Checklist of Chandler’s Pulp Stories


"Blackmailers Don't Shoot" (December 1933, Black Mask)

"Smart-Aleck Kill" (July 1934, Black Mask)

"Finger Man" (October 1934, Black Mask)

"Killer in the Rain" (January 1935, Black Mask)

"Nevada Gas" (June 1935, Black Mask)

"Spanish Blood" (November 1935, Black Mask)

"Guns at Cyrano's" (January 1936, Black Mask)

"The Man Who Liked Dogs" (March 1936, Black Mask)

"Noon Street Nemesis" (May 30, 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly). Later published in collections as "Pick-up on Noon Street"

"Goldfish" (June 1936, Black Mask)

"The Curtain" (September 1936, Black Mask)

"Try the Girl" (January 1937, Black Mask)

"Mandarin's Jade" (November 1937, Dime Detective Magazine)

"Red Wind" (January 1938, Dime Detective Magazine)

"The King in Yellow" (March 1938,Dime Detective Magazine)

"Bay City Blues" (June 1938; Dime Detective Magazine)

"The Lady in the Lake" (January 1939, Dime Detective Magazine)

"Pearls Are a Nuisance" (April 1939, Dime Detective Magazine)

"Trouble Is My Business" (August 1939, Dime Detective Magazine)

"No Crime in the Mountains" (September 1941, Detective Story, John Evans)

"Marlowe Takes on the Syndicate" (1958) (April 6-10, 1959; London Daily Mail) . Also published as "Wrong Pigeon" (February 1961, Manhunt), "Philip Marlowe’s Last Case" (January 1962, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine), and "The Pencil" (September 1965, Argosy).


Non-Detective Short Stories

"I'll Be Waiting" (October 14, 1939, Saturday Evening Post)

"The Bronze Door" (November 1939, Unknown)

"Professor Bingo’s Snuff" (June-Aug 1951, Park East)