Oct. 29--Pearl Eugenie Hurlburt (Cissy Chandler) born in Perry, Ohio  
1888  July 23--Raymond Thornton Chandler born in Chicago 
1895  Parents divorce; Chandler moves to London with his mother  1900  Fall--Enters Dulwich College 
1905  April--Leaves Dulwich Travels to Paris to study French 
1906 Moves to Germany to continue language studies
1907 Spring--Returns to England, becomes a naturalized British subject

Summer--Passes Civil Service Exam, takes job in the Admiralty

1908 Dec. 19--First poem, "The Unknown Love," published in Chambers's Journal
Leaves the Admiralty 

Works briefly as a reporter for the London Daily Express  

Contributes poems, sketches, essays, and translations to the Westminster Gazette and The Academy 

 1912  Returns to America, lives briefly in St. Louis and Omaha, then moves to California 

Works odd jobs in and around Los Angeles 

  1913  Enrolls in nightschool bookkeeping course Works as bookkeeper and accountant at Los Angeles Creamery 

Chandler's mother comes from England to live with him 

1916  Living at 311 Loma Drive, downtown Los Angeles
August--Enlists in Canadian army 

Dec. 7--Arrives in Liverpool, England 

March--Assigned to 7th Batallion of Canadian Expeditionary Force, sent to France 

June--Chandler's transferred to Royal Air Force, attends aviation training school 
November-- Armistice declared 

Feb. 20--Chandler receives discharge from army
  Returns to United States, travels along Pacific coast

Moves to San Francisco, takes job at an English bank

Returns to Los Angeles, works for Los Angeles Creamery

Begins affair with Cissy Pascal

July 10--Cissy Pascal files for divorce from husband
1920 Oct. 24--Cissy's divorce final
1922 Chandler takes bookkeeping job with Dabney oil syndicate, soon rises to position of vice-president  
January--Florence Chandler (Raymond's mother) dies  

Feb. 6--Chandler marries Cissy Pascal 

The Chandlers move to 1024 South Highland Avenue 
Chandlers move from South Higland Avenue 
Chandler fired from Dabney Oil Syndicate for drinking and absenteeism
Chandler goes to Seattle without Cissy

Cissy becomes ill, Chandler returns to L.A.

Move to 4616 Greenwood Place

1933 December--"Blackmailers Don't Shoot" published in Black Mask
1934 July--"Smart-Aleck Kill" published in Black Mask

October--"Finger Man" published in Black Mask

1935 January--"Killer in the Rain" published in Black Mask

June--"Nevada Gas" published in Black Mask

October--Writes "Improvisation for Cissy" (poem)

November--"Spanish Blood" published in Black Mask

1936 January--"Guns at Cyrano's" published in Black Mask

Jan. 11--Chandler attends Black Mask dinner, meets Dashiell Hammett

March--"The Man Who Liked Dogs" published in Black Mask

30 May--"Noon Street Nemesis" published in Detective Fiction Weekly

June--"Goldfish" published in Black Mask

September--"The Curtain" published in Black Mask

Earns $1,500 from five stories
1937 January--"Try the Girl" published in Black Mask

15 June--Date of first known Chandler letter (to editor of Fortnightly Intruder)

November--"Mandarin's Jade" published in Dime Detective

1938  January--"Red Wind" published in Dime Detective 

March--"The King in Yellow" published in Dime Detective 

Spring--Chandler begins writing The Big Sleep 

June--"Bay City Blues" published in Dime Detective
Earns $1,275 for 3 Dime Detective stories

1939 January--"The Lady in the Lake" published in Dime Detective

Feb. 6--Publication of The Big Sleep by Alfred A. Knopf

Mar. 13--Begins work on The Lady in the Lake

Mar. 16--Chandler writes plan for future work (three detective novels then a non-mystery project)

April--Puts aside The Lady in the Lake, begins Farewell, My Lovely

May--The Chandlers rent a cabin near Big Bear Lake

Works briefly on The Lady in the Lake
June--Returns to Farewell, My Lovely

Sept. 15--Finishes first draft of Farewell, My Lovely

Sept. 29--Offers to volunteer for Candian Army; is rejected

December--Moves to La Jolla, California, for the winter

1940  Leaves La Jolla, settles in Arcadia, California
Apr. 30--Finishes revisions of Farewell, My Lovely
  Begins writing The High Window
Summer--Moves to Big Bear Lake

