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Please note: I no longer make these items. I've moved on to other endeavors. As of Mar 21, 2006, there are no more Machine Risers available, however please feel free to use the "Plans" to make or have one made for yourself. We still have some Towel Racks and Thread Holders.

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Build This Wooden Embroidery Machine Riser!

Just click on "Plans" and download the diagram to your computer, then just print it out. This riser was made specifically for the "Brother 2001" Embroidery machine with the embroidery arm attached. I would assume the plans can be adapted for any machine by changing the "Top" and "Base" dimensions to fit your machine. Just measure the distance between the feet of the machine, both length-wise and width-wise, then add an 2 inches to each measurement. Be sure to include the embriodery arm or any other machine attachments in your measurement, provided these attachments also have feet and need support.
We all realize that these machines are quite expensive, so to insure proper support, I would recommend using either a hardwood such as oak, or a selective pine, which is what I use. If you would rather get one already made up, I can provide a completed one for you. Just email the dimensions needed for your machine along with your request and I'll make one based on the price list below.

Other Items that are Becoming Popular
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Display Towel Rack

On a dreary day last September, while my wife was at work, I decided to surprise her with a display rack for the the towels she receives from her "Towel Swap" friends. It appeared as though once she had received the towels in the mail and we admired the artwork rendered in these towels, they were put into a drawer and all the work that had gone into them seemed to be kind of a waste of effort. They really needed to be displayed! The Towel Rack is approximately 27" X 27" and holds 15 towels that can be changed to fit the season or the mood. We have ours in the family room. It comes as a kit which is much safer to ship. Hardcopy instructions are included along with a mounting block and all the hardware necessary to mount it on the wall. I've received positive coments about ease of assembly.
Assembly Aid #1             Assembly Aid #2

Thread Holder

This thread holder was a request of my wife after seeing some posted in different groups. Of course, as she always says, "Gee, honey, you could make one of these for me". I don't know if it's her confidence in me, or the use of the word "Honey", but she usually gets her way. She didn't need all the bells and whistles, just a holder that will hold up to 5 colors at one time. It sits behind her machine and hold the 3" economy size spools. This item is shipped completely assembled except for the rubber feet so it won't slide around. Feet are included, but optional if not wanted.

    Thread Rack

Back in November of 2002, ARC had a sale on a thread package containing 288 spools of assorted colors. Tears came to my eyes as the UPS driver drove off knowing that I'd be spending more time in the workshop! Many ideas came to mind for a rack to hold these 288 spools, some ideas were practical, and some not. After drawing up about 7 different designs I decided on the style pictured. It takes 2 of them to hold 312 spools which includes 24 extra positions for expansion. The shelves are plexiglass to allow light to pass through so that the lower rows aren't hidden in darkness. It's 25 1/2" wide, 24" tall and 5 " thick. Fully loaded, each one weighs about 20 pounds. I added feet on the ends for stability. There are 13 threads per row and 12 rows which computes to 156 spools per rack. It was made of regular Pine from Home Depot and quarter inch dowels (spindles) approximately 1 3/8" long, with Pompoms attached that allow for easy thread loading. The spindles were very time consuming as I had to pre-drill one end of the dowels for the small nails to hold the pompoms, then pre-drill the other end for the mounting screws (see Close Up View below). I don't plan on making any of these for sale because of the time involved. Materials alone cost around $65.00, not to mention the full week it took for the labor. But anyone interested in making one themselves can down load Thread Rack Plans and the Dowel Drilling Jig, print them out and have a go at it.
Note: This rack was designed for the ARC Spools measuring 1 13/16" across the base and 2 13/16" tall, each holding 1000 meters of thread.
Top View             Single Rack             Close Up View

                  Additional Items

Fire Truck Plans

In addition to the embroidery items above, I also have some "Fire Truck Plans" that were developed by me back in 1991. It was an endeavor that I dropped when I couldn't recoupe of the cost of the first month's advertisement in "Workbench Magazine". I still have a few sets that were professionally printed on high quality, 8 1/2 X 11 card stock, and sealed in cellophane. The 31 page set of plans are scaled 1:1, and are more for the intermediate woodworker, using various hardwoods. It consists of approximately 52 hand made pieces and 16 items (including 10 wooden wheels) that can be purchased through woodworking catalogs. Tool recomendations include a Table Saw, Band Saw, Drill Press (any Size), and a bench sander. I built 2 of these Firetrucks while creating the plans and have had positive feedback from a purchaser as to the "buildability" using the plans. The top ladder rotates 360 degrees and is a 2 piece "extension" ladder. Optionally the doors can be made to open and close. For additional pictures, click on "Firetruck view 2" or "Firetruck View 3".

US Price List

Machine Riser:                    $45.00
Display Towel Rack:            $40.00
Thread Holder:                      $20.00
       Thread Rack                        Not for Sale
                                          Firetruck Plans:                     $12.50 (Total: includes postage)

The above prices (except for Fire Truck Plans) do not include shipping. I ship UPS Ground and shipping has ranged between $7.00 and $10.00 per item. Sorry, I don't combine packages since the boxes I use are made for the specific items, and UPS will not allow you to bind boxes together. I will need your name and address for shipping along with your request.

I'm a recently retired individual who can't sit still, not yet anyway. I don't own a business, nor am I affiliated with any. I just enjoy woodworking and even though it takes a while to make these items, it gives me enjoyment.

Ron Nettle
9668 Washington St
Romulus, MI 48174

Feel free to contact me with any requests or questions you may have regarding the above. I am open for suggestions too.

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