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Aeluin Also known as Tarn Aeluin. Lake found in the eastern part of Dorthonion AOME
Alatar One of the original three Wizards selected by the Valar for the journey from Valinor to Middle-earth (the other two being Curumo and Olórin - Saruman and Gandalf). Alatar and Pallando arrived in Middle-earth dressed in sea-blue. For this reason, they were together given the name Ithryn Luin, the Blue Wizards. With Saruman, they journeyed into the far east of Middle-earth, but while Saruman returned to the west, Alatar and Pallando did not. Of their fate, we know almost nothing: however, it is cited that they were successful in circumventing Sauron's designs in allying all of the Men from the East. Had they not done so the forces from the East would certainly have outnumbered the Men from the West. Originally called S. Morinehtar Dragon-slayer. CGTME,HOME Vol XII
Alqualondë Also called Haven of the Swans. Here the Teleri constructed the Great white ships that were renowned. White timber with white sails and their ship-building knowledge came from the Lords of the Sea (on version notes that Ulmo taught them this and Ossë gave them the Swans and in another Ossë taught them ship-building and Ulmo gave them the Swans). Here too, the tragedy of the kinslaying takes place. HOME Vol X,SILM
Amàrië See genealogy -
Vanyar Elves
Amon Ereb S. The Lonely Hill. Found on the western side of the River Gelion in East Beleriand and north of Taur-im-Duinath (Forest between rivers) and at the easternmost extension of the Beleriand escarpment (Andram) AOME, HOME Vol XI
Amon Rûdh S. The Bald Hill. Located in West Beleriand and lying between Talath Dirnen (The Guarded Plain) and the Nivrim river and south of the river Teiglin. The halls of the Petty dwarves (Noegyth Nibin) were delved here. The hill was bare and rocky with seregon (S. Blood-stone. Named because of its red flowers) as the only vegetation AOME, HOME Vol XI
Amras son of Fëanor and twin to Amrod. Name progession from Damrodl to Amrod. Originally the storyline showed that he and his twin brother perished on one of the Teleri ships during the ship burning at Losgar.Other names mentioned are Amros, Telufinwë - Last Finwe and Telvo. In one storyline Nerdanel had given the name Ambarussa to the twins. He and his twin brother resided in East Beleriand not far from the borders of Doriath. HOME Vol XI, XII, SILM
Amrod son of Fëanor and twin to Amras.Name progession from Diriol to Diriel to Amrod. Originally the storyline showed that he and his twin brother perished on one of the Teleri ships during the ship burning at Losgar. In another storyline Nerdanel had given the name Ambarussa to the twins.He and his twin brother resided in East Beleriand not far from the borders of Doriath. HOME Vol XI, XII, SILM
Anairë See genealogy -
Vanyar Elves
Ancalagon (the Black) S.Jaws-rushing, OE - Andracca - 'hatred-Dragon' Greatest of the dragons, leader of the host of winged Fire-drakes that were loosed upon the Host of the Valar during the War of Wrath. Ancalagon perished at the hand of Eärendil crashing down and destroying Thangorodrim. In one storyline it mentions that all but 2 dragons were killed in the War of Wrath ( Most likely Smaug and Scatha the Worm). The dragons were also known as S. Urulókë Fire-serpent P. Urulóki CGTME,HOME Vol XI
Annael Grey elf of Mithrim - Fosterfather to Tuor. The only elf from Mithrim who went to the battle of Unnumbered Tears and returned from that same battle. CGTME
Angband The second of Melkor’s fortresses. Created at the edge of the Iron Mountains (Ered Engrin) on the northwestern shore. It became a fortress and armoury to resist the assault that might come from Aman. Melkor assigned command to Sauron, but during the first war of the Valar Angband was laid nearly waste. Melkor returned here after destroying the Two Trees and delved anew his vaults and dungeons. In front of Angband he raised the three-fold peaks of Thangorodrim. It was a dark glooming place where a burning wind blew through the meandering corridors leading down to the roots of the mountains. Foul vapours came up from gaping holes and there was a thunderous noise from the forges and cries of agony from the tormented captives. Along the corners of the corridors huge stone carven trolls and shapes likened to mortals were hewn in mockery of the living. Morgoth’s throne hall was lit with fire and mirrored in the brazen floor, smoke and steam waved up towards the high unseen roof which was upheld by pillars who towered like trees, shaped and carven like devils. HOME Vol III
Araman Wasteland along the coast of Aman between the Pelóri mountains and northward towards the Helcaraxë. North of Taniquetil. During the flight of the Noldor mists rose from Araman which obscured the mountains of Valinor. Originally named Eruman. HOME Vol XI, SILM
Aranwë Father to Voronwë. Followed Turgon and dwelled in Nevrast where he married one of the Grey-Elves from the Falas who was of Cirdan's family CGTME
Ard-galen This plain lies north of Dorthonion, east of Ered Withrin and southwest of Ered Engrin.After the devastation at the Battle of the Sudden Flame it was given the name Anfauglith S. great-thirst-ash CGTME
Arien Called the Sun-maiden, Arien was a spirit of fire who seems originally to have belonged to the Maiar of Vána. When the Valar set the Sun in the sky, Arien was given the task of guiding its course. Called the Sun-maiden, Morgoth greatly feared her and dared not assail her as his powers became dispersed among his minions and became evermore earthbound because of it. Previous names include Aren, Ari, Azië and Arië. OE - Daegred and Daegbore CGTME, HOME Vol X
Arvernien The coastland of Middle-earth west the mouths of the Sirion river where it spills out into the Bay of Balar. It is a high country just south of Falas. The Birchwoods of Nimbrethil are found here. Noted in Bilbo's song on Eärendil whilst he lived in Rivendell - See Fellowship of the Ring SILM, HOME Vol XI
Aulë Concerned with the substance of Arda; rock and metal. He was also the builder and inventor of the Valar. His three greatest works are The Two Lamps (Illuin and Ormal), the vessels for the Sun and Moon and the Dwarves. Created the chain Angainor that bound Melkor for three ages. Also known as Návatar. CGTME, HOME Vol XII
Balrogs: Valaraukar
(Demons of Power)
Spirits of fire seduced by Melkor in the beginning of Arda, and who dwelt in his northern fortress of Utumno. During the First Age, the Balrogs were among the most feared of Morgoth's forces. In appearance, the Balrogs were man-like, but fire streamed from them, and they were swathed in dark shadows. They carried whips of flame and induced great terror in friends and foes alike. For more information about Balrogs check out this site Do Balrogs have wings CGTME
Barad Eithel S. Towers of the Well. The mountain fortress of Fingolfin and his son Fingon, set in the eastern foothills of the Ered Wethrin, at the source of the River Sirion. This protected Hithlum and enabled the Noldor to attack Angband across Ard-Galen(Anfauglith). CGTME, SILM
Barahir Adan, lord of the First House (455-60), Elf-friend, son of Bregor, husband of Emeldir, and father of Beren. During Dagor Bragollach, Barahir saved the life of Finrod, who vowed aid to his house and gave him the ring of Barahir. After the battle Barahir returned to Dorthonion and fought a guerrilla war against the forces of Morgoth. His ever-dwindling band had a refuge at Aeluin. Barahir was slain there when he was betrayed by Gorlim - resulting from Sauron's deceptions. CGTME
Beleg Sindarin Elf of Doriath, chief of the marchwardens of that realm, a great woodsman and warrior. Beleg fought on the borders of Doriath and sometimes in other lands; he helped the Haladin to destroy an army of Orcs in Brethil c. 458, and (with Mablung)was the only Elf of Doriath to fight in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

