2. Thomas MILLIGAN Photo was born on 15 Apr 1832 in , Antrim, North Ireland.(7) (2) He resided North Woodstock in 1868 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut.(8)
Windham County History
The father became a resident of Boston in early manhood and there learned the trade of a carpenter and builder, which pursuit he followed in Boston until 1868, when he removed to Woodstock, Connecticut, and purchased a farm in North Woodstock. He then concentrated his energies and attention upon the cultivation of the soil and very successfully managed his farming interests. In his later years he purchased the L. M. Dean carriage factory in North Woodstock and for a number of years conducted an extensive business of that character, remaining active in the industrial circles of the community until his death, which occurred about 1905. pg 1785 He died on 16 Jul 1901 in North Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. (9)(10)
Woodstock Town Record
July 16, 1901
Thomas Mulligan of Ireland---storekeeper
Parents: Thomas Mulligan
age 69 yrs, 3 months, 1 day
cause chronic end____itis He was buried on 19 Jul 1901 in Mt Hope Cem, Boston, Massachusetts.(9)
Grave Site # 796 - Whittier Walk.

Date Int. ---, 1901
Interred Thomas Milligan
Age 69
Date Death 7-16-1901
Res. No. Woodstock, Conn.
Und. Cole He has Ancestral File number 2NR9-5W. Died of chronic endocarditis - George Adams

OBITS - Milligan
Putnam. Patriot July 19, 1901

North Woodstock
Thomas Milligan, long noted as the fat man of the county, died after a short
illness, Tuesday afternoon. Congestion of the brain, probably caused by
extreme xxxx, was the cause of his death. The casket used for his burial was
6 feet, 3 inches long, 34 inches wide and 24 inches high.

July 26, 1901
Thomas Milligan, whose death was announced in our last issue, was well known
in this city, and drew attention in every place from his enormous size, his
weight being xx0 pounds. His coffin was made in Hartford, and is said to
have been the largest one ever made in that city. On the inside the casket
measured six feet three inches in length, two feet and five inches in width
and two feet deep. Mr Milligan had lived many years in South Woodstock. His
body was taken to Boston for burial.
George Adams - 4/15/02

My mom always claimed that he was Mulligan in Ireland and changed to Milligan when he landed in Boston. A relative of Thomas Sr's two wives said that Thomas met wife # 2 in NY as he was some sort of a traveling salesman which fits in with a trader.
George Adams-4/6/02

A Few Mumblings -
My Grandfather, Thomas Milligan (no middle name) arrived at Boston from Northern Ireland County ( I believe it was Antrim), in 1856, early enough for my father, Thomas, to be born in Boston, April 20, 1856. Grandfather was accompanied by his wife, Margaret Morrow Milligan, his brother James who settled in Cambridge, and a sister (I think Emma).

Grandfather was a large man and religious. A "shouting Methodist" who loved American Campmeetings at which he often shouted "Praise the Lord." He started to invest in real estate and before long acquired a vast territory surrounding what is now Dewey Square and Atlantic Avenue. This area now occupied by the South Terminal Railroad Station and Yards, he eventually sold to the New York and New England R. R. for $75,000.00. Shortly afterward he sold much of his Atlantic Avenue holdings to others for $25,000.00, retaining a lot, with a hardware store (Milligan's Hardware Co.) which continued in business under the same name till purchased to make room for the present Essex Hotel. Later, most of the family moved to North Woodstock, Conn. On a large acreage about two miles south of Southbridge, Mass., were he erected a set of large buildings, cleared the land of rocks, planted 5,000 apple trees, built a pond and stocked it with fish, erecting an oval island in the center of the pond, and a causeway leading to it were he planted a Maple tree and planned to enjoy his later life sitting under the tree and handling a fish pole and line. I have enjoyed many an hour in that pleasure. As a boy I visited that spot many times during summer vacations until I was twelve years of age.

My father's mother, Grandfather's first wife, was a beautiful woman with at least eight children. He bough property in Woodstock, Conn. Village and erected a large residence on the northeast corner of the crossroads and on the Quinebaug Road a large number of carriage factory buildings and a long general store. When I vacationed there, all of the children by the first wife had passed away, with the exception of my father. A second wife also had a numerous family of at least eight sons and one daughter, Emma. I remember a few of my step uncles, Henry; later a butcher in New Britain, Conn.; Wesley, later a milkman in South Boston; Osias, postmaster Woodstock; Alfred; Aaron; Emma; I forget two others. A third wife bore a son, Everett. They lost most of their business in a panic with losses to farmers in Kansas. The family lot is in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Roxbury, Boston. In front of the large G.A.R. lot on the main avenue. My father and mother are also there with my brother Thomas.

I must not allow this to go to the printer without adding an item or two in regard to the fine Christian character of my Grandfather. (He never used tobacco or liquors.) I have seen it, and remember that at the regular meals at the large home of the corner Grandfather would stand up at the head of a long table in a large room, with a score of hired men, together with the large family and bowing their heads, he returned thanks to Almighty God, the giver of all good. And nobody ate before grace was said.

