Math Games for Summer Fun and Review

Understanding Place Value Activities & Games:

·         Place Value Millionaire

·         Place Value Game

·         One False Move

·         Base Ten Blocks

·         Place Value Mystery Picture

·         Catch Ten

·         Toon University

·         Place Value Puzzler

·         Place Value Models

·         Convert Between Place Values

·         Place Value Word Problems

·         Place the Penguin

·         What’s Your Name?

·         Give a Dog a Bone

·         Manny’s Rumba

·         Collect the Ducks

·         Collect the Ships

·         Mountain Hot Air Balloons

·         Compare Numbers

·         Virtual Base 10 Blocks


Untimed Fact Practice

·         Addition Games

·         Subtraction Games

·         Matho

·         Math Baseball

·         Math Lines

·         Drag and Drop

·         Sunny Bunny Addition Game

·         Deep Sea Duel

·         Math Frog Hop

·         Fun Brain Guess the Number

·         3-Digit  Addition Challenge

·         3-Digit Subtraction Challenge



·         Function Machine

·         Magic Pot Game

·         Cyberspace Stop That Creature

·         Number Cruncher

·         Pumpkin Picking

·         Favorite Shells


Word Problem Activities and Games

·        Thinking Blocks Addition and Subtraction

·        Grand Slam Math

·        Word Problems with Katie


Money Games and Activities

·         Peter Pig’s Money Counter

·         Counting Money

·         Shopping Bag

·         It’s My Life

·         The Change Games

·         Farm Game

·         Change Maker

·         Money Master

·         Fishdom H2O

·         Math Playground Making Change

·         Money Matching


Time Games and Activities

·         Time for Time

·         Time Zone

·         Hickory Dickory Clock

·         Watching Time Pass

·         BBC Clockworks

·         Minute March

·         On Time!  

Rounding Off

Activities & Games

Making Arrays

Broken Calculator

Thinking Blocks



Multiplication & Division Fact Practice

Multiplication Untimed:

Multiplication Fact Games

Number Monster

The Multiplication Game (4 in a row)

Multiplication Mystery

The Nine Pattern

Table Trees

Multiplication Disco

Farm Freak Out

Free Rice

Skip Counting

Central Park Hot Air Balloons

Pan Balance Numbers


Factor Game

Primary Krypto


Multiplication Timed:

 Diaper Derby (gently timed)

Multiplication Station

Sum Sense


 Multiplication Wall

Speed Grid Multiplication


Division Fact Practice: Not Timed:

Snowy Fun

Can You Dig It

Ping Pong the Panda

Winston Detective Agency

Granny Prix

Puny Pet Shoppe

Wade’s Work Out

Gone Bananas

Harvest Hootenanny

The Ants Go Marching

The Edgemoor Tournament

Fleebur and Spinky

Pizza Model


Fractions Activities & Games

Fraction Dominoes

Fractions on a Number Line

Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line

Vector Kids: Fractions

Melvin’s Made a Match

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Half

Tony’s Fraction Shop

Fraction Flag Halves

Fraction Flags Thirds

Pizza Party

Fishy Fractions- Matching Name to Model

Fishy Fractions- Comparing

Triplets, A Game of Equivalent Fractions

Bridge Builders

Tug Team Fractions (comparing fractions)

Fraction Monkeys

Melvin’s Make a Match

Visualizing Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Name the Fraction


Measurement Activities & Games


Elapsed Time I

Elapsed Time 2

Bamzooki Metric Measurement

Measurement Game

Difference Between Two Times



Data Activities & Games

Interepreting Bar Graphs

Create Bar Graphs

Which Bar Graph Is Correct?

Line Plots

Create Line Plots


Create Pictographs



Polygon Sort

Shape Lab

Identifying 2-D Shapes-easy

Identifying Shapes –harder

Is It a Polygon?

Geoboard Quadrilaterals


Polygon Playground

Quadrilateral Quest

Looking at Polygons

2D Shape Sort

Geoboard Fourths

Congruent Eighths

Matching Shapes

Everything You Want to Know


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