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Here is my list of Michigan Game Tapes. I used to steer away from losses as the 
pain can be too much to bear, but I am running out of new games that I don't have. 
So if you want to trade, concentrate on games that I do not have listed. 
Losses are now mixed in with wins. My games have been acquired 
through purchase, trade, and self-taping. If you would like to obtain one or 
more of my games, please email for details. I always do my best to acquire new 
games, so keep checking back. Don't forget to hit the "REFRESH" button if you 
have visited before to ensure the new page loads properly. 

Now you can view the list of games that I need. This will help us both come trading time. Please click here for Want List .

I have upgraded to DVD's! But I can still help with your VHS needs.
Ask me for details.
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Games of the Month

  • 1979 Michigan vs. Michigan State - Get the summer blues over with
  • 1986 Michigan vs. Nebraska - Good prep for the new Big Ten team
  • 1993 Michigan vs. Minnesota - Just a fun game to watch
    1939 M vs. Chicago - 85-0 win, Coaches film, B&W No Sound
    1942 M vs. Ohio State - Ohio win 21-7 B&W 
    No sound, coaches film. Hard to see in 4th quarter
    1943 M vs Western Michigan, no sound B&W and Color
    Fantastic quality with a 57-6 win by Michigan.
    1944 M vs. Ohio State - Ohio win 18-14, B&W
    No sound, coaches film.
    1947 M vs Illinois - B & W no sound rare!
    1948 M vs Minnesota - B & W no sound great game
    1948 M vs Illinois - B & W no sound great game
    1950 Snow Bowl M vs. Ohio State - with sound. A real keeper!
    1951 M vs Iowa - 21-0 shutout. B&W by Phillips Oil, excellent game
    1954 M vs. Ohio State, Intro By Woody Hayes, Sound bites mixed in, B&W
    M scores first on modified Statue of Liberty, Hopalong Cassady was great
    1957 M vs. Ohio State, Ohio Win 31-14, 
    no sound, Coaches Film, B&W, and all scoring plays are cut out.
    1959 M vs Oregon State, turnovers hurt both teams.
    Strong 4th quarter running seals it for Michigan B&W no sound.
    1960 M vs Indiana, problems with clarity, gets better
    during the 2nd quarter. Michigan defense creates turnovers.
    1961 M vs. Ohio State, B&W, no sound. Big plays
    Woody goes for bomb with less than 20 secs left, than for 2, 50-20 win
    1962 M vs Illinois, Great defensive effort.
    1964 Michigan vs Ohio State B&W with radio 86 mins. Bob Timberlake and
    Mel Anthony play well. Ohio State made a lot of turnovers.
    1963 M vs Navy. Light colored difficult to see play by
    play. Roger Staubach for Navy was fantastic!
    1965 Rose Bowl, M vs. Oregon State, The great Mel Anthony
    sets a record at 84 yards, Bob Timberlake plays great at QB. 
    NBC was replay happy on this day. 
    1968 M vs California - Black and White with classical music
    soundtrack. Too many times Michigan threw into coverage.
    1969 M vs Vanderbilt, Glenn Doughty runs wild. Late punt
    block for TD seals the win. Color with no sound, Bo's first game!
    1969 M vs Illinois - B & W no sound rare! 47 mins.
    1969 M vs Iowa - B & W no sound rare! 45 mins.
    1969 M vs. Michigan State - MSU Ground game is very strong, Light Color, no sound
    1969 M vs Ohio State - Best victory in history has complete
    commercials from 1969
    1969 M vs Ohio State - From ESPN Classic excellent quality,
    has Bo commentary added
    1970 Rose Bowl - M vs USC. Complete with pre-game, commercials,
    and NBC's Kurt Gowdy
    1970 M vs Washington, Coaches film, less than average quality
    Washington 4th and inches miss, changed the game around
    1970 M vs Purdue, Michigan with an impressive shutout. Coaches film
    1970 M vs Michigan State, Billy Taylor scored 3 TDs, Coaches film
    1970 M vs Wisconsin, Don Moorhead leads the team with 223 yards passing. Coaches film
    1970 M vs Illinois, Color Coaches Film, Excellent ground attack and 42-0 shutout
    1970 M vs Iowa, Less than average Coaches Film, Michigan led 35-0
    at the half on the way to 55-0 drubbing 
    1970 M vs. Ohio State - Woody gets revenge for 1969
    1971 M vs Ohio State - Coaches film, no sound
    1972 Rose Bowl - M vs Stanford. Wow, you should own this game!
    1973 M vs Ohio State (10-10 Tie) What an awesome game to have.
    See below (I have complete audio tape) to hear Bob with this game.
