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General Overview
World War I
Between the Fires
World War II
Environmental, Technological, Cultural, and Economic Issue
Cold War

Rise of Independent Nations



Absolute Power: History of Totalitarianism
All Empires - The 20th Century
Anarchy Archives
AP European Homework and Web Links
Asia for Educators
BBC - History
BBC - History - Wars and Conflicts
BBC - Radio 4 - The British Empire
Best of History Web Sites - Modern History
Brooklyn College - Shaping the Modern World
Browse the World at
Casahistoria! The Web of Topic Links for Students of Modern History
China Knowledge
Citizenship: Dreamers and Dissenters
Cold War Through Desert Storm
Conflict Map
Contagion - Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics
Declassification Initiatives
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library
EASE History
EmbARK Web Kiosk
Encyclopaedia of British History_ 1700-1950
European History
Europe in Retrospect
Europe Today in the Electronic Passport
Experiencing War
Exploring Globalization
Exposé: America's Investigative Reports
EyeWitness - The 20th Century
The First Measured Century
Forward to the Past
France_ 1900-45_ Index
From the Homefront and the Front Lines
Front Line Diplomacy
GCSE Modern World History Revision Site
Genocide Unearthed
German Encyclopaedia
Global Issues
High School History & Geography
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
History of Germany
History of Medicine
History of Modern Russia
History On-Line - 20th Century
The History Place - Genocide in the 20th Century
The History of Psychology
History Research Online
History Timelines
IB History Page
Ideas - A Timetable of Significant Events - 1900-Present
India, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, 1800-1941
Index of Economic Freedom
Internet Modern History Sourcebook_ Main Page
Islamic Networks Group
Jensen's Web Sources for Wars and World Military History
Just War Doctrine
Lectures for 20th Century World
Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe - Main
The Major Events in World History
Making the Modern World
Maps of War
Mary Conley History Department - Twentieth Century European History Sites
The Mediadrome - History - First Person
MIT Security Studies Program
Modern World History
Modern World History Resources
Modern World of Western Civilization
A Modest Proposal
The National Archives (England) | British Battles
The National Archives (England) Learning Curve | 20th Century Heroes and Villains
Navies, Warships, World War 1, 2, and Falklands War
Nobel e-Museum
Nobel Peace Prize - Educational
Obee's History Page
People's Century
Playing Politics: Olympic Controversies Past and Present
Post-War Themes
Prints and Photographs Online Catalog - Library of Congress
The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
A Reminiscence of the Nineties
Resource Central - World Conflicts
Smithsonian Channel - Light at the Edge of the World
Spartacus Educational - Home Page
Stories of the Century
TIME.com_The TIME 100
Twentieth Century History
U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform
Voices Of 20th Century
War Museum
Wars and World History
We Didn't Start the Fire
We Didn't Start the Fire
This is an incredible site! The page author has created a wonderful video containing pictures of all the references in the song and it is expertly packaged. A must watch!!
WebChron Index
The West - Enlightenment to the Present
Western Civilization II
Wide Angle - PBS
The World in Crisis
World Civilization Glossary
World Cultures
World Cultures from 1500 Schedule
The World Wars: A Terrifying Legacy
The World in the 20th Century
Worldmapper: The World As You Have Never Seen It Before
Collection of maps that feature countires resized to reflect their size in relation to the category. In addition to the more standard demographic categories, there are interesting ones such as the amount of meat eaten.
World Wars and Events of Europe and North America During the 20th Century
Zoom into Maps: Exploration and Discovery
1901 to World War II
1946 to 21st Century
20th Century - All Empires
20th Century history articles and facts
20th Century History on the Yahoo! Directory

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