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General and Multi-Regional References

All Empires - Historical Articles Index
Arctic Studies Center
BBC - History
Best of History Web Sites: Medieval History (Middle Ages)
British Academy - Medieval Studies
The British Library Online Gallery
Browse the World at - Millennium_ A Perspectives Series
De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History
Digital History - Explorations: The World Before 1492
Digital Librarian - History
Digital Librarian_ Medieval & Renaissance Studies
Digital Scriptorium
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library
EmbARK Web Kiosk
Ethics of Civilization
European, Asian, African and Other History Pages
Eyewitness to the Middle Ages
Feudalism in Japan and Europe Webquest
Hidden Treasures from the National Museum of Afghanistan
The History Guide - Lectures on Ancient and Medieval European History
History of the Medieval World
History On-Line
A.D. 500-1000
11th Century
12th Century
13th Century
14th Century
History Research Online
Humanities Interactive Flash
Select Medieval World
HyperHistory Online
Ideas - A Timetable of Significant Events - 1390-1599
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Internet Public Library - Medieval History
Knight/Samurai and Lord/Daimyo: Should We Compare Europe and Japan?
Lectures in Medieval History
Macro History — 6th to 15th Centuries
The Major Events in World History
The Mediadrome - History - First Person
Middle Ages and Early Modern History
The Mongols in World History | Asia Topics in World History
Mysteries of the Ancient World - National Geographic
Old World Contacts
Old World Traditional Trade Routes
PBS - Secrets of the Dead - Mystery of the Black Death
Pictures of Health
Secrets of the Dead: Mysteries of the Black Death
Timeline of Art History
Tradelinks Across the World
This site provides an in-depth outline and information pertaining to some of the international trade routes including the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Trans-Saharan Trade, the Silk Roads and the Roman Roads system. An in-depth picture gallery is also included to depict the different cultures and customs along the different trade routes.
Travelers: Cultural Interaction in the Medieval World
Treasures From the World's Great Libraries
Voice of the Shuttle
WebChron: The Web Chronology Project
Western Civilization, Act II, Part I: Rome's Fall to the Eve of the Renaissanc
Western Civilization Links
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization I
Western Eurasia - A Journey into Mongol Lands
World Civilization Glossary
World Civilizations Syllabus
World Civilizations to 1550
World Civilization to 1550 C.E.
World History Archives
World History Resource Center
World History for Us All - Big Era Five: Patterns of Interregional Unity, 300-1500 CE
The World at Your Fingertips
WWW-VL: History
3D Ancient Wonders

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