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My name is Dena Sweeney and I am a small hobbyist bird breeder based in Brookhaven PA, Delaware County (Southeastern PA). My husband and two children ages 15 and 9, help with socializing the babies. We also have our babies out and around friends and visitors to make sure our babies are used to being held by a wide variety of people. I have had many birds throughout my life but it wasn't until our cockatiel laid eggs that peaked my curiosity in breeding birds over 5 years ago. I did 6 months of research before finally taking the plunge into what is now my most rewarding hobby (more like a full time job that I enjoy). I've learned a great deal about the species I breed and love to pass this on to anyone who has any questions. I offer continuous support for my babies and their new families anytime they need me. My breeding stock are fed a well balanced diet of Roudybush pellets, orange slices, nuts, seeds, sprouts, broccoli, mustard greens, wheat bread, eggs, carrots and corn (plus other goodies in moderation .. they love their birdy muffins!!). I also use full spectrum lighting and air cleaners in the bird room to keep the birds happy and healthy. We are not some big breeding operation that cranks out babies for profit, we put alot of love and care into our breeding stock and babies to make for a much better quality companion bird. If you have any questions about my birds, my breeding program, my babies, your pet bird or what type of bird is best for you, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone (Inquiries by phone for United States residents only, all others please use email link below - TY).

Contact : Dena Sweeney - EMAIL - Brookhaven, PA 19015 - Phone 610-876-4286


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