The North Salem Soccer Club welcomes new players to join our teams.
The policy, according to our by-laws, is that all teams must hold open,
well-publicized tryouts when the team forms for the first time.
After that, it is up to the coaches as to whether they wish to hold
tryouts in subsequent years or not.
It is also up to each coach as to whether they wish to restrict
their team to in-town players only or whether they will
allow out-of-town players also on their team.
If your son or daughter is interested in joining one of the existing teams,
please contact the coach of that team.
Registration typically takes place in late spring so it is best
to contact the coach before that if you can.

In addition, the North Salem Soccer Club welcomes the addition
of new teams to the club at any age level between U-11 and HS.
If you would like to start a team, please contact the club president
or any other Board member for information.
Tryouts for the formation of new teams takes place in May.

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