    1974 M vs Ohio State with pregame, Keith Jackson, Color by
    Joe Paterno. Excellent quality, Lantry again misses field goal
    1974 M vs Ohio State - ESPN Classic, Commentary by Joe Paterno
    Both Woody and Bo interviews included, not good quality in the 1st half, choppy. 
    Tom Skledany hits four field goals, while Supertoe Lantry misses again.
    1976 Orange Bowl, M vs. Oklahoma, Great halftime show,
    Michigan's first Bowl other than Rose. Watch Leach come back after injury!
    1976 M vs Minnesota - Hard to find game, with average quality but 
    worth having
    1976 M vs OSU with Bob Ufer play by play
    1977 Rose Bowl, M vs USC. Charles White as a rookie, 
    but Rob Lytle plays great. Game is from EPSN Classic
    1977 M vs Texas A&M - great game, now have better quality
    1977 M vs OSU w/Bob Ufer play by play & a Ufer short at the end. 
    Average quality (8 mins at the start missing), but Ufer is worth it!
    1977 M vs. Ohio State version 2 JIP
    This is not the Ufer version, but ABC with same quality as above.
    1978 M vs Notre Dame - 1st time in years they met,
    Joe Montana vs Rick Leach (w/ Bob Ufer) 
    1978 M vs Ohio State - with Bob Ufer play by play. Only average 
    quality but Bob is awesome!
    1979 Rose Bowl, M vs USC. O.J. Simpson does the color commentary
    Charles White with the phantom touchdown seals Michigan's fate, from ESPN Classic
    1979 M vs. Notre Dame - Notre Dame wins on this day
    1979 M vs. Notre Dame, average copy and sound, from ESPN Classic
    1979 M vs Michigan State - First time for MSU on TV after 5 yr 
    probation. This game has Bob Ufer doing the play by play
    1979 M vs Ohio State - OSU win, Bob Ufer Play by Play
    1979 Gator Bowl, M vs North Carolina - Less than average quality
    Anthony Carter shines, Wangler and Trgovac knees hurt badly 17-15 NC win
    1980 Michigan vs. California - Lawrence Ricks is star of the game, but Wangler and
    Butch Woolfolk were solid too. Good copy, similar to ESPN Classic with plays moved forward
    1980 M vs Notre Dame, Poor quality!, lots of plays cutout, this is
    the game where Harry Oliver kicks the 52 yarder to win. A rare copy!
    1980 M vs Illinois -  with 30 Min. pregame show, Al Michaels, A nice game to own!
    1980 M vs Purdue - A real nice copy and just in!
    Has the last 1:30 missing. No one has complete.
    1980 M vs Michigan State This is just
    in and is a decent copy. Some parts of the game are cut out 
    similar to what you see on ESPN Classic.
    Overall it is worth owning and the only copy I have found.
    1980 M vs Indiana - 1:20 mins long no sound 
    with 3:40 remaining overall a good copy 
    1980 Michigan vs Ohio State - What a find this game is! The last 
    grave to fill before Pasadena.
    1981 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington Bo's First Bowl Victory, 
    now with better copy 
    1981 Michigan vs Notre Dame - Great game, now have replacement copy
    Bob Ufer mentioned by Keith Jackson, A.C., Butch Woolfolk over 100 yards 25-7 win
    1981 Michigan vs Illinois - 70-21, the week after
    Bob Ufer died, includes moment of silence, and Michigan Replay. 
    1981 M vs Minnesota - A.C., Woolfolk, Steve Smith all do well here
    1981 M vs Iowa - Good copy, Solid defensive battle
    1981 M vs Purdue - Ok copy, watch the great Anthony Carter!
    1981 Bluebonnet Bowl, M vs UCLA - great game for A.C. The copy I have
    is the best out there. Not great, but the best out there.
