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[Lloyd Carr]
Lloyd Carr
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Fritz Crisler
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Rich Rodriguez
Welcome to my Michigan Pictures Page. All of my pictures are free and you may use them as you wish. Have you noticed that I don't advertise? Haven't since I started in 1996. It does cost money to put all these pages together. You can help me by donation (PayPal is fine, mman3@comcast.net) or checking out my Michigan Game tapes. If you have pictures of your own you would like to share, email me. Thanks and Go Blue!!! Steve Staton

Here are some pics from the past. Hopefully you can relate to these great
memories. Go Blue!

M helmet

Picture 1, 1960 Michigan vs. Northwestern
Picture 2, The great Mel Anthony!
Picture 3, Three Michigan quarterbacks coming out of tunnel, 1995
Picture 4, 1963 Michigan vs Ohio State, where are the fans?
Picture 5, See if you can spot the superstar!
Picture 6, The Captains of the 1997 National Championship Team
Picture 7, Running for a TD against the Buckeyes in 1997
Picture 8, The 1977 Defensive Squad
Picture 9, Anthony Thomas (A-Train) in 1997
Picture 10, Bo and the 1973 Team
Picture 11, My favorite player, Anthony Carter in 1982
Picture 12, Lloyd and Griese after Rose Bowl win Jan 98
Picture 13, Bo Schembechler in 1988
Picture 14, Desmond Howard Scores!
Picture 15, Allowing fans to touch the coveted Little Brown Jug, 1997
Picture 16, 1964 Michigan vs. Navy
Picture 17, Ron Kramer and Bump Elliott
Picture 18, Touchdown by Ty!
Picture 19, Winters going in for the score
Picture 20, Charles Woodson against UCLA
Picture 21, Woody Hayes watching his team lose
Picture 22, Brian Griese getting some loving

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