Welcome to Doom Connector 3.5, your first class ticket to hell online!  This program may seem confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you will see how easy and convenient it can be.  Let's begin shall we?


After the program is downloaded and updated, you need to register an account.  Note that only a username and password are required; all other information is optional.  Doom Connector staff will NEVER ask you for your password.  You will be notified if the account you created is valid, failed accounts may be caused by too many characters, invalid characters, or an account of the same name already existing.


Once you are informed that account creation was successful, you may login.  This will connect you to the "Main Lobby", where Doom related games are played. 


(Lobby Users)

The bottom window is a chatbox which shows chat and actions from users.  To the left is a list of users currently in the same location as you.  Right clicking a user will allow you to interact with the individual by viewing the profile (user's name), viewing online or offline stats of the user (Seen), adding or removing the user from your buddy list (Buddy), muting the user so you will no longer see that person's chat (Mute), sending the user a message (Send Message), and sending the user a file (Send File).  You can also whisper with a user by clicking the user's name so it is highlighted, then click the "Whisper" box to the right of the userlist.  Chat normally, only you and the other user will see the text; nobody else.  To stop whispering, uncheck the box.


(Buddy List)

This handy tool will allow you to keep track of friends you make by showing where they are, and when they login and logoff.  This can be accessed by clicking on the "Buddies" tab near the top.  You can also interact with them just as you would in the lobby by rightclicking their names.



You can send and receive files from other Doom Connector users.  To see the transfer status, click on the "File Transfers" tab near the top.  Port 5232 must be open for at least one of the users to use this feature successfully. Sending illegal files such as commercial IWADs and games is not allowed!  Users who break this rule may become banned from the Doom Connector service.


Messages can be sent and viewed by clicking on the "messages" tab (to the right of "File Transfers").  If a message is sent to a user who is offline, he or she will receive it upon logging in.



To play sounds, type /sound soundnamehere.  It only will play sounds located in your "Sounds" folder and only people who have the same sound can hear it.  Spamming sounds is not allowed!


(Room Icons)

The upper box contains a list of rooms.  You can view all the information such as the engine and game directly from the lobby.  An empty skull (black eyes) is a room that does not currently have a game running.  A skull with red eyes is a room that has already launched the game.  A skull with green eyes is actually a room which is picked up from a masterserver (we will go more in-depth with this later).  A skull with yellow eyes is a room that connects to a server created with Doom Connector.  A skull with blue eyes is a tournament room, created only for special Doom Connector events.  A key next to the skull means that the room or server is locked.  This can be found on any type of room.


(Setting Up the Engines/WADs)

So you got the basics down and are ready to play?  All you need to do is setup the engines and WAD locations.  If you do not know what an engine, or a WAD is, then keep reading this paragraph.  Otherwise, skip to the next.  An engine is the specific program that runs Doom and Doom related games in its own specific way.  Each engine has pros and cons, while one is specifically designed for multiplayer such as ZDaemon, which supports ingame joining, another engine which has most of the focus on singleplayer such as ZDoom will allow more map features, but lack the ability to join a started game.  There is no "best" or "worst" engine; it's all a matter of personal taste.  There is no reason why you can't have them all!  WADs are commonly reffered to as files that contain all the necessary data to run an add-on for any Doom or Doom related game.  Note that a "Doom related game" is any game that stores the data in a WAD along with needing a Doom based engine to run.  There are two types of WADs; an IWAD and a PWAD.  An IWAD contains all of the data for a game; nothing more than the IWAD and the engine are required for it to run.  Doom, Doom2, Heretic, and Hexen are all IWADs and can only be obtained by legally buying the game.  If you legally own the game, then you already have the file.  Know that not all IWADs need to be commercially owned, but the ones listed above do.   A PWAD on the other hand contains only SOME of the necessary data such as levels or graphics.  A PWAD needs to be played with an IWAD and an engine, or it will simply not work.  Many people will refer to them as simply "WADs", be sure to confirm the specific type before you play.


Now that you understand the two concepts, let's get ready to play!  It is highly suggested that you begin by setting up the WAD locations, so we will do just that.  At the top left of Doom Connector, click "Support", then "Custom File Locations...".  The upper section is where Doom Connector will look for WADs (both types).  Add the folders that contain the WADs.  The lower section is the location that WADs are automatically downloaded to when "GetWAD" is used.  We will worry about GetWAD a little bit later.  Your WAD files are now setup!  Each engine needs to be setup individually, and it is necessary for each engine to have its own folder; no two should share one.  To do this, just select the engine in "Support", and choose the proper folder.  That's it!