    1982 M vs Illinois - Just in and good quality
    1982 M vs Michigan State - Decent copy, and start
    of Michigan taking over the Big Ten in 82
    1982 M vs Purdue - NEW hard to find,
    Good quality, Anthony Carter shines
    1983 Rose Bowl, M vs UCLA - ESPN Classic David Hall subs for injured Steve Smith, M loses
    1983 M vs Washington State - New hard to find and good copy!
    1983 Michigan vs Iowa - Back and Forth in a driving rain 
    Bob Bergeron kicks three field goals, now complete game
    1983 M vs Northwestern - Domination, okay quality
    1983 M vs Minnesota - 58-10 overall good game
    1983 M vs Illinois, Hard fought win for the Illini
    1983 M vs Michigan State - New, good quality and hard to find.
    1983 M vs Purdue, A hard to find game, less than average quality.
    1983 M vs OSU - OSU had won previous two meetings
    1984 M vs Miami - Difficult to find. Coach Jimmie Johnson 
    and several other big names. Now have good copy!
    1984 M vs Iowa - a complete domination win by the Hawkeyes
    1984 Sugar Bowl, Michigan vs. Auburn (50th Game). Steve Smith tries hard
    but Bo Jackson was just a bit better in this defensive struggle. 
    1985 M vs Notre Dame - average quality, Jim Harbaugh scores game winner, 
    and John Carney, Notre Dame's kicker gets four field goals
    1984 M vs Ohio State - OSU win
    1985 M vs South Carolina, Now have complete game. A very good copy!
    1985 M vs Maryland - Decent copy good game.
    1985 M vs Wisconsin - Bo's 190th win. A very good copy from Pass Sports.
    however, there are a few end of play cuts (someone feared running out of space).
    1985 M vs Michigan State - Great defense by Michigan. Okay quality.
    1985 M vs Indiana
    1985 M vs Iowa - #1 Iowa beats #2 Michigan with four field goals, ouch! Plus dumb crowd noise rule
    Watch Chuck Long and Ronnie Harmon dominate but Jamie Morris plays well. 
    1985 M vs Illinois, Solid defensive battle. Last second FG hits upright
    1985 M vs Purdue, Complete blowout. Nice quality overall.
    1985 M vs Minnesota. Just in and good quality, has channel surfing at end, not complete
    1985 M vs Ohio State - Harbaugh to Kolesar 2nd longest pass in 
    Michigan history, Excellent typical struggle.
    1985 M vs Ohio State from ESPN Classic
    1986 Fiesta Bowl, M vs Nebraska - Here it is, bring 'em on 
    anytime. Michigan defense creating turnovers took the game away.
    Now have good copy!
    ca 1986, "Take the Field", M Marching Band Program
    1986 M vs Notre Dame - Now have replacement copy
    1986 M vs Oregon State - Now have very good copy, complete game. Jim Harbaugh!
    1986 M vs Florida State This game is a must have, is very 
    difficult to find. The quality is as good as can be found for 
    this game. 
    1986 M vs Wisconsin - Bo's 200th win. You must have this game.
    1986 M vs Indiana - No play by play, just the stadium announcer. Ok quality
    1986 M vs Michigan State - Arrogant Asses (we'll see!)
    1986 M vs Iowa - Undefeated Iowa came to Ann Arbor but found 
    Mike Gillette ready for revenge
    1986 M vs Illinois Complete domination in this game
    1986 M vs Minnesota - Minn was a 25 point underdog, but on this day, 
    they took home the Little Brown Jug with excellent defense
    1986 M vs Ohio State, Now a better copy Jamie Morris goes 
    over 200 yards here
    1986 M vs Hawaii - Great game to watch. Hawaii was motivated, 
    Michigan punt record that technically won the game??
    1987 Rose Bowl, M vs Arizona State, ESPN Classic
    Watch ASU win their first Rose Bowl.
    1987 - 1986 Season Recap, "Big Ten Champs"
    1987 M vs Iowa
    1987 M vs Minnesota - good copy, see Jamie Morris shine
    1987 M vs Illinois, Choppy, average copy, looking for better
    1987 M vs Ohio State - Demetrius Brown and Michael Taylor, Jamie Morris breaks single 
    season rushing record, Earl Bruce farewell, turnover when dominating loses game for M
    1988 Hall of Fame Bowl vs Alabama. Jamie Morris goes over 200 
    yards and Michigan goes for the win not the tie!
    1988 Woody vs Bo, The Ten Year War; This video captures the 
    essence of this great rivalry
    1988 M vs Notre Dame - Michael Taylor starts, 5'5" Reggie Ho wins it while Mike Gillette
    gives it a good effort and barely misses in the last second.
