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Speed Matching

Speed matching

One of the great features of DCC is speed matching.  Make all your locos run the same speed as a given throttle setting, then you can make a consist with any loco combination.  Procedure here.

Consist Software

I have created some software to help make up and break down consists on a Digitrax based DCC system,  consist.zip (29k).  Also, you will need to download John Kabat's Loconet1 driver.

Decoder installs

Click on links to the left for pictures of various decoder installs, pictures may take some time to load.

install.pdf is a table of locomotives in which I have installed a decoder.  Though I installed a particular decoder in a locomotive, does not mean that is the only or best decoder for that locomotive, could have been what was on hand or in stock locally (pdf file).  Updated 11/4/08.

decoders.pdf is a table of decoder specs (pdf file) Updated 11/4/08.
Red lines are discontinued decoders.
Green lines are for decoders listed on a dealers web site but not yet shown on the Manufacturer's site.
Light FX x/y where x is number of effects and y is number of functions that can have the effects
Plug: j is 9 pin plug on decoder, N is NMRA 8 pin medium plug.

Instruction documents

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

DT100.pdf Operation instructions of Digitrax DT100 throttles.

DT100prog.pdf Programming instructions for Digitrax DT100 throttles.

DT400.pdf Operation instructions of Digitrax DT400 throttles.

DT400prog.pdf Programming instructions for Digitrax DT400 throttles.

CV value tables.

Here are a few tables to help in programming of Configuration Variables (CV) that have a mathematical formula to determine the value.

Blue text:  Default value.
Gray background:  Value not supported.
you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Lenz - table of CV56, the flash rate for outputs C & D on LE102XF, LE103XF (new version), LE104XF (new version),  and LE105XF.

North Coast - table of CV9, PWM period/frequency, not for the new SR decoders.

Soundtraxx - table of CV9, PWM period/frequency.

Zimo - table of CV9, PWM period/frequency.  Zimo uses the NMRA recommended formula except for one special case, CV9=0 is 16 kHz.

Ditch Lights

Click here for how to program decoders for ditch lights.