Provided by Mike

All Instant Game (Scratch Off) tickets contain a (2) two letter code. All the winning codes are universal between the different games. The codes are ALWAYS the same for prizes values from (1) one dollar thru (25) twenty five dollars. However, a winning ticket with a value OVER (25) twenty five dollars has a RANDOM code. Therefore, a code such as 'HH' or 'SS' that may be found on many losing tickets, will also be found on winning tickets above (25) twenty five dollars. DO NOT throw away a ticket unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is a loser. Many winners have been discarded because the player was only familiar with the codes for tickets of (25) twenty five dollars or less. With this in mind, following is a list of ALL the codes for ticket winners of (1) one thru (25) twenty five dollars.

Instant Winning Ticket Codes

Winning Ticket Ammount Winning Ticket Letter Code
----------------------------- ------------------------------
$1.00 ''A'' ''A''
$2.00 ''C'' ''C''
$3.00 ''M'' ''M''
$4.00 ''J'' ''J''
$5.00 ''D'' ''D''
$6.00 ''K'' ''K''
$7.00 ''L'' ''L''
$8.00 ''P'' ''P''
$10.00 ''E'' ''E''
$15.00 ''W'' ''W''
$17.00 ''G'' ''G''
$18.00 ''Y'' ''Y''
$20.00 ''X'' ''X''
$24.00 ''Q'' ''Q''
$25.00 ''V'' ''V''