made at other times.

Shown in Amber (Thanks, Jan!) and Gray.

Most handles will match the body color.  If this exists in Accent Red, it would likely have a clear handle.

Water Goblet, Stemmed (6¼", 10 oz.)

Shown in Cinnamon (Brown).  Also known in Moss Green.  Thanks, Sandy for the photo of this very scarce piece!

Cooler (6¾", 22 oz.)

YoP: 1978-1983

Shown in Buttercup (Yellow), Lime Green, and Charm Blue.

Notes: The largest and one of the hardest-to-find tumblers. Introduced in 1978, it should only be available in the later colors. The Buttercup and Lime have an acid etched Seneca mark which is a characteristic of later-made items.