Beleg befriended Turin during the latter's apprenticeship in arms and tried to aid him during his outlawry; together the Two Captains performed great deeds. He succeeded in freeing Turin from the Orcs who had captured him at Amon Rûdh, but Turin unknowingly slew him. Beleg was primarily a bowman, but in the last year of his life he bore the sword Anglachel, by which he was slain. His bow, Belthronding, was buried with him. He was known as Beleg Strongbow, Beleg Cuthalion (the Sindarin equivalent), and the Bow

Belthronding Beleg's great bow made of black yew-wood. Originally known as Balthronding. SILM, HOME Vol III
Bëor Adan, first recorded lord of the First House. When he was 48, Bëor led his people into Beleriand and gathered them in Estolad. Later he served Finrod in Nargothrond for 44 years; he died at the age of 93, having passed on willingly. His birth-name was Balan; he was called Bëor because of his service to Finrod. Also called Bëor the Old. CGTME
Beren Adan, son of Barahir, lord of the First House (FA 460-67?), hero and Elf-friend, fated to achieve the highest success of the Wars of Beleriand. The only survivor of the outlaws of Dorthonion, Beren killed the Orc who slew his father and recovered the ring of Barahir. He remained alone in Doriath for another four years, becoming so deadly to the forces of Morgoth that the price on his head was equal to that on Fingon's. Yet he was so gentle to others that he ate no flesh, and the birds and beasts of Doriath aided him.

