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Mostly what follows on this page are links to posts I wrote for the MOQ discussion lists between 1999 and 2003. They have been edited here to improve presentation. In most cases, but not all, I have eliminated the names and writings of those with whom I was having a discussion, and re-phrased their arguments. In this way a post sounds more like a short essay, which is easier to digest than the give and take of two or more speakers. Or at least I think so. Even so, some essays still sound like they were shot from a cannon and need some introductory remarks to warm up the reader, and others come off uneven, as they are amalgams of several posts on the same subject.

Thanks to all involved in the discussions; they were stimulating. For anyone interested in the original discussions, they are archived at A few other things I wrote about the MOQ appear here for the first time.

Richard Loggins lives!
More about his life and times than you'd ever care to know, this treatment has Loggins being goofier than he was in Quality in the New Millennium. If that's possible. The site is a light-hearted response to those who erased Richard from the MOQ Conference proceedings and thought that would be the end of him.
The Transcript of Julian Baggini's 10/2005 Interview with Robert Pirsig
Although promised, this transcript never appeared on After reading it, you might understand why.
Moral Genius: A Parody of a Fantastic Metaphysics
Here I explain my contribution to the first ever MOQ Conference that took place in Liverpool on the 7th of July, 2005.
ZMM Reviewed
My glowing review of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, written to a friend in 1999, before joining the MOQ discussions.

[Soyuz wrench]

The MOQ Catechism
What are the fundamental tenets of the Metaphysics of Quality in a nutshell?
The SOM Strawman
SOM is the subject/object metaphysics, but what is that?
The Scientific Method
Are Pirsig's attitudes about the scientific method justified?
The Moral Taxonomy
Is the moral taxonomy of the MOQ useful?
God and science
Why can't science say God is real when it says some other non-material things, like gravity and time, are?
Criticisms of Dynamic Quality
Why should we believe that Dynamic Quality is real?
Some Philosophy about Mathematics
Is mathematics invented or discovered?
Pirsig on Gravity
What does Pirsig mean when he says gravity did not exist before Isaac Newton?

[Jack Johnson wrench]

Pirsig on Evolution
Is Pirsig's view of biological evolution naive?
On Coincidence
Why do people attribute significance to coincidental events?
Crap Detectors
Does the MOQ do a good job discriminating between low and high quality ideas?
The Enlightenment Failure
Is it necessary to re-integrate spirit and morality with science after the Enlightenment broke them apart?
Gardner on Pragmatism
Was James' Pragmatism misunderstood as idealism?
The MOQ for Dummies
My one attempt at satire. Is anyone laughing?
Dynamic Quality as a Phenomenon
Does Pirsig adequately support his notion that we have a 'sense of value' analogous to the five traditional senses?
A Modern Dissing Sophist
Making its debut appearance on this site(!), here is my parody of sophists based on the song, "I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General" from the Pirates of Penzance.
Excuses, retreats, and backpedaling
Some rejoinders to my criticisms are examined.