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Baltimore Tango is a non-organized assortment of fans of tango danced in late-night clubs of Buenos Aires. We're a diverse group - beginner to fanatic - welcoming all, remembering we were new not long ago. We try to be better dancers, hosting teachers from afar, organizing classes, milongas (dances) and festivals. Guerilla milongas happen on short notice in warehouses, on piers and on the streets of Baltimore, so stay tuned.


May-Oct. First Fridays Fells Pt.Streetlight Milonga

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Baltimore photographer Marty Katz - Maryland commercial photography


Are we fun? Yes we are. Picture proof from the Baltimore Tango Solstice Weekend.

come dance with us...but don't mess with us...
See you dancing, hon!

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    Baltimore tango. com tells about tango in baltimore maryland, tango music in baltimore md, baltimore tango teachers, baltimore tango classes, milongas in baltimore and nearby md, with a baltimore tango mailing list, a tango baltimore group, a baltimore tango calendar, schedules of tango events in baltimore, baltimore tango festival marathon weekend.Baltimore Tango is a non-organized assortment of devotees of close embrace milonguero style argentine tango--not the ballroom derivation of the real thing.  We're all levels from beginner to fanatic, all types of people and welcome newcomers without forgetting we were there just a short time ago. We've learned we dance with the whole room, as well as our partners, and we get to be better tangueros together.  So we host teachers from around the world, organize classes, all-day events, milongas (dance evenings) and weekend festivals of lessons and dances. And, sporadically, guerilla milongas erupt in warehouses, on piers and in the streets of Baltimore.