Mrs. Ruland's Advanced Placement World History Course

Document Based Question (DBQ) Essay Generic Scoring Rubric


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BASIC CORE (competence) 0-7 Points
1. Has acceptable thesis 1 Point
2. Addresses all documents. Understands the basic meaning of documents.
(May misinterpret one document.)
1 Point
3. Supports thesis with appropriate evidence from all documents. 2 Points
(Supports thesis with appropriate evidence from all but one document) (1 Point)
4. Analyzes point of view in at least two documents 1 Point
5. Analyzes documents by grouping them in two or three ways, depending on the question 1 Point
6. Identifies and explains the need for one type of appropriate additional document or source

1 Point

/7 Points

EXPANDED CORE (excellence)
(Historical skills and knowledge required to show excellence)

Expands beyond basic core of 1-7 points. A student must earn 7 points in the basic core area before earning points in the expanded core area.


  • Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis
  • Shows careful and insightful analysis of the documents
  • Uses documents persuasively as evidence
  • Analyzes point of view in most or all documents
  • Analyzes the documents in additional ways - groupings, comparisons, syntheses
  • Brings in relevant "outside" historical content
  • Explains why additional types of document(s) or sources are needed
0-2 Points
/2 Points

/9 Points


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