W3PHL Valley Forge, PA.

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(Note: This station has been QRT since about 1988. Photos taken 1973. His last CQ WW DX 'phone contest was in 1975.)


I met Fred Doughty (photo) in the summer of 1969, and I owe most things I know about radio to him and the guys on the "Hill". After hearing his super loud signal on 40 meters one day, I heard him describing his station, and stating that he was preparing to install a large tower. Being the bold kid that I was, at 16, I called him and asked if he needed any help. Of course he said sure, and gave me directions. I will never forget what I saw that day. This guy wins my award as 'Most Amazing Hombrew Artist.' You can tell that from the photos in this collection. By the way, I must mention that all of Fred's activities were centered around 40 Meter 'phone, and winning the CQ World-wide DX SSB Contest!

Walk-in transmitter. The tubes in the foreground are modulator tubes, capable of generating 14KW of audio! They are Eimac 3X3000's.

You may rightly ask what someone would want with that kind of audio power! Well, Fred was the inventor (to my knowledge) of what was known as "Modulation unlimited". The principle was based on something called "upside-down" tube modulation theory. If you have a good collection of CQ Magazine, you can check the series in July and August of 1968. The mode is actually double-sideband reduced-carrier, and the advantange (remember, this is a contest station) was that if the DX was having a hard time copying due to QRM or whatever, he could change to the opposite sideband.

The room above has the following characteristics...

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