Washington DC reporters: Marty Katz is a DC - Baltimore writer on development, import, media, technology, electronics, photography, gadgets, and a dining - restaurant reviewer.
Marty Katz - Washington DC reporters - 410-484-3500 - dc writer - restaurant reviewer - dining editor in maryland - Baltimore MD - Washington D.C.Marty Katz - Writing & Reporting from Washington DC and Baltimore MDReporters in Washington DC: Marty Katz - technology and dining reporter, baltimore md - washington dc
We're MD and DC reporters for magazine, newspaper and new media, study development programs for USAID, produce projects for NGO and government clients. We know about tech, pix, eats and shows, with FCC technician and radar licenses, IT skills (812,000 images on 26 TB of networked co-located redundant storage with UPS and generator backup), working as a DC photographer and going everywhere. Years covering electronics, computer, photo and food events means we know when marketing and display work. As Zagat MD editor, we know restaurants, hospitality, tourism and surveying.  We report for the NYTimes, Time, Newsweek and Wired plus review DC photography tools and dining on ever-new social media platforms with appropriate buzzwords. Much of our storytelling these days is via video and stills uploaded on the run to social media like video on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and their successors.





washington dc reporter marty katz writer technology restaurant reviews2013 Zagat Survey of DC-Baltimore Restaurants
baltimore writer marty katz restaurant reviewer_8/11: 2012 Zagat Survey of DC-Baltimore Dining

baltimore md photojournalist marty katz video production_3/11: NYTimes scoop: YouTube new features

baltimore reporter marty katz technology writing restaurant reviews dining_8/10: 2011 Zagat Survey of DC-Baltimore Dining

_9/09: 2010 Zagat Survey of DC-Baltimore Dining

8/09: CMOS vs CCD Pocket Cam War in NYT...

6/09: Facebook username land rush in NYT.......

2/09: 1st CMOS compact: Canon SX1-IS in NYT

1/09: 2009 Zagat Survey of DC - Baltimore dining

12/08: Black Friday strategy in the NYTimes

12/08: Sprint-Clear WiMax in the NYTimes....

9/08: Canon 5DMkII DSLR in the NYTimes

9/08: Canon 50D DSLR in the NYTimes......

8/08:Vixia HF11 camcorder in the NYTimes

7/08: Nikon D700 DSLR in the NYTimes

7/08: Basic Rebel XS DSLR in the NYTimes

4/08: IP100 portable printer in the NYTimes

1/08: Entry-level camcorder in the NYTimes

1/08:Redundant storage drive in the NYTimes

November: 2008 Zagat Survey of DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, E.Shore Dining.

NYTimes:  September 6, 2007:  Voodoo Blackbird, Spyplane Supercomputer

NYTimes: September 6, 2007: Canon HG10 harddrive camcorder does stills

NYTimes: August 9, 2007: Pentax bargainizes by downlining DSLR features

NYTimes: July 5, 2007: Is that a printer in your pocket?  Canon Selphy 740.

NYTimes: June 21, 2007: Talk into the air - mini Moto Bluetooth headset...

NYTimes: June14, 2007: Canon S5IS - a near-DSLR with no sensor dust.....

NYTimes: June 5, 2007: Now hear this - how to buy hi-tech headphones...

NYTimes: April 5, 2007: Nikon P5000 compact with high ISO and hot shoe

NYTimes: March 22, 2007: Samsung paperback-size touchscreen mini-PC.

NYTimes: March 15, 2007: Canon 1DMk III--the ISO 6400 10FPS megacam

NYTimes: February 22, 2007: Pentax waterproof cam talks with the fishes..

NYTimes: February 20, 2007: Cheap/free data backup for small business...

NYTimes: January 25, 2007: Casio 7MP long-zoom 7X anti-shake thincam.

NYTimes: January 11, 2007: CES: Canon DC50 combo digicam-camcorder..

NYTimes: January 11, 2007: CES: HP TouchSmart kitchen-counter PC-TV...

NYTimes: January 11, 2007: CES: Epson 1400 photo printer, a tool for pros.

NYTimes: January 4, 2007: Lenovo juices up touchscreen Vista tablet PC's..

NYTimes: December 28, 2006: Pentax portable coffeeshop-office scanner..

NYTimes: December 14, 2006: Self-destructing drive protects the goodies..

technology reporting in the new york times NYTimes: November 15, 2006:  Hewlett-Packard's Voodoo PC strategy........

November: 2007 Zagat Survey of DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, E.Shore Dining....
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washington reporter - baltimore writer marty katz - news, photography, technology, dining, restaurant writer  NYTimes: Oct. 5, 2006: Canon G7, flash from the past with actual knobs

Wired Magazine, September 2006: Bulletproof RAID data storage

Wired Magazine, December 2005: Pro digital cameras and tools

Wired Magazine: July 2005: Canon Rebel XT 8 MP DSLR digicam.....

NYTimes: Streaming your PC's video all over the Net--April 28, 2005

NYTimes: Tech startups bet all at CES - 2-22-05

reviews of digital cameras and supporting gear by marty katz TEST From The Editors Of Wired Magazine -- February 2005

digital photography tools and accessories by baltimore reporter marty katz Wired Magazine, December 2004: Digital Photography Tools

marty katz reporter in dc-baltimore Wired Magazine, December 2003: Digital Photography Tools
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