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All Michigan fans are deeply saddened by the passing of 
Bo Schembechler on Friday, November 17th, 2006. He was probably the single most influential
person for Michigan Football for most adults alive today. Maybe you didn't grow up while Bo was
coaching, or maybe you don't remember the Ten Year War, but it doesn't matter, everything that
is good about Michigan is a result of Bo touching it in someway. This longtime living legend is now
just a legend, but believe me when I tell you that he is up there with Fielding Yost, Fritz Crisler, 
Bob Ufer, Tom Harmon, and many others who left their mark on Michigan Football. Those who knew Bo 
and knew what he stood for, will carry on the legacy for generations just as Fielding Yost did. 
Please join me in both sadness but pride for having had this man be a part of Michigan and our

We have seen the conclusion of Lloyd Carr's career. How many will forget the National 
Championship, five Big Ten titles, and the third best winning percentage in Michigan history?
But above all that is Lloyd the man. A strong willed character who learned from Bo that 
integrity is far more important than statistics. It is my hope that Michigan fans do not 
develop short term memory and give Lloyd his due respect. Maybe a new building will be built
with his name on it someday. Thanks Lloyd! 

About the Ohio State game. I will no longer take a win for granted of any kind. On November 17th,
2007, I stood in the wet rain and snow mix with my feet cold. Hard to get used to that cold when
you get used to 90 degree Arizona weather. It wasn't the cold as much as the brutal Buckeye fans
that once again showed their true colors while shouting lots of things toward Michigan and Lloyd
Carr. To add insult to injury, they gathered under the Champions plaza to sing their fight song
and "don't give a damn about Michigan" song. I was standing there freezing and thinking, it can't
get much worse than this. How much sweeter that next win will be. I am sure that when it comes
the feeling I had on November 17th will be forgotten. Or will it? No, now I know what Ohio State
fans felt like for so many times under Coach Cooper. Now I understand, so let's go back to our
team winning so life can get back to a normal state.

Good luck Coach Rich Rodriguez. I have read the inside stories, I have read your past. I have
seen how West Virginia handled your leaving. Most do not fully know what you are about, but from
what I have read, you have taken a school with several level 2 and 3 players and turned them
into winners. With a team as talented as Michigan, it is my hope that you will be able to quickly
gain the respect you deserve. The 1969 team is your guage for how to beat Ohio State. It is my 
hope that when you spoke to them, you listened to them and you understand that speed and toughness
will shape the team into winners and those who stay will be champions! 


Only days until Michigan Football Begins

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Steve Staton

Credit for the U of M midi song goes to Andrew.

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