Eventually the horrors of Sauron forced Beren to leave Dorthonion, and crossing Ered Gorgoroth and Nan Dungortheb (the only Man or Elf to do so) he came to Doriath Passing the Girdle of Melian, he saw Luthien dancing in Nel- doreth in the summer of FA 465, and he fell in love with her. She returned his love the following spring, but after a few months they were betrayed to Thingol, who demanded a Silmaril in return for his daughter's hand. Although Thingol thought he had found a clever way to rid himself of Beren, the hero went to Nargothrond, where Finrod was ready to fulfill his oath to aid the heirs of Barahir. Together with ten companions, Beren and Finrod traveled north. When they were captured by the forces of Tol-in-Gaurhoth, Finrod was defeated by Sauron and at length died saving Beren from the devouring werewolf of the dungeons.

But Luthien and Huan overcame Sauron, released Beren, and after a fight with Curufin and Celegorm, the three entered Angband. Luthien overcame Carcharoth and Morgoth and Beren took a Silmaril from the Iron Crown. During their retreat Carcharoth bit off and swallowed Beren's right hand and the Silmaril it held. Rescued by the eagles, Beren and Luthien came at last to Doriath, where they were reconciled with Thingol. Slain soon after by Carcharoth, the dying Beren gave the Silmaril to Thingol, thus fulfilling the Quest of the Silmaril.

Luthien died of grief soon after, but obtained from Mandos the grace that she and Beren might have a second life in Middle-earth. On their return, they lived in isolation on Tol Galen with their son, Dior. Beren left Tol Galen but once, to avenge the murder of Thingol on the Dwarves of Nogrod and recover the Silmaril. He and Luthien died sometime after this. Their deeds of valor were the noblest of the Children of Iluvatar and were inspired by their love, the greatest ever known. From their union (the first of Elda and Adan) and their deeds came Eärendil and the salvation of Middle-earth.

Beren was known as Beren One-hand - in Sindarin Erchamion; he called himself Camlost, the Empty-handed. after his return from Angband.

Brethil Forest lying between Sirion and Teiglin. Despite being outside the Girdle of Melian, Thingol laid claim to it. The dwelling place of the Haladin. Thingol would have denied it to them except for the intercession of Finrod Felagund, who was able to convince him and allow the People of Haleth to dwell here. CGTME, SILM
Caranthir Fourth son of Fëanor, called the dark because he was the harshest of the brothers and the quickest to anger. He resided in Thargelion. Other names noted were Morifinwë (dark which refers this hair), Moryo and Carnistir (red face - referring to his ruddy complexion) SILM, HOME Vol XII
Carcharoth Mightiest wolf that ever walked the earth. Knowing the fate of Huan, Morgoth bred him to be his bane from Drauglin's line and was Wolf-Warden to the gates of Angband. Also called Anfauglir - The Wolf of Angband and the Red Maw CGTME,HOME Vol XI
Caves of Androth Located in the Mithrim hills. After the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, some of the Sindar and Edain dwelt here in hiding. Tuor abided here for four years as an outlaw from the Easterlings CGTME,HOME Vol XI
Celegorm >Third son of Fëanor, called the fair. He was Lord of the Himlad region wih his brother Curufin until the Battle of Sudden Flame. He then resided in Nargothrond. Other names include Turkafinwë (strong and powerful in body). Nerdanel named him Tyelkormo meaning 'hasty riser' possibly referring to his quick temper and the habit of leaping up when angered suddenly. SILM, HOME Vol XII
Cirdan S. The Shipwright - was of the Teleri in the beginning but never went to Valinor or sailed with the island known as Tol Eressëa. Círdan became Prince of the Falas-elves or Falathrim of Brithombar and Eglarest in Beleriand. He became a valued ally with his kinsman Thingol. After Brithombar and Eglarest were overrun Cirdan houses the remnants of the Elves and Men on the Isle of Balar. Most notable of these were Gilgalad and Elwing. He builds Vingolot for Eärendil. SILM, HOME Vol XII, CGTME
Cuiviénen The Waters of Awakening.Also spelled beginning with a K. It was here that the Elves awoke, the First Children of Iluvatar. It is a bay on the inland Sea of Helcar. The sea was formed after the fall of the northern Lamp(Iluin) CGTME, SILM
Curufin Fifth son of Fëanor, called the crafty. He was Celebrimbor's father. Other names include Kurufinwë (Fëanor's name), Kurvo. Fëanor's favorite son because he most resembled him in talent, temperment and face. Nerdanel named him Atarinkë (meaning little father because of his resemblance) SILM, HOME Vol XII
Curumo Disciple of Aulë. The name in Valinor of the Maia who came to Middle-earth as Saruman during the Third Age. Also known as Curunir - Cunning Mind CGTME, SILM