    1988 M vs Wisconsin
    1988 M vs Michigan State Mike Gillete hero with 11 points
    1988 M vs Iowa, NEW haven't watched yet
    1988 M vs Indiana - Homecoming Leroy Hoard, and a big 3rd quarter
    1988 M vs Minnesota
    1988 College Football's Greatest Rivalry. From Marathon 
    Oil Company (30 mins)
    1988 M vs Ohio State
    1988 Michigan Replay 1988 Season Recap Show (60 mins)
    1989 Rose Bowl, M vs USC - Leroy Hoard goes nuts in second half
    1989 M vs UCLA - Grbac's first start
    1989 M vs Notre Dame - Michael Taylor starts, replaced by
    Elvis Grbac. Rocket Ismail returns two kickoffs to win. 
    1989 M vs MSU - Good if you like defense; 
    Score= 10-7 and a great 4th qtr stand.
    1989 M vs Iowa - Joined in Progress (didn't know)
    1989 M vs Indiana - NEW haven't watched yet
    1989 M vs Purdue - No play by play, Not available anywhere
    Grbac replaces Taylor, and Tony Boles shines
    1989 M vs Illinois - complete game
    1989 M vs Minnesota
    1989 M vs Ohio State
    1969-1989 Michigan Replay with Bo Schembechler spanning 20 years
    1989 Bo's Final Season Show
    1989 Take The Field II by the Michigan Marching band.
    Great video you won't find this one anywhere else
    1990 M vs UCLA
    1990 M vs Notre Dame - Elvis Grbac starts Gary Moeller's first game. Turnovers hurt badly. 
    1990 M vs Maryland, Jon Vaughn, 6 turnovers,
    Desmond Howard and Elvis Grbac. No commercials, radio sync
    1990 M vs Indiana
    1990 M vs Minnesota
    1990 M vs Iowa - Michigan blows it in 4th quarter. 
    1990 M vs Michigan State - This is the dreaded game where interference was not called 
    when Desmond Howard was tripped. I have a real poor quality copy
    1990 M vs Wisconsin - Real good copy, some cuts
    but not bad. See Desmond Howard!
    1990 M vs Ohio State Good copy with pregame show
    1991 Gator Bowl, M vs Mississippi
    1990-91 (~) Vintage Bo - 25 minute long show about Bo Schembechler
    1991 (~) A Tribute to Bo Show with many famous people honoring him
    including Bo Derek, Joe Paterno and many more. 
    1991 M vs Boston College - Desmond Howard 4 TD's. Minor quality problems.
    Screen flickers at times, but the picture is nice
    1991 M vs Notre Dame - Game with the Famous Desmond Howard catch.
    1991 M vs Florida State - FSU is cocky. You will hear it from announcers and they back it up
    1991 M vs Iowa
    1991 M vs MSU, Desmond Howard Time
    1991 M vs Indiana
    1991 M vs Northwestern, JIP 13:22 of 1st Qtr. Coaches film in
    color with radio broadcast. Watch for the pogo and rowboat by fans
    1991 M vs Purdue - Setup Game for the Rose Bowl - Desmond 
    Howard shines.
    1991 M vs Illinois - Good quality, 1st 7:10 missing, game Joined in Progress
    1991 M vs Ohio State - Desmond Howard's famous pose
    1992 M vs Notre Dame - Grbac, Wheatley, No Commercials,
    Jessie Johnson, Watch Reggie Brooks get knocked out!
    1992 M vs Oklahoma State - Todd Collins debut w/record 29 completions
    Unfortunately, game has some skips in the 3rd quarter. 
    1992 M vs Houston - Collins four TD passes 
    1992 M vs Purdue
    1992 M vs Minnesota - Elvis Grbac to Alexander for 4 TD's.
    Tyrone Wheatley is great. Michigan's 1000th game, less than average quality
    1992 M vs MSU
    1992 M vs Northwestern
    1992 M vs Iowa, Joined in Progress takes affect after first 11 minutes
    1992 M vs Indiana
    1992 M vs Illinois (tie) - but clinched Rose Bowl
    1992 M vs Ohio State (tie) - Muddy, Grbac's only TD
    1993 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington, Tyrone Wheatley runs for over 
    200 yards!
    1992 Drive For Five, Season Recap Show 
    1993 M vs Washington State - Todd Collins 1st Start, M rolls (Have bad quality copy)
    1993 M vs Notre Dame, Tyrone Wheatley emerges with over 300 yards of offense. Average quality
    But Todd COllins enjoyed throwing to ND receivers
    1993 M vs Iowa
    1993 M vs Illinois - Last minute turnover hurt and Illini wins
    1993 M vs MSU, Sparty ganged up on Wheatley, Fans were in
    to it from start to finish.