My Father often told me of gramp's religious nature and sincerity in matters of the Spirit. Gramp always attended prayer meeting as well as Campmeetings and special services at Quinebaug, Webster, Putnam, Douglas, and his home church at East Woodstock. Scores of times I was on of the passengers in one of the Democrat wagons or concords to the church services. He was for HIS GOOD SINGING and most every prayer meeting would start the hymn, 'A Charge to keep I Have."

"A charge to keep I have
A God to glorify,
A never-dying soul to save
And fit it for the sky.
"To serve the present age,
My calling to fulfill,
And may it all my powers engage
To do my Master's will."

He was married to Margaret Isabella MARROW on 19 Jul 1855 in Tubid Church, Antrium, North Ireland.(11) 1860 Census Information
Thos Milligan, 26, M, Jr Carpenter, Ireland
Margarett Milligan, 24, F, Ireland
Thos Milligan, 4, M, Mass
Margarett J, 1 F, Mass
Fransis Hall, 20, M, Teamster, Maine
James (Drake?), 18, App Carpenter, Ireland Margaret Isabella MARROW(12) was born in 1835 in , , North Ireland.(13) She died on 23 Sep 1863 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.(9) She was buried on 25 Sep 1863 in Mt Hope Cem, Boston, Massachusetts. (14)
Jonathan B. Milligan saw and video taped headstone in December of 1992.

Mt Hope Cemetery Records
Date Int. ---, 1863
Interred Margaret J. Milligan
Age 28
Death Date 9-23-1863
Res. Boston
Und. She has Ancestral File number 2NR9-63.
We are unsure of how many children Thomas and Margaret had. Reverend Herb reported in 1960 that they had "at least eight children," and when he visited his grandfather "all of the children by the first wife had passed away, with the exception of my father." Thomas MILLIGAN and Margaret Isabella MARROW had the following children:

child+7 i. Thomas MILLIGAN Jr.
child8 ii. Mary MILLIGAN was born on 17 Jan 1858 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. (15)(16) She died before 1860 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
child9 iii. Margaret J MILLIGAN was born in 1859 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. (17)
1880 Census

Margaret J. Milligan Age 1 Birth Mass.
child10 iv. Baby MILLIGAN was born in 1863.(18)
Ingraved on Mothers Headstone He (or she) died in 1863. (19) Ingraved on Mothers Headstone

He was married to Elizabeth THOMPSON (daughter of Alexander THOMPSON and Helen FARQUHAR) in 1864 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. (11)(20) Elizabeth THOMPSON Photo was born on 21 Apr 1834 in Aberdeenshire, , Scottland.(7) (21) She was christened on 12 May 1835 in Lumphanan, Aberdeen, Scotland. She was buried in 1891 in Mt Hope Cem, Boston, Massachusetts.(22) Mt Hope Cemetery Record

Date Int. --, 1891
Interred Elizabeth Milligan
Age 57
Date Death 9-21-1891
Res. Woodstock
Und. Cole She died on 21 Sep 1891 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. (9)(23) Woodstock Town Records
September 21, 1891
Elizabeth Mulligan from Scotland--age 57 yrs, 5 months---housewife--married
Parents Alixander and Ellen Thompson
cause---cancer of liver She has Ancestral File number 2NR9-8F. OBITS - Milligan
Putnam. Patriot Sept 25, 1891

Mrs Thomas Milligan died at her residence on Monday evening, after along
illness from cancer of the liver. She was a most excellent lady and one not
to be soon forgotten by her many friends. -- George Adams 4/15/02

A Few Mumblings
A second wife also had a numerous family of at least eight sons and one daughter, Emma. Thomas MILLIGAN and Elizabeth THOMPSON had the following children:

child+11 i. Joseph Henry MILLIGAN.
child+12 ii. Robert Wesley MILLIGAN.
child+13 iii. Ozias MILLIGAN.
child+14 iv. Alfred MILLIGAN.
child+15 v. James MILLIGAN.
child+16 vi. Aaron MILLIGAN.
child+17 vii. Emily or Emma MILLIGAN.
child18 viii. Everet MILLIGAN(21) Photo was born on 23 Dec 1878 in North Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. (7)(21) He resided in 1920 in Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts.(24) pg 1785
Everett G. the youngest, also makes his home in Southbridge. He died in 1928 or 1945.(25) The Putnam Patriot 1945

Besides his widow, Mrs. Mary Annie [Brown] Milligan, he is survived by five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren, and two brothers, James of Boston and Everett of Worcester He has Ancestral File number 2Nr9-9L. He was buried in Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts.

He was married to Helen or Ellen THOMPSON (daughter of Henry THOMPSON and Harriet GLENNIE) on 18 Apr 1892 in North Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. (11)(21) (26)
Woodstock Town Records

April 18, 1892
Thomas Milligan from Ireland ----age 60
Helen Thompson from Chateaugay NY -----age 40 Helen or Ellen THOMPSON was born on 1 Nov 1852 in of Eartvill, Town of Chateaugay, , New York.(21) (2) She resided 29 Church Street in Jan 1938 in Chateaugay, , New York. She died on 4 Jan 1938 in Chateaugay, , New York. (21) She has Ancestral File number 2NR9-78.