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General and Multi-Regional References

Africa and Europeans, 1800-1875
All Empires - Early Modern
All Empires - 19th Century
Artcyclopedia_ The Fine Art Search Engine
BBC - History
BBC - History - Multicultural History
British Academy Portal
British Battles
British Cartoon Prints
Brooklyn College History Department - Core 4 Images
Browse the World at
Campaign for Abolition at the British Library - Millennium_ A Perspectives Series
Contemporary History of Civilization from 1800
Darwin - American Museum of Natural History
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Dreamers and Dissenters at the British Library
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library
Eighteenth-Century Resources
Encyclopaedia of British History_ 1700-1950
Site contains many links that give information on Enlightenment topics such as philosophes, social attitudes, and religious attitudes.
eSSORTMENT - History
Ethics of Civilization
Europe in Retrospect
EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it
Frontline Diplomacy: The Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training
Hanover Historical Texts Project
History Department at USMA - Our Atlases
History Illustrated
History On-Line - the Eighteenth Century
History On-Line - the Nineteenth Century
The History Place - Irish Potato Famine
History Research Online
History Study Guides - SparkNotes
History Wiz
History: 19th century events
History of the 19th Century in Political Cartoons
IB History
Ice Trade
Ideas - A Timetable of Significant Events - 1700-1799
Ideas - A Timetable of Significant Events - 1800-1899
International Olympic Committee - Olympic Games Since 1896
Internet Modern History Sourcebook_ Main Page
Internet Public Library - History
Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History - Main
Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe - Main
Macro-History - 16th to 19th Centuries
The Major Events in World History
Mapping History
Mary Conley History Department
The Mediadrome - History - First Person
Modern World History Resources
Modern World of Western Civilization: Part 1 (1800-1921)
The National Archives (England) Learning Curve | Victorian Britain
Old World Traditional Trade Routes
The Open Door Web Site - Chapters Index
Pirates, Brethren of the Sea
Political Cartoons
The Punch Cartoons Page
Punch: An Overview
Renaissance to Modern History
Romantic Age Chronology
Shaping of the Modern World
Sigmund Freud: Conflict & Culture (Library of Congress Exhibition)
Social Studies Links
Sources for General History
Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History
Trading Places - British Library
Follow the journey of one of the biggest multinationals in history – the East India Company. Find out about valuable commodities such as pepper, spices, medicinal drugs, perfumes and silks, and see how traders were willing to risk their lives for these goods.
Victorian Political History_ An Overview
Victorian Related Links
The Victorian Web: An Overview
Voice of the Shuttle
WebChron Index
The West in the Age of Industrialization and Imperialism
The West_ Enlightenment to Present - Congress of Vienna Systems and Challenges
Western Civilization Links
Western Civilization II
Western Civilization II
The Western Tradition
World Civilization Glossary
World Civilizations Syllabus
World Cultures
World Cultures from 1500 Schedule
World Economies and the Rise of the West
World History Archives
World History: HyperHistory
World History International
The World in 1600. Trading Places - the East India Company and Asia 1600-1834
Zoom into Maps: Exploration and Discovery
18th Century on Yahoo
19th Century on Yahoo!

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About Darwin
Africa and Europeans, 1800-1875
The Age of Imperialism
The Age of Imperialism
This site gives general information on the age of Imperialism as well as different topics like the Scramble for Africa and British Imperial Rule in India. The site is very organized and gives an outlined list of other sites with similar information.
Alfred Thayer Mahan
All Empires
Amazing Grace - The Story Behind the Movie
American Colonization Society Collection
American Experience - Marcus Garvey
American Museum Congo Expedition, 1909-1915
BBC - History - Abolition of the Slave Trade 1807
BBC - History - Empire and Sea Power
BBC - History - From Empire to Independence: The British Raj in India 1858-1947
BBC - Radio 4 - History - British Empire
Bill of Rights in Action - King Leopold's "Heart of Darkness"
Boxer Rebellion: Role of the US Marines During the Relief of Peking
The British Empire
The Campaign for Abolition
China and Europe, 1500-2000 and Beyond: What is Modern?
China and the West: Imperialism, Opium, and Self-Strengthining (1800-1919)
Chinese Cultural Studies - Lin Tse-Hsu: Letter to Queen Victoria
Ch'ing China: the Opium Wars
Colonialism and Independence: Nigeria as a Case Study
Commodore Matthew C. Perry and the Opening of Japan
Concentration Camps during the South African Boer War, 1899-1902
Contemporary Postcolonial & Postimperial Literature in English
Cross-Cultural Camera: How Photography Bridged East and West
Crucible of Empire: The Spanish American War
Darwin - American Museum of Natural History
A Debate Over the Philippines
Digital China: The Opium War
Europe in Retrospect
European History in 19th and 20th Centuries
Evolution of Singapore
EyeWitness to the 19th Century
The First Opium War
Global Gateway - Collaborative Digital Libraries
Harappa - Ancient Indus Valley and the British Raj in India and Pakistan
History in Focus - Empire
History of Imperialism
This site gives an organized list of links to other various sites on different aspects of Imperialism, including British, Japanese, and American Imperialism.
History On-Line - Imperial and Colonial History
Imperialism in Africa
Imperialism in Africa WebQuest
Imperialism Resources
Imperialism: Theory and Practice
Imperialism and War - BoondocksNet Editions
Importance of the Colonies to Great Britain
In the Beginning Was the World: The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures
Internet Indian History Sourcebook - The Western Intrusion
Internet Modern History Sourcebook_ Imperialism
Japan and the West: The Meiji Restoration & Korea: The West and Japan
Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
The Learning Page: Exploration and Explorers
Lenin on the Place of Imperialism in History
Livingstone Discovers Victoria Falls, 1855
Macau: A Selection of Cartographic Images
Marathas and the English Company
MIT Visualizing Cultures - Visualizing Japan
One of the module is "Black Ships and Samurai" which is essentially a visual history of Commodore Matthew C. Perry's arrival in Japan with his Black Ships. The site presents various visual images as well as several good sources for further research and a good deal of information within the site itself.
Mrs. Ruland's US History - WWW Resources - Imperialism
Mundus: Gateway to Missionary Collections in the United Kingdom
The National Archives (England) Learning Curve | British Empire
The National Archives (England) Learning Curve | Snapshots | Slavery
The National Archives (England) Learning Curve | Snapshots | Why was Captain Cook Killed?
The National Archives (England) | British Battles
Nigerian Independence Movements, 1750-1914
Old World Traditional Trade Routes
The Opening of the Panama Canal
Parliament and the British Slave Trade, 1600-1807
PBS _ Empires _ Queen Victoria
The Rivers Ran Through It: Britain's War for Empire in North America
The Russo-Japanese War Reseach Society
Russo-Japanese War on Yahoo!
Scramble for Africa
This site gives an overview of the people, events, and groups connected with the Scramble for Africa such as Lord Salisbury and Cecil Rhodes as well as groups like the Zulus.
The Scramble for Africa
The Search for a Northwest Passage
The Slave Trade
Social Darwinism_ Reason or Rationalization
Spanish American War
The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
Sudan Crisis
The Suez Isthmus
Trading Places - The Story of the British East India Company
Vietnam and the French 1800-1941
"The White Man's Burden" and Its Critics
The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War

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