    1993 M vs Penn State
    1993 M vs Minnesota - Complete Blowout. Wheatley & Biakubutuka 
    are in this game
    1993 M vs OSU - Now have a real good copy
    1994 Hall of Fame Bowl, M vs N.C. State (Wheatley)
    1994 M vs Boston College
    1994 M vs Notre Dame - Note this game is now available again!
    1994 M vs Iowa
    1994 M vs MSU
    1994 M vs Illinois - good quality
    1994 M vs Penn State #5 vs #2, Ki-Jana Carter and
    Tyrone Wheatley star. Todd Collins does okay.
    1994 M vs Minnesota - Tyrone Wheatley's last game at M Stadium
    1994 Holiday Bowl - M vs Colorado State. Good overall 
    game - Todd Collins
    1995 Pigskin Classic - M vs Virginia. Michigan's greatest 
    comeback. Some screen flickering
    1995 M vs Memphis - brand new game!
    1995 M vs Miami of Ohio - brand new game!
    1995 M vs Illinois - Now with complete game, Remy Hamilton 
    49 yard FG. 
    1995 M vs Boston College
    1995 M vs Indiana - Touchdown Tim Biakabutuka and Amani Toomer
    1995 M vs Minnesota - Homecoming Kick Butt
    1995 M vs Penn State, Pitt is star of game, Jo Pa 
    calls fake field goal at end to seal the victory.
    1995 M vs Purdue - Infamous 5-0 game, now with complete game
    1995 M vs Ohio State Touchdown Tim Biakabatuka goes nuts (313 yds)
    1995 Alamo Bowl, Michigan vs Texas A&M, Tim Biakabutuka and Brian Griese
    try but real defensive battle. Kyle Bryan from A&M kicks 5 field goals to win
    1996 M vs UCLA
    1996 M vs Boston College
    1996 M vs Colorado & M replay
    1996 M vs MSU - Now good copy, Scott Dreisbach is good!
    1996 M vs Minnesota
    1996 M vs Indiana
    1996 M vs Illinois - now have complete game
    1996 M vs Penn State - Curtis Enos, Woodson begins to
    shine, blocked punt does Michigan in
    1996 M vs Ohio State
    1997 M vs Colorado
    1997 M vs Baylor
    1997 M vs Notre Dame - Now with stellar copy; last minute comeback!
    1997 M vs Indiana
    1997 M vs Northwestern
    1997 M vs Iowa
    1997 M vs Michigan State - Great Woodson Interception
    1997 M vs Minnesota - Great game, now stellar quality
    1997 M vs Penn State - One of the greatest Wolverine Halves 
    ever. With pregame shows and hype.
    1997 M vs Wisconsin now have a good copy!
    1997 M vs Ohio State
    1998 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington State - National Champions!
    1998 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington
    State - Official Rose Bowl Game with no commercials and 
    complete halftime show
    1998 National Championship Celebration Direct from Crisler 
    Arena. This is much better than the CD!
    1998 M vs Eastern Michigan
    1998 M vs Michigan State - Four field goals by Feely, 
    Thomas 69 yard TD run
    1998 M vs Indiana
    1998 M vs Minnesota - Now have good copy!
    1998 M vs Iowa
    1998 M vs Northwestern
    1998 M vs Penn State
    1998 M vs Wisconsin - For the share of the Big Ten
    title, now have better copy!