Oct. 1--Publication of Farewell, My Lovely by Knopf

1941 February--Moves to 857 Iliff St. in Pacific Palisades

July--Sells film rights to Farewell, My Lovely to RKO for $2,000

September--Finishes draft of The High Window

1942 Moves to 12216 Shetland Ln. in Brentwood Heights Mar. 3--Sends off revisions of The High Window

May--Sells The High Window to 20th Century Fox for $3,500

Publication of Avon edition of The Big Sleep, Chandler's first appearance in paperback   Summer--The Chandlers move to Idyllwild, California (near Palm Springs)

Aug. 17--The High Window published by Knopf

Chandlers Move to Cathedral City

April--Chandler finishes The Lady in the Lake 

Mid-year--Chandler signs contract to collaborate with Billy Wilder on screen adaptation of James M. Cain's Double Indemnity 

Rents home at 6520 Drexel Avenue  

Chandler has affair with Paramount secretary

Nov. 1--The Lady in the Lake published by Knopf 
April--Double Indemnity released by Paramount
Warner Brothers buys screen rights to The Big Sleep
September--Chandler's Paramount contract expires; he spends rest of year writing at home
1945 January--Chandler returns to work at Paramount
  Writes The Blue Dahlia   July--Begins working on screenplay for The Lady in the Lake for MGM, abandons the project after 13 weeks   November--"Writers in Hollywood" published in the Atlantic Chandler nominated for Academy award for The Blue Dahlia
1946 The Chandlers move from Los Angeles to La Jolla

Buy house at 6005 Camino de la Costa

Chandler Begins extensive correspondence with publishers, agents, and other professional friends

November--Breaks with agent Sydney Sanders
spring--Signs contract with Universal to write Playback screenplay 

summer--NBC airs "Philip Marlowe" radio program as summer replacement for the Bob Hope show 

1948  May--Signs with Brandt & Brandt literary agency  

June--"Oscar Night in Hollywood" published in The Atlantic  

September--Completes The Little Sister 

CBS buys rights to "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe" radio show
1949 June 24--Publication of The Little Sister by Hamish Hamilton (UK)

July--Featured in Newsweek article

Sept. 24--Publication of The Little Sister by Houghton Mifflin, Chandler's new U.S. publisher

Ill with bronchitis, allegies, and shingles

Cancels planned trip to England

1950 Publication of The Simple Art of Murder

Engages Juanita Messick as private secretary

July--Begins work with Alfred Hitchcock on film version of Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train
1951 February--J. B. Priestly visits Chandler in La Jolla

Summer--S. J. Perelman visits

Chandler works on new novel
Autumn--Vacations in Santa Barbara, one of many trips to desert climates for health reasons
1952 February--"Ten Percent of Your Life" (article on literary agents) published in the Atlantic

May--Completes draft of The Long Good-Bye, sends it to Brandt & Brandt agency

Brandt & Brandt returns manuscript, suggests revisions   Aug. 20--The Chandlers sail for England   October--Return to La Jolla   November--Chandler terminates his account with Brandt & Brandt
  Cissy Chandler's health worsens
1953 Chandler works on revising The Long Good-Bye
Nov. 27--The Long Good-Bye published in Great Britain by Hamish Hamilton
Cissy Chandler hospitalized repeatedly
Mar. 1--The Long Goodbye published in U.S. by Houghton Mifflin  

Dec. 12--Cissy Chandler dies 

Chandler begins drinking heavily
February--Attempts suicide, confined to county hospital then private sanitarium  

March--Sells house in La Jolla, visits friends in Chicago and New York 

  April--Travels to England alone
  Becomes friends with London artists and literary figures, including Stephen and Natasha Spender, Ian Fleming, and Helga Greene (who later acts as his literary agent)
September--Chandler's residential permit expires
  Returns to United States
November--Flies back to London

December--Travels to Madrid and Tangier

1956 Lives in London until May, when forced to return to the U.S. for tax reasons
May--Hospitalized in New York City for alcoholism and exhaustion

June--Returns to La Jolla, takes apartment at 6925 Neptune Place

July--Hospitalized at Chula Vista clinic

December--Travels to Palm Springs and Arizona

1957  Works on novel version of Playback 

Becomes involved in tax dispute with British authorities, decides not to return to England as planned 

autumn--Helga Greene visits Chandler in La Jolla 

December--Chandler completes Playback 

1958 February--Returns to London

April--Travels to Capri and Naples, where he interviews Lucky Luciano for an article that is never published

May--Becomes ill, recuperates in London nursing home

July---Publication of Playback

August--Returns to Las Jolla

Resumes heavy drinking and is often hospitalized

Involved in disputes over will arrangements, domestic and secretarial help

1959 February--Proposes marriage to Helga Greene

March--Travels to New York to accept presidency of Mystery Writers of America

Falls ill with pneumonia   26 March--Dies in the Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California