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If you ever wanted to play Doom online, this is your place to be! This lobby-based, online service allows you to play Doom online using modern engines. Besides playing Doom you can chat, send instant messages, file transfers and keep a list of your buddies. Also shows masterserver lists of general public servers.
Many programmers have improved the Doom engine source with extra features like OpenGL, mouse aiming and lots of new multiplayer options. Doom is now ready to be played online and Doom Connector is the software that brings Doom players together for massive multiplayer action in Doom! Doom Connector is free, we're always open for suggestions and we can help you out if you need anything on this service. Get Doom Connector and get your first class ticket to hell online now! This service is 100% free, all you need is Doom!



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Getting Started Playing Doom Online

About Doom and Doom Connector
The release of Doom (id Software, 1993) was a new generation for computer games. Doom was not only a new generation of graphics and gaming experience, but was also one of the first decent multiplayer games. Today Doom is more than it was before. Many programmers have improved the Doom engine source with extra features like OpenGL, mouse aiming and lots of new multiplayer options.
You use the source engine to connect to another computer to play online or on a LAN, but for playing Doom online there is a special community service, Doom Connector.

This service makes it easy to set up your game and let others join it. This can be a Cooperative game or Deathmatch game or any other type of game supported by the engine. Doom is now ready to be played online and this tutorial will help you on your first steps towards it.


What You Need

To play Doom on the Doom Connector, you need to own at least 1 of the classic Doom game(s), a modern Doom source engine and at least 1 IWAD file. Each Doom game comes with it's own unique IWAD, for example the Doom2 game has a DOOM2.wad file.
The Source Engine uses the IWAD as it's primary resource file. There are many new Doom source port engines now, some of the best ones out there that Doom Connector supports are Zdoom, Skulltag, Gzdoom and DoomLegacy. For more engines supported by Doom Connector, check the links at the bottom of this page. The engines do not come with any IWAD file, you will need the IWAD file from the original Doom game before the source Engines will work with Doom Connector.


Make sure your game is up to date!

If your not sure if your game is up to date, check "trouble shooting" at the bottom of this page for additional information.


File Locations Configuration
First things first, lets tell Doom Connector where it can find any PWAD files you may have. Go to Support and select the Custom File Location tab as displayed here:

Doom Connector - File Locations configuration

In this list you can add locations where Doom Connector will look for PWAD and DEH files. When you set up a game and add PWAD or DEH files to the game, a list of available files (taken from these locations) will be shown. When you enter a room where a game is set up with additional PWAD or DEH files, Doom Connector will verify that you have those files in one of your locations so you can play the game.

Note that you may not have the same PWAD or DEH file name in more then 1 location. In such case Doom Connector is unsure which file it should use.
It is wise to keep all your PWAD's in a separate folder to keep your Doom file organized.

Doom Connector Engines Configuration
Once you installed one or more Doom engines, you must add them to the Doom Connector configuration. Here you see a screenshot of the dialog for the Engine configuration:

Doom Connector - Engine configuration

As you can see, the configuration for the Legacy engine is shown here. Lets see what each field is for;

Engine Folder: This must be set to the engine's executable file location. For Legacy this is "legacy.exe" for Zdoom this is "zdoom.exe". If you leave this field empty, Doom Connector assumes you do not have this Engine.

Demos Folder: This folder is where you would save and load the demos that you might like to record. Recording Demos is optional and can be enabled from with-in the Game settings dialog.

Parameters: Here you can add extra parameters that you want to use to start the engine with when you join a game or create a game. The parameters that you can use are described in the documentation that you (should) get with the engine. Do not add parameters that have influence on the game (like -warp or -IWAD) because those will be controlled by Doom Connector. For example; For the Legacy engine you may want to add -opengl here to use Legacy in OpenGL mode. ~ however this particular command is selectable via Options Setup.

Warning Messages

Doom Connector will give you a warning message when you are in a room where a game is set up that you cannot play. Here are the possible warning messages, what causes them and what you can about it:

Warning: You do not have ... engine configured!
This occurs when a game is set up with an engine that you do not have or just do not have configured in Doom Connector. You can open the Engine Configuration dialog again (Community menu, Engines and File Locations) and open the tab of the mentioned engine to configure it as described above.

Warning: You do not have ... configured on the ... engine.
This occurs when you don't have selected game configured on the selected engine. You can open the Engine Configuration dialog again (Community menu, Engines and File Locations) and open the tab of the mentioned engine to add configuration for the mentioned game as described above.

Warning: You do not have '...' in any of your File Locations.
You do not have PWAD or DEH file used in the game, or you just don't have its path added to the File Locations. You can open the Engine Configuration dialog again (Community menu, Engines and File Locations) and open the File Locations tab to add it's location to the list.

Warning: '...' has a different size!
The mentioned file is different from the one used in the configured game. Your files must be the same as the moderator's files who set up the game. Make sure you have the same files!

You must first set up a Game in this room before you can play it.
Hehehe, are you trying to launch without choosing the game to play?! Click the Setup Game button to configure the game. Then you'll be able to play it.

You are missing some files or having invalid files for this game.
This is displayed when you try to join a game that you cannot join due to invalid or missing files. Check the chat box for any warning messages that indicate why you cannot play the game.


Type /Getall to search and download the files automatically.

The /Getall command is derived from the Getwad wad file search program and is now built-in to Doom Connector.

As the Message says, type this command in to download the necessary files.


Getwad did not find the required files for this game.

This means that who ever is hosting the game did not host it for public download and there currently is no way for Getwad to download them.


Apart from some configuration you may want to do on the Engine or on Doom Connector its self, you are ready to play doom online. If you need more help on how to use the Doom Connector, just press F1 on the dialog you want help on.








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Win98/2k/XP/Vista/Win7 Update 2.7.2010 DOWNLOAD

Before downloading please make sure to view the Terms of Service.

Doom Connector

An online gaming service for Doom and many other game engines

A screenshot of Doom Connector as default interface as you would see it on first run:


Doom Connector is very customizable, here is an example screenshot of the lobby with black background and different font type:

Sound Packs

Extract to your Doom Connector\Sounds folder.


Extract to your Doom Connector\Sounds folder.

Some of the very first pwads ever played on the Doom Connector

Death Match

Dmstreet Dweller2


Alien Vendetta


Co-op & Death Match

Darken2 Hell Revealed

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Make sure to View the Quick Start Guide

*Stay up to date*

If for some reason you are having problems running Doom Connector or possibly the auto-updater isn't doing what it should, please check the (Alternative Download section) in TroubleShooting below.

Trouble Shooting


Is your Game up to date?

When playing an online game you will be connecting to someone running a specific version. If you connect to that server without having the same version, the server will reject the version# and you will be disconnected from the server. So always make sure to have the latest update patch for your game. In this case the required update patches for the Doom game IWADS are located Here.

id software's most recent patch for Doom is1.9.


How to patch the IWAD:

First, at least one of your original Doom game(s) must be installed.

Next, download the required patch for your Doom version.

Last, place the patch in the game folder and double click the patch.

That's it It's patched!

Note, the patches must be ran in numeric order.


Is your Engine up to date?

As like the IWAD(s), you will want the source Engine(s) to be update as well. ~ in which they are being updated all the time!

Check for the latest updates for the supported Engines from the links above.

Alternative Download section

First, here are the Instructions.

Now, check this link if you are having problems receiving an Auto Update and possibly need a manual install.

If the above server is down? You can download the needed files directly here: Please make sure to read the readme file for any further details.

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