    1998 M vs Ohio State - Ouch just a poorly played game as Buckeyes win
    1998 M vs Hawaii
    1999 Citrus Bowl, M vs Arkansas
    1999 Michigan vs Notre Dame - NEW replaced other game.
    Complete game not joined in progress
    1999 Michigan vs Rice
    1999 M vs Syracuse - with Michigan Replay
    1999 M vs Wisconsin
    1999 M vs Wisconsin from Big Ten Network Classic
    1999 M vs Purdue - Homecoming great game
    1999 M vs Indiana - Close Game
    1999 M vs Northwestern - Whoa! 4 quarters of football
    1999 M vs Penn State - What a great comeback victory 
    over the favored Nittany Lions
    1999 M vs Ohio State - Great win against the Buckeyes
    2000 Orange Bowl - M vs Alabama 
    M's first Overtime game, too bad for Alabama PAT kicker
    1999 Season Recap Show "Refuse to Lose"
    2000 M vs Bowling Green - M's 100th opening day victory
    Great first start by John Navarre
    2000 M vs. UCLA - Very hot day. I was there, Navarre doesn't look good, missed field goal hurts
    2000 M vs Rice - Another good day for John Navarre & Atrain
    2000 M vs Illinois - To fumble or not to fumble? A WIN!
    2000 M vs. Northwestern - Famous offensive battle, NW wins 54-51.
    2000 M vs Wisconsin - Tough defensive battle, Drew Henson's first start
    2000 M vs Indiana - Homecoming, great victory and this is 
    the complete game, not cut off
    2000 M vs MSU - Defense! Larry Foote played great. 
    2000 M vs Penn State - Anthony Thomas' last game
    4th win in a row against PSU
    2000 M vs Ohio State - 4th down?, call Henson's number!
    2001 Citrus Bowl - M vs Auburn, Watch Anthony Thomas
    break the record. Great game!
    2001 Take the Field Volume III - The Michigan
    Marching Band presents Saturday Fantastique. 
    2001 M vs Miami of Ohio - Good copy, Lots of new starters
    2001 M vs Western Michigan - Good copy, Larry Foote has good outing
    2001 M vs Washington - FSN Classic game.
    2001 M vs Illinois - Good copy lots of offense
    2001 M vs. MSU - The infamous long second. I still can't watch it.
    2001 M vs Penn State - First time PSU shut out at home
    Nice game by B.J. Askew
    2001 M vs Purdue - Marquise Walker and John Navarre looked great
    Nice job by the defense too!
    2001 M vs Iowa - Roy Manning blocks punt for TD, Incredible catch by Marquise Walker,
    Hayden Epstein finishes it with 51 yarder. Player of game - Larry Foote
    2001 M vs Minnesota - Good solid Michigan win
    2001 M vs Wisconsin - Man talk about lucky for U of M
    2002 M vs Washington - last second field goal wow! With ESPN
    2002 M vs Western Michigan - Good hard hitting
    2002 M vs Utah - Defensive battle game, ESPN Plus
    2002 M vs Illinois - Good overall game for Michigan,
    lots of hitting and 5 turnovers by the defense
    Pre-Game show from the stadium
    2002 M vs Penn State - The 2nd overtime in history
    First in Michigan Stadium, Navarre played great!
    2002 M vs Purdue, John Navarre's best game 271 yards
    2002 M vs Michigan State, watch the team
    lay a whooping to the Spartans.
    2002 M vs Minnesota, Good defense and nice running by B.J. Askew
    2002 M vs Wisconsin, Good victory, Defensive, nice job by 
    B.J. Askew and Chris Perry
    2002 M vs Iowa, a Homecoming loss 9-34. Oh this hurt!
    2002 M vs Ohio State - Let's face it this was a good game to watch 
    despite the outcome
    2003 Outback Bowl M vs Florida, Great game
    with Chris Perry 4 TD's, John Navarre over 300 yards passing.
    2003 M vs. Central Michigan, Chris Perry runs
    for over 240 yards. Good start to season
    2003 M vs Oregon - Well, good try - table set for an undefeated Big Ten season
    2003 M vs. Houston, Chris Perry and a great 
    defensive effort - I have the last two mins.
    2003 M vs. Notre Dame, Biggest upset of the series ever wow! Complete game w/M Replay
    2003 M vs. Indiana, Special teams prevail. Breaston returns a punt for TD.
    2003 M vs. Minnesota, Greatest comeback in history
    31 fourth quarter points to come from behind WOW!
    2003 M vs. Illinois, Dominating victory with Breaston running
    back a punt for 74 yard TD, Chris Perry 3 TD's
    2003 Michigan vs. Iowa, Good overall game but Iowa wins
    2003 M vs. Purdue, Great defense! Wonderful performance.
    2003 M vs. MSU, Chris Perry over 50 carries and 200 yards.
    2003 M vs. Northwestern, John Navarre looks sharp, Edwards and Chris Perry as well.
    2003 M vs. Ohio State - Record crowd sees Michigan win the Championship.
    2004 Rose Bowl, M vs. USC - The better team won
    2004 M vs. Miami of Ohio - Nice start by Chad Henne, Edwards 2TD's, 
    Underwood - 2TD's.
    2004 M vs. San Diego State - Strange Game, Freshman Hart runs
    for 121 yards in first start
    2004 M vs. Iowa - Great defense created turnovers. Good start to Big Ten
    2004 M vs. Indiana - Grant Mason kickoff returns, 
    Braylon Edwards, simply great! Now have complete game.