(Joining/Creating Rooms)

You already know about the types of rooms, so let's go over creating and joining rooms; both of which are very simple.  To join a room, either double click it, or click once on the room and hit the "Enter Room" button.  Rooms that are full cannot be joined.  To join a passworded room, enter the room as you would normally, then type the password in the window that pops up.  To create a room, hit the "Create Room" button.  This will bring up a window which will allow you to enter a title, password (leave blank for no password), description upon entering, and a website which will appear at the top of the room.  "Max Users" is how many users can actually enter the room.  "Max Players" is how many users are able to join the game.  These two are not required to match.  Allow custom sounds determines if users are able to play sounds in the room.  You can also save and load custom room schemes.


(Inside Your Room)

Once you create a room, you are given moderator status of that specific room (yellow icon), which gives you a few extra abilities.  Most important, it allows you to setup the room and game settings, but first let's go into new functions towards other users in that room which can be accessed by right-clicking names from the userlist.  "Kick", which removes the user from the room, opens up a new window asking if you want to also ban.  "Yes" will kickban the user to prevent he or she from ever coming back.  "No" will simply kick the user without a ban.  "Cancel" will close the window; no kick, no ban.  To remove all bans, type /clearban in the chatbox.  Bans do not transfer from room to room, so a banned user from a previous room will be able to access your new room by default.  "Force Unready" will change a user's status from ready (green icon) to blue (normal), while "Force Moderator" will change a user's status from ready, to moderator.  This only works if the user is in ready status.  "Allow to draw" grants users access to draw on the whiteboard, which can be accessed by the "Whiteboard" tab.


(Joining Games)

Upon joining a room that has a game already setup, you will be given one of three messages:


-All files are OK for this game [Everything is in order and you are ready to play]


-You are missing these files for this game: <Filenames Here> [Doom Connector did not identify the specific files required to join the game]


-These files are invalid for this game: <Insert Filenames Here>  [Doom Connector did locate the files, however they differ from the files that the room is using]


To verify your files when already in a room, type /v in chat to display the message relevant to your current status.  Once you receive the first message (All files are OK for this game) and are ready to go, check the "Ready to Play or Moderate" box above the chatbox.  You can also hit F12.  This will set you as room moderator if the room lacks one.  Changing your status to ready is only necessary for games that are about to start.  To join a game already started, click the "Join Game" button.  Not all engines support ingame joining, but some do.


(The Wonders of GetWAD)

Remember that name from earlier in this tutorial?  Well it's time to revisit it.  This handy little tool will automatically locate and download missing WADs and PK3 files, all you need to do is sit back and wait for it to finish.  Go back to "Support", "Custom Files Locations", then go to the bottom of the window and choose the folder where GetWAD will install files to.  Note that GetWAD does not guarantee that it will find all files.  But to increase your chances, go to "GetWAD Options" by going into "Support" and add a location or two that you know contains popular WADs.  GetWAD will not illegally download commercial IWADs, do not attempt to try.  To activate GetWAD, enter a room where you are missing at least one file.  Type in the chat /getall (for all missing WADs/PK3s) or /getwad wadnamehere (for specific missing WADs/PK3s).  It will inform you that it either downloaded the necessary files successfully, or that it failed.


(Creating Games)

This can only be done when moderator of a room.  Inside a room, click on the "Setup Game" button.  The "Multiplayer Setup" window will open, and you will be able to select the engine, game, and specific Dmflags.  You can also load custom WADs, DEHs, and PK3 files by using the "Custom Files" tab inside the window.  Files higher up on the list will replace duplicate data under them!  This means that if A.WAD and B.WAD both contain a new map which replaces Map01, and A.WAD is higher on the list, you will only see the map from A.WAD; not B.WAD.  You are able to organize files within the list by the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.  Once the game is setup, click the "Launch Game" button to begin.  It is suggested you wait for users to be ready as part of common courtesy.



These servers will show up as non Doom Connector dedicated servers (rooms marked by a skull with green eyes).  What this means is that Doom Connector connects to a specific masterserver list, grabs the list of servers, and displays them as rooms along with the users in the current server.  This only works with Skulltag, Legacy, ZDaemon, and Bloodmasters (played in Offtopic Lobby) if the engine is configured to do so.  That being said, you can only see masterservers for engines that you have.  They can be enabled or disabled individually in engine setup under the "Servers" button.  Check the "Show public servers" to show them, uncheck it to hide them.


(The Offtopic Lobby)

While this program is called Doom Connector, it does support other games.  However, they are not allowed in the "Main Lobby".  To play them, you must join the "Offtopic Lobby" by typing in the chat, /join offtopic.  The files used to play these other games do not come with Doom Connector, however they can be added in by saving them to your "Engines" folder.  To return to the "Main Lobby", type /join main.


(Modify Account)

At any time, you can change information about your account by clicking on "Connector", "Modify Account".  This action will log you out.


That's all for this tutorial.  If you have any questions feel free to ask around, someone is likely to help.  From everyone here at Doom Connector, happy fragging!