Tongue of Frog
We think it speaks for itself:

Tongue of Frog

Detailed instructions for Tongue of Frog

"The stains will remain if you don't care about it." "Keep away from fire." "Never pull out tongue hard, as it may be separated." One could say that these are frog-tongue metaphors for life itself. Everybody knows that fire is dangerous, but does it hurt to be reminded of that? Of course not. And if you don't care about a wrong that's been done, who else is going to? That's right, nobody. Who among us has ever thrown out to other person's head anything more profound than that?

Don't be left out, folks. Be the first on your block, not the last, to own your very own Tongue of Frog. Think of it as more than a toy. Think of it, if you will, as Life's Little Tongue of Frog Instruction Manual. At finer department stores everywhere.

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Shock me greatly, please.

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