Her dreams, they are as broken wing,
The song that she is not to sing,
Doorbell that never is to ring,
The winter in the middle of spring,

The child whom she would never hold,
The kiss that would be snowy cold,
The story that would stay untold,
The stars that she’s not to behold,

The flower that’s not to bloom,
The dance that’s never to resume,
The empty bed in empty room,
The never worn or smelled perfume,

The creek that’s not to reach the sea,
The sadness of root out tree,
The bird that never would fly free
From night that’s crying as banshee,

She could have put on bridal gown,
To marry guy who lives next door,
If only she would've made it down
From the one hundred second floor...

She’s gone, and now only pain
Pours rain as tears and tears as rain.


The Opposite

I am the daughter, you’re the son,
I like the moon, you like the sun,
I want to walk, you want to run,
When I am bored, then you have fun.
You’d soon take train; I’d soon take ship,
You say: “expensive”, I say: “cheap”,
I’d rather make love, you’d rather sleep,
I can swim well, you can swim deep.
When I use “must” then you use “should”,
You like a field, I like a wood,
If I have guessed, you’ve understood,
And what I can’t, of course, you could.
You like to wear, I like to knit,
I’d rather stand, you’d rather sit,
I like to cook, you like to eat,
I’m cooking fish, you’re eating meat.
When I go in, then you go out,
When I’m ashamed, then you are proud,
If I am sure, of course, you doubt,
I’m speaking clear, you’re speaking loud.
Yours choice is coffee, mine is tea,
You like to look, I like to see,
You’re dreaming land, I’m dreaming sea,
And I love you but you love me.

Birthday’s Wishes

I wish I could give to you songs of the birds,
Sunrises that shine over African herds,
White nights of Antarctic’s Dry Valleys,
Venetian gondolas and alleys,

Blue icebergs that float as Flying Dutchmen,
Wild fire - sunsets time and again,
Flamingos that flame stormy, cloudy skies,
Rainbows as colorful as butterflies,

The Milky Way that is nursing the night,
The piece of eternity – meteorite,
The joy of Las-Vegas – the city of light,
The tropic bird’s wondrous flight,

Kilimanjaro’s glacier crown,
The Cape of Good Hope – the fame of Cape Town,
The sparkling corona of solar eclipse,
The wild, splendid orchid’s sensual lips,

The Southern Cross over tropic atolls,
The spring that got drunk from Yosemite’s falls,
The caves with the icicles - stalactites,
The northern Aurora mystical lights,

A cloud that sleeps on the chest of a mount,
The orcas at play at McMurdo Sound,
Moonbeam that is making love to the ocean,
The rapids with their unpredictable motion,

Black holes - gravitational time-space abyss,
The flower, longing for hummingbird’s kiss,
The dances and dives of blue-footed boobies,
The mines that are filled with diamonds and rubies,

The islands as pearls on the shells between reefs,
The purple and smell of Midwest autumn leaves,
Mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa,
The tower, leaning on glory of Pisa,

The infinite sky - pain relieving nirvana,
The intimate lovers – the tree and liana,
Waves, crashing of shore, – nature’s great prima donna,
Sweet bread of the Exodus – heavenly manna,
The light summer’s rain that is playing piano,
The desert’s hypnotic fata morgana,
The fairy-tales of the kind, loving nana,
The flattering fingers – the grass of savanna,

The walk with the Alice through looking glass,
The blue eyes – the lakes of Tioga Pass,
Sun’s rays that are flirting with meadow’s dew…
I wish happy birthday to you.


She really looks as fuzzy ball,
But one can use imagination,
She's faint and she is rather small,
Yet she bears magical sensation.
Like bride would fly to handsome groom
She flies to sun in time and space,
She's very old, yet she's in bloom,
Her tail as train filled up with grace.
She dreams their first, their wedding night,
Her ring is asteroid belt,
And yes, she's ready to excite,
If even it would mean to melt.


Deep blue, then out of nowhere
like stormy night uneasy breath,
like ghost surrounded by flare,
the shadow of great white death.

The perfect predator of ages
just opened door to blue abyss,
we're prisoners in our cages,
he's free as ocean salty kiss.

He soars slowly, lethal jaws,
then suddenly attacks with passion,
and there's no hope for a pause,
and there's no hope for compassion.

I won't forget volcanic isle,
the ocean ever blue and great,
the sharks both friendly and hostile
and shaky cage of our date.

They have not bothered any one,
They’ve planted trees in sand,
Then Romans came to take their land,
Diaspora began.

Some left, while many others stayed,
But each of them and all
Whenever dreamed, whenever prayed
Were facing Wailing Wall.

Their land was gardens under sun,
But never since they’ve left,
She’s given fruits to any one,
Like they She’s never bent.

They’ve shared with world their books, their God,
Their science ever great,
But in return they’ve only got
Unfair and total hate.

They’ve celebrated passing years,
They’ve danced, they’ve sang “Lachaim”,
They’ve said with smiles, they’ve said with tears:
“Next in Jerusalaim”.

The chosen people paid heavy price
For being so diverse,
The strangers in the paradise
They’ve gone from bad to worse.

The Inquisition, the pogroms,
The Holocaust, where’s end?
And now suicidal bombs
At home, promised land.

But listen, listen, Israel,
We’ve walked long, lonely way,
And we came back to you to dwell,
We came to you to stay.

The Legend of Vallee de Mai

Violent night, wind is blowing despair,
There’s no one outside. Who would dare?
Lighting’s drawing the fiery square,
Bird or beast, everyone beware.
It is then, when magnificent pair
Starts their beautiful love affair.
They’re approaching each other with care,
They are taking their time to prepare,
Then at last they are ready and bare,
All his flowers are to flare
When he enters her intimate hair,
There’s no one in the world she’d prefer.
He’s her thunder; she’s his novel air.
Stormy night brings them pleasure not fear,
It’s their night, night they cherish and share.
They make love; both are pure and fair.
She’s his lady; he’s her monsieur,
They’re love nuts, they are Coco-de-Mer.

I am a stranger at a street,
I am a never finished story,
I have no face, no arms, no feet,
I am a spectre in a glory.