Here are some pix of my Schumacher SST. I've done a few
                                  mods to it, including a carbon fiber battery hold down (custom)
                           an Associated DS rear sway bar mount, and a transponder mount.
                           (custom made of lexan) with a BRP racing practice weight.


                                                             Click on image to see full size photo.

                              Here are some shots of my Traxxas 4-TEC. Here I've also done some
                           mods. First, I'd like to give credit to "Tfrahm" (Trinity website name)
                           a fellow 4-TEC driver who came up with the idea for the motor heat sink.
                           Other than that, I've made a lexan transponder mount, drilled holes in the
                           upper & lower chassis as well as the bumper. I've also added aftermarket
                           springs, replaced the steering bellcrank wire with a turnbuckle, and
                           custom bent a few different tension sway bars. I'll be adding close-ups
                           of the spring retaining system, and homemade swaybars real soon.
                           (The springs' diameter is smaller than stock, so I had to use AE retainers
                           to let the springs set correctly on the shock bodies)

                                                             Click on image to see full size photo.

                               Here are the tools & materials I used to make the carbon fiber battery
                            brace and the aluminum heat sink. All cutting and shaping was done with
                            the Dremel and accompanying bits. (And a steady hand ;-)
                            The battery brace was made out of an old (cracked) Graphite RC10 LSO
                            chassis. The aluminum used for the heat sink is just .032 sheet stock I
                            picked up at my local hobby shop. (I cut the initial rectangle out with a
                            pair of scissors)

                                                 Click on image to see full size photo.

                                Well, there it is.. It's nothing fancy, as you can see, but it serves it's purpose!
                             I'll be adding a section of photos of my #18 Interstate Batteries Pancar, as
                             soon as I have time. As well as other photos of interest I can think of. Until
                             next time, thanks for visiting, and happy racing!!

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