Michael Wujciak MD, CIME, LLC

Main Office
181 Franklin Ave
Nutley, NJ

Emerg. cell# 973-941-0790
Fax: 973-226-2854
micjackmd@yahoo.com (IM)


Orthopedic IME's/Evaluations in a timely, professional, cost effective manner


Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Fellow American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Board Certified Indendent Medical Examiner
Member Am. Bd. of Disability Determining Physicians
Master of Science in Jurisprudence in Health Care Law (MSJ Degree with Honors) Seton Hall Law School.


Over 25 years in the practice of Orthopedic Surgery with experience in the Workman's Compensation and Personal Injury/Trauma arenas.
Signee of AAOS Expert Witness Affirmation.
Can perform in-office services in Essex or Union Counties,NJ; out of office services availible as needed.


Forensic Orthopedic Services availible re: P's/D's
Independent Medical Examinations (IME's)
One-Time Evaluations
Record/Chart/Case Review
Expert Witness/Testimony
Impairment Determinations based on AMA "Guides"
Certificate in Fraud and Abuse Compliance
Availible for IRB membership


Ethical and professional Orthopedic forensic services offered to the Legal and Administrative communities in a timely, cost effective manner based on accepatable medical standards. N.B. The perfect diagnostic/evaluating system does not exist; the best efforts combine history, physical findings,and patient/client complaints with clinical test evaluation, including radiographs,MRI's, EMG-NC, and other. This is what I can do; the more information I have access to, the "better" the service.

Curriculum vitae and fee schedule availible upon request.