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1. 2009 is Michigan's _____ year of playing football?
104th 120th 125th 130th

2. To set the record straight, who is the extra seat at Michigan stadium for?
Bennie Oosterbahn
Fielding Yost
Bo Schembechler
Fritz Crisler

3. You might have heard, "the whole that Yost Dug, Canham Carpeted..."?
In what year did Canham actually put in artificial turf?
1969 1981 1997 1976

4. In 1969, Michigan beat the heralded Buckeyes, who was Michigan's captain?
Bob Griese Bump Elliott Jim Mandich Dan Dierdorf

5. Michigan's first Heisman Trophy Winner, Tom Harmon was from what City and State?
Gary, Indiana Romulus, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio Topeka, Kansas

6. Ernie Vick led the 1918 championship team and was an All American in 1921?
What was his position?
Running Back

7. How many conference titles did Michigan win under Fielding Yost?

8. Who was Michigan's first Athletic Director?
Charles Baird
Fielding Yost
Elroy Hirsch
Joe Ponsetto

9. After defeating the Buckeys in 1976 22-0, who said
the Wolverines should be unanimously voted as number 1?
Lee Corso Bo Schembechler Fritz Crisler Woody Hayes

10. In 1991, Desmond Howard was named Heismand trophy Winner.
Who also received a major award?
Jamie Morris Gary Moeller Erick Anderson Tom Dohring

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