    2004 M vs. Minnesota - Classic game from start to finish. 
    A real barnburner call it what you will!
    2004 M vs. Illinois - Great job by Michael Hart, over 240 yards rushing!
    2004 M vs. Purdue - Michael Hart 2nd week over 200 yards rushing.
    2004 M vs. Michigan State - Michael Hart, third week over 200 yards, 
    triple overtime, Braylon Edwards gets it done
    2004 M vs. Northwestern - Shaky First half, strong second. Breaston punt return seals it.
    2004 Michigan vs. Ohio State, OSU wins 31-27
    2005 Rose Bowl, M vs. Texas - Braylon Edwards, Stevie Breaston great job, but not enough
    2005 M vs Northern Illinois - Michael Hart over 100, but player of game was Breaston
    2005 M vs. Eastern Michigan - Lots of players get to start, complete domination start to finish. 
    2005 M vs Notre Dame, Big Ten Ticket pregame with
    Bo Schembechler and Don Shane, fumbles hurt in this game
    2005 M vs. Michigan State - Great overtime win again. Sparties were tough
    2005 M vs Minnesota, after two near misses, Minnesota finally gets the Brown Jug
    2005 M vs. Penn State - last second TD wins it, Henne to Manningham, now have complete!
    2005 M vs. Iowa - Snapped 22 game Iowa home win streak, but in OT. 
    2005 M vs. Northwestern - Great overall game against a powerful offense.
    2005 M vs. Indiana - A dominating first half wins it.
    2005 Alamo Bowl M vs. Nebraska - Turnovers in 4th cost the game.
    2006 M vs. Vanderbilt - Good defense, start of something big?
    2006 M vs. Central Michigan - CMU was game, but not good enough
    2006 M vs. Notre Dame - Watch Michigan beat the #2 ranked Irish in South Bend
    2006 M vs. Wisconsin - Hard fought victory - Defense rolling
    2006 M vs. Minnesota - Give the Brown Jug back where it belongs
    2006 M vs. Michigan State - No chance for Sparty
    2006 M vs. Penn State - Hostile crowd, a real special win in a tough place
    2006 M vs. Iowa - Defense wins the day
    2006 M vs. Northwestern - Nasty cold rainy day, but a victory
    2006 M vs. Ball State - Wow! What a scare. I was there!
    2006 M vs. Indiana - Great setup game before the showdown in Columbus
    2006 M vs. Ohio State, #1 vs. #2 and both teams played well and tough. 
    This game includes College Gameday and a few extras. Remember Bo passed away November 17th, 2006.
    2007 M vs Appalachian State - Ugh! But give App State credit, they deserved the win.
    2007 M vs. Oregon - A real thorough butt whooping
    2007 M vs. Notre Dame - Wow 38-0, 1st start for Mallett, Hart 187 yards 
    2007 M vs Penn State - #10 loses to solid Michigan defense and great blocking by Jake Long
    2007 M vs Northwestern - Tough game, defense wins in 4th quarter
    2007 M vs. Eastern Michigan - Eastern game, but M better
    2007 M vs. Purdue - Michigan dominates offensively 
    2007 M vs. Illinois - Hard fought, dropped kickoff started the rally. 
    2007 M vs. Minnesota - The Brown Jug remains despite an early scare
    2007 M vs. Michigan State - MSU ahead by 10 late, Michigan comes back
    2007 M vs. Wisconsin - Good comeback effort, but not a win
    2007 M vs. Ohio State - Big Ten Championship on the line,
    Ohio wins, Michigan offense dead.
    2008 Capital One Bowl M vs. Florida. Lloyd Carr's
    last game and he is carried off the field as it should be!
    2008 Capital One Bowl M vs. Florida from ESPN Classic
    2008 M vs. Miami of Ohio - Rich Rod's first M win.
    2008 M vs Utah, Rich Rods 1st game, many new starters, poor offense
    2008 M vs Notre Dame, Turnovers and a driving 2nd half rainstorm
    2008 M vs Illinois, Ouch blowout
    2008 M vs. Wisconsin - 27 yards in first half, season seemed doomed.
    But in the second half, it was different. Big M win! 
