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General and Multi-Regional
Scientific Revolution
Exploration and Colonization

General and Multi-Regional References

African AmericanMigration Experience
Age of Exploration - The Mariners' Museum
All Empires - Historical Articles Index
Anatomy of a Revolution by Crane Brinton
Art History Resources on the Web
BBC - History
Best of History Web Sites: Medieval History (Middle Ages)
Best of History Web Sites: Early Modern Europe
Black Peoples of the Americas - Main Page
Bristol and the Slave Trade - Links to Online Resources
Captive Passage_ The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Making of the Americas
China and Europe, 1500-2000 and Beyond: What is Modern?
Coin and Conscience: Popular Views of Money, Credit and Speculation
The Columbian Exchange
The Columbian Exchange, Native Americans and the Land, Nature Transformed
Contagion - Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics
Columbus and the Age of Discovery
Digital History - Columbus and the Columbian Exchange
Digital History - Explorations: Spanish Discovery of the New World
Digital History - Explorations: The World Before 1492
Digital Scriptorium
Discoverers Web Homepage - links and information on voyages of discovery
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library - Voyages of Exploration
Early Modern Era - All Empires
Early Modern Europe
Early Modern Resources
East Asia in World History
EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it
The Explorers History Resources
Exploration and Discovery Home Page
The Geometry of War
Guns, Germ and Steel
Hanover Historical Texts Project
History News Network - About Columbus
History Online by Timeperiod
History Research Online
History Wiz - Age of Absolutism
Humanities Interactive Flash
Ideas - A Timetable of Significant Events - 1390-1599
Ideas - A Timetable of Significant Events - 1600-1699
Ideas - A Timetable of Significant Events - 1700-1799
Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
International World History Project
Internet Archive of Texts and Documents
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Internet Modern History Sourcebook_ Main Page
Locating Colonial Histories: Between France and West Africa
The Major Events in World History
The Measurers
The Mediadrome - History - First Person
Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation: Western Civilization, Act II
Middle Ages and Early Modern History
Migration Simulation
Old World Contacts
Old World Traditional Trade Routes
The Open Door Web Site -- History Chapters
Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier Home
The Slave Trade
Slavery Images
Tradelinks Across the World
This site provides an in-depth outline and information pertaining to some of the international trade routes including the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Trans-Saharan Trade, the Silk Roads and the Roman Roads system. An in-depth picture gallery is also included to depict the different cultures and customs along the different trade routes.
Treasures From the World's Great Libraries
Treasures of the World
Ubiquitous Silver: The Global Process of Currency Diffusion, 1500-1800
WebChron Index
Western Civilization I - Western New England College
Western Civilization II - Western New England College
Western Civilization I - William Paterson University
Western Civilization II - William Paterson University
The Western Tradition
When the East was the world's manufacturing centre 16th-18th centuries
World Civilization Glossary
World Cultures
World History - HyperHistory
World History Links
World History Resource Center
World History Sites
World History Sources
World in 1600
WWW Virtual Library - Labor History
1492 Exhibit
The 16th to 19th Centuries

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