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On November 8, 1997, fourteen members in good standing with the Jamestown Society joined together in the State of Michigan to establish a company, to be known as the Michigan Company. Charles K. Field, III, was the moving force for the organization of this Company, and served as its founding Governor and Treasurer. The Company suffered a great loss when he passed away April 10, 2006.

Organizing Officers

  • Governor/Treasurer:    Charles K. Fielding, III
  • Lieutenant Governor:    Joyce May McGehee Bockemuehl
  • Secretary:                    Virginia Ellen Gulden Bond
  • Registrar/Genealogist:   Mary Zandra Erwin Baker
  • Historian:                      Hattie Rosemary Witt Waterhouse

Organizing Members

  • Janet Reed Lang Cannon
  • Willie N. Hubbard
  • Janet Rae Glover Lang
  • Laurence C. Lang, II
  • Stephen G. Lang
  • Helen Turner Olson
  • Catherine Thayer Gephart Shook
  • Roberta Shannon Stimpson
  • Lois May Reynolds Weir

The Company meets in June each year to discuss the news and business of the Society. Members participate in lively discussions and make contributions to Society endeavors.