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Thanks for visiting my gaming design site. Those familiar with Relative Range will note that I’m changing my focus from selling desktop published (DTP) games to the actual job of designing them. I’ve found over the past couple of years that the two are not compatible and that it’s best that I focus more on the creation process than that of distribution.

Within this site you’ll still find means to purchase my DTP designs (at least those that have not yet been published professionally), but the bulk of the site is being used more in support of those designs than of those games I did not design (however much I may love them!).

I hope you enjoy what you find here and that it furthers your enjoyment of my designs.

Thanks for visiting!

Mike Nagel

Welcome wargamers!

What is Relative Range?

The term "Relative Range" is derived from Up Front - the Squad Leader card game, published by The Avalon Hill Game Company back in the early 80's. Up Front is arguably one of the most accurate simulations of WWII infantry combat ever released, owing to its innovative use of a card deck to provide battlefield chaos and "fog-of-war." Like the actual combatants, players have to make the best of limited intelligence and resources, and hopefully survive the situation at hand.

After playing the game several dozen times (and having since played several hundred times) I was so taken with its flexibility and intensity, that I started to design my own scenarios and variants. These additions eventually led to the publication of a quarterly newsletter: Relative Range. The newsletter managed to survive through ten issues before fading for lack of material.

Over the years since its passing, I've kept the experience close and have hoped for an opportunity to resurrect my efforts. This web site is the result of many months of rolling ideas around my fevered brain, and eventually focusing them into a concerted effort to organize my personal game support projects.

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