Wee Crafts 6" Village

This page contains all the pieces that I know about that are part of the Wee Crafts 6" Village lines.
All names are taken from the box. Many kits are named differently in the instructions.

Ordered by Kit Number.

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Santas Of The World

Picture Name Kit Number Notes
Santa's Of The World Santa's Of The World 21053 Unfinished
Father Christmas Father Christmas 21059 Unfinished
Winter Village Accessory Kit Winter Village Accessory Kit 21214 Unfinished
Christmas Trees Christmas Trees 21512
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree 21513
Mini Villagers Kit Mini Villagers Kit 21516
Village Pond Scene Village Pond Scene 21518
To All A Good Night To All A Good Night 21523
Country Sleigh Ride Country Sleigh Ride 21524
Village Express Village Express 21525
Country Villagers Country Villagers 21526
Village People Village People 21527
Covered Bridge And Gazebo Covered Bridge And Gazebo 21528
Mary's Yarn Shop Mary's Yarn Shop 21529 Similar to Toyland (21613)
Duplicate numbers
Dairy Wagon Dairy Wagon 21529 Duplicate numbers
Wagons packaged different ways with different numbers
Police Station Police Station 21530
Duplicate numbers
Fire Wagon Fire Wagon 21530 Duplicate numbers
Wagons packaged different ways with different numbers
Bakery Bakery 21531 Unfinished
Duplicate numbers
Ice Wagon Ice Wagon 21531 Duplicate numbers
Wagons packaged different ways with different numbers
Bank Bank 21532
Central Park Central Park 21533
Lighthouse Lighthouse 21534 Similar to Lighthouse (21614)
Blacksmith Blacksmith 21535
Rusty's Gas And Oil Rusty's Gas And Oil 21537 Unfinished
Village News Village News 21538 Similar to Hospital (461178)
Similar to Ski And Skate Shop (21763)
Kelly's Pub Kelly's Pub 21541
Baker's Dozen Santas Baker's Dozen Santas 21542 Unfinished
Red Door Cafe Red Door Cafe 21553 Unfinished
Thatched Cottage Thatched Cottage 21554 Unfinished
Cobblestone Cottage Cobblestone Cottage 21555 Unfinished
Reindeer Barn Reindeer Barn 21556 Unfinished
City Hall City Hall 21557 Unfinished
Christmas Cottage Christmas Cottage 21558 Unfinished
Farm House Farm House 21570
School House School House 21571
General Store General Store 21572
Old Mill Old Mill 21573
Toyland Toyland 21574
Country Church Country Church 21575 Also known as simply Church
Later known as Stone Church, probably renumbered
Train Depot Train Depot 21576 Similar to Brookshire Train Depot (21585)
Barn And Silo Barn And Silo 21577
Post Office Post Office 21578
Antique Store Antique Store 21579 Similar to Coffee Shop (478305)
King's Country Inn King's Country Inn 21580 Unfinished
Part of the English Village line
Rose And Crown Pub Rose And Crown Pub 21581 Unfinished
Part of the English Village line
Hillside Cottage Hillside Cottage 21582 Unfinished
Similar to Cobbler (478180)
Part of the English Village line
Village Smithy Village Smithy 21583 Unfinished
Part of the English Village line
Olde English Bakery Olde English Bakery 21584 Unfinished
Similar to Tudor Manor (461145)
Part of the English Village line
Brookshire Train Depot Brookshire Train Depot 21585 Unfinished
Similar to Train Depot (21576)
Part of the English Village line
Candle Shop Candle Shop 21586 Unfinished
Part of the English Village line
Skating Pond Skating Pond 21594

Tree Stand Tree Stand 21595

Feed Mill Feed Mill 21596
Clock Shop Clock Shop 21597 Similar to Hotel (478222)
Victorian House Victorian House 21598
Fire House Fire House 21599
Log House Log House 21600

Farmer's Market Farmer's Market 21604
Fire House Fire House 21605

Barn Barn 21606
Colonial House Colonial House 21607 Unfinished
Hardware Store Hardware Store 21608 Unfinished
Water Tower Water Tower 21609 Similar to Airport (461194)
Also known as Public Works
Parson's House Parson's House 21610
Church Church 21611
School House School House 21612
Toyland Toyland 21613 Similar to Mary's Yarn Shop (21529)
Lighthouse Lighthouse 21614 Unfinished
Similar to Lighthouse (21534)
Maple Sugar Factory Maple Sugar Factory 21615 Similar to Feed And Grain (478198)
Ice House Ice House 21616
Gas Station Gas Station 21617 Unfinished
Farm House Farm House 21618 Seen with both white and turquoise clapboards
Train Depot Train Depot 21619
Victorian House Victorian House 21620 Unfinished
Toboggan Run Toboggan Run 21621

Hunting Lodge Hunting Lodge 21752
And The Winner Is And The Winner Is 21754
Also known as Snowman Building Contest
Wish List Wish List 21755
Home For The Holidays Home For The Holidays 21756 Unfinished
Theatre Theatre 21759 Similar to Cinema (461137)
Sled Co. Sled Co. 21761
Lamppost Ltd. Lamppost Ltd. 21762 Unfinished
Similar to Lumber Yard (478172)
Ski And Skate Shop Ski And Skate Shop 21763 Similar to Hospital (461178)
Similar to Village News (21538)
Flower And Music Shop Flower And Music Shop 21771 Unfinished
Similar to Doctor And Dentist Office (478214)
Tweet Shop Tweet Shop 21772
Town Square Town Square 21773
Courthouse Courthouse 458026 Unfinished
Heritage House Heritage House 458034 Unfinished
Library Library 458042 Unfinished
Mercantile Mercantile 458059 Unfinished
Grist Mill Grist Mill 458067
Clapboard Cottage Clapboard Cottage 458075 Unfinished
Similar to Mansion (461152)
Dutch Farmhouse Dutch Farmhouse 460634 Unfinished
Gift Shop Gift Shop 460642 Unfinished
Captain's Quarters Captain's Quarters 460659 Unfinished
Country Stable Country Stable 460667 Unfinished
Old Towne Tavern Old Towne Tavern 460683 Unfinished
Stone Cottage Stone Cottage 460709 Unfinished
Cinema Cinema 461137 Similar to Theatre (21759)
Tudor Manor Tudor Manor 461145 Unfinished
Similar to Olde English Bakery (21584)
Mansion Mansion 461152 Unfinished
Similar to Clapboard Cottage (458075)
Hospital Hospital 461178 Similar to Ski And Skate Shop (21763)
Similar to Village News (21538)
Airport Airport 461194 Unfinished
Similar to Water Tower (21609)
Baxter House Baxter House 478115 Unfinished
Jeweler Jeweler 478164 Unfinished
Lumber_Yard Lumber Yard 478172 Unfinished
Similar to Lamppost Ltd. (21762)
Cobbler Cobbler 478180 Unfinished
Similar to Hillside Cottage (21582)
Feed And Grain Feed And Grain 478198 Similar to Maple Sugar Factory (21615)
Doctor And Dentist Office Doctor And Dentist Office 478214 Unfinished
Similar to Flower And Music Shop (21771)
Hotel Hotel 478222 Similar to Clock Shop (21597)
Coffee Shop Coffee Shop 478305 Unfinished
Similar to Antique Store (21579)