    2008 M vs Toledo, Defense played solid, but no offense, great Toledo win
    2008 M vs. Minnesota - The Little Brown Jug was retained as Michigan put together 4 quarters
    2008 M vs Penn State, M hangs until 3rd quarter, than ugly!
    2008 M vs Michigan State, M plays better, but State gets the win
    2008 M vs Purdue, Offense gets going, but not enough
    2008 M vs Northwestern, Rain and snow did little to help the hapless Wolverines. Defense played strong.
    2008 M vs Ohio State, The Buckeyes outmatched the Wolverines in the second half.
    2009 Michigan vs. Western Michigan, Have Complete Game, Nice opening year win.
    Look for great catch! Tate Forcier Played very well.
    2009 Michigan vs. Notre Dame, Back and forth battle, Tate Forcier
    played well again. 
    2009 Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan, The running game led the way
    2009 Michigan vs. Indiana, Good hard fought game, Indiana Seniors
    nearly got the job done. Forcier showed Freshman problems.
    2009 Michigan vs. Deleware State - Overmatched opponent allows
    Michigan to set record for offense in a game.
    2009 M vs Michigan State - Michigan rallied to send it to OT,
    but interception from the 7 sealed the win for Sparty.
    2009 M vs Iowa - Iowa stays unbeaten with victory
    Tate Forcier concussion late puts Robinson in, but INT seals it. 
    2009 M vs Penn State - Total victory for Penn State
    2009 M vs Illinois - 2nd half takeover by Illini
    2009 M vs Purdue - missed extra point really hurt
    2009 M vs Wisconsin - Nice feel good win for Wisconsin
    2009 M vs Ohio State - 6th in a row for the Buckeyes
    Strong defensive effort for Mich but not enough
    OTHER Ca. 1957 (Tom) Harmon of Michigan full length movie (NICE!) 1971 M vs Ohio State - Coaches film, no sound 1980 Rose Bowl Ohio State vs USC, O.J. Simpson adds color commentary. From ESPN Classic. ca. 1980 7 Touchdowns in January. A description of the 1948 National Champion team. Personally, I think it is dull, but hard to find. 1987 Season Recap "Big Ten Champs of 1986" - NICE! 1988 The Ten Year War - Michigan vs. Ohio State 1990 Mo's First Season Show - This tape is well done and in good quality. 1992 Season Recap - A Drive For Five ca. 1996 Brett Hull - Top Gun - A nice video before Detroit 1996 Michigan hockey final game for the National Championship against Colorado College. Wow, has several great shorts at the end on the famous goal by Legg. A must own game! 1998 Michigan vs Notre Dame: The Magic and The Memories. Very nice video to own Date Unsure - Great Michigan Moments. Date Unsure - The Rivalry. Nice tape with a different spin than the 10 Year War. 2005 Women's Softball NCAA Championship game, M vs. UCLA 2008 Michigan Tradition - Program from Big Ten Network 1939 Rose Bowl, Duke vs USC - B&W with radio 1958 Rose Bowl, Ohio State vs Oregon - Color with Radio 1995 Arizona at Arizona State, Great game to watch Michigan vs. Penn State - Memorable Moments Michigan vs. Notre Dame - Memorable Moments Michigan vs. Ohio State Memorable Moments Great Michigan Moments - Short Video Michigan's Dream Season Big Ten Legend's Lloyd Carr 11/21/2006 Bo Schembechler - Celebration of Life 20 Years Tribute to Bo Schembechler - The Schembechler Years TitleTown - Ann Arbor, From ESPN 2008 Vintage Bo Schembechler The Schembechler Years - All About Bo with great footage

    1969-1976 Ufer of Michigan Tape 1
    1976-1980 Ufer of Michigan Tape 2
    1973 Michigan vs Ohio State with Bob Ufer. What a great game to
    listen to. Complete start to finish and then some.
    1975 Michigan vs Purdue, Bob Ufer at his best, Complete game
    1981 A tribute to Bob Ufer, made the night of his passing
    Fire Up...It's Saturday (tape)
    Halftime Classics (tape)
    Bo - Master of the Game; Made shortly after Bo's retirement (tape)
    Michigan Marching Band, A Saturday Tradition (CD)
    Five Greatest Games in Michigan 
    History; This one is real hard to find. (tape)
    Michigan 1997 National Championship Celebration (CD)
    Ufer - Five Decades of U of M Football (CD)
    It's All About Blue - Michigan band (CD)
    Hurrah For The Yellow and Blue - Michigan band (CD)
    Maximum Meechigan - The Best of Bob Ufer (2 CD's)
    Keep checking back for updates. Go Blue!
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