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WHAP Courses

AP: World History @
Dr. Forsgren, AP World History
Mrs. Bond-Lamberty, James Madison Memorial High School, Madison WI
Mr. Brown, Massaponax High School, Fredricksburg VA
Mr. Burnett, Singapore American School
Mrs. Sharon Cohen, Springbrook High School, Silver Spring MD
Mr. Corso, John Glen High School
Mr. Denning, Timberline High School, Lacey WA
Mr. Derryberry's History Class
Mr. Orlando Falvo and the O-Zone
Mr. Paul Filio, Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati OH
Mr. Greeley's AP History Notes & Presentations
Mr. Henderson, South Forsyth High School
Mrs. Katie King, Wren High School, Piedmont, SC
Mr. Jay Harmon, Cypress Woods High School, Cypress TX
Mr. Hermansen, Appleton North
Mrs. Bobbie Johnson, Parkview High School, Sterling VA
Mrs. Keese, Oconee County
Mr. Jim Lloyd, Fresno Unified School District, Fresno CA
Mr. Mike Macjieski, Northfield Middle/High School, Northfield VT
Mrs. Kara Macsuga, Seminole Ridge Community High School, Loxahatchee, FL
Mr. Maddock, Harvard-Westlake School
Mr. Martens AP World History
Mr. McDowell and Mr. Norris, West Hills High School, Santee CA
Mr. Meyer, Chancellor High School, VA
Mr. Jeremy Millhouse, Hebron High School, Carrollton TX
Mr. O'Donnell, Rocklin High School, Rocklin, CA
Ms. Michelle Peck Williