The Metropolitan Police first began using Motorcycles for patrol work in 1905, according to the 1906 Metropolitan Park Commission Report.

Met Park Police Motorcycle Officer Winchester MA 1910 

A Metropolitan Park Police Officer from the Middlesex Fells District at Sandy Beach in Winchester, MA in 1910. (Photo source: Internet)

MDC Police Revere Beach Motorcycles 1937

Revere Beach in 1937, Metropolitan Police (MDC) motor cycle officers (photo source: Internet)



MDC Police Motorcycle Officer Bill Elliot in winter uniform during the 1950s. (Photo source: Thomas Stewart. Used with permission.)


Old Colony Division, South Boston in the late 1950's, MDC Motorcycle Officer. (Photo courtesy of Larry Fitzpatrick.)


MDC Police motorcycles in South Boston in the 1960's. Notice that crash helmets have not caught on yet with some of these guys in this photo. (Photo source: David Benoit.)



MDC Police Officer Rich Hanafin, Sr. on a motocycle with a side car at the Charles River Lower Basin District in Boston in 1957.(Photo source: Rich Hanafin, Sr.)


MDC Officers _ and _ at the Old Colony District station yard in South Boston in the early 1960's. (Photo courtesy of Larry Fitzpatrick.)

mdc police old colony 1963

MDC Police Motorcycle Officers _ and _ at the Old Colony District, South Boston - 1963 (Photo courtesy of Larry Fitzpatrick.)


MDC Police Officer _ on patrol. (Photo source: Larry Fitzpatrick)

MDC Police Old Colony Motorcycles 

The Metropolitan Police (MDC) Old Colony Division Motorcycles standing ready for Southeast Expressway and Central Artery and MDC roadway patrols! (Photo source: Comm of MA Archives.)


Once a familiar scene along the Southeast Expressway in Boston, Massachusetts. MDC Officer _ . (Photo source: Larry Fitzpatrick)


MDC Police Cycles 6 and 8 outside the Old Colony District Station on Day Blvd. in the mid 1960's.

MDC Police at South Boston 1975 004 

(Photo source: Metropolitan Police Union Newspaper, 1974-1977 Editions.)

MDC Police at South Boston 1975 007(2) 

(Photo source: Metropolitan Police Union Newspaper 1974-1977 Editions.)

MDC Police Motorcycles during Forced Busing in South Boston in the mid 1970s.


MDC Motorcycle Officers assigned to school bus escorts during Busing in South Boston in 1974. (Photo source: Tom Stewart. Used with permission.)


(Photo source: Metropolitan Police Union News 1975)

Some MDC Police assets used for patrolling the busy roadways of the Central Artery, Northeast Expressway and Southeast Expressway are featured in 1975.

MDC_POLICE_0015 (Medium)

A "Signal 7" being worked by MDC Police Motorcycle Officers _, _ and _ in the 1970's. (Photo courtesy of Larry Fitzpatrick)

MDC Police Ad 1975 

Harley Davidson ad with Metropolitan District Commission Police Motorcycle Officer in 1970s 

A mix of MDC Police Motorcycles at Logan International Airport in East Boston, waiting to do a dignitary escort. (Photo courtesy of Tom Stewart. Used with permission.)

MDC_POLICE_0041 (Medium)

MDC Police Officer Jack Flynn outside the Old Colony Division, South Boston. (Photo source: Larry Fitzpatrick.)


The first generation of "Metro Police" colors, blue and silver have arrived and are being featured for a magazine article. (Photo source: Tom Stewart. Used with permission.)


Metropolitan Police Officers Stewart and _ . (Photo courtesy of Tom Stewart.)

Hamill and Stewart 1980s Presidential Campaign Stop

Metropolitan Police Motrocycle Officer Tom Stewart calls in to "Met Control" from the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade in Boston. (Photo souce: Tom Stewart.)


MA Metro Police in Washington DC

Massachusetts' own Metropolitan Police attended the 1991 National Law Enforcement Memorial Dedication, Washington, DC. (Photo courtesy of David Benoit.)


< Metropolitan Police Motorcycles at the Boston Marathon, Chestnut Hill, MA in 1991. (Photo source: personal collection.)

Picture 002 (Small)'

A Stop Sign that hints to the legacy of the Metro Police somewhere in the Blue Hills District. (Photo courtesy of Chris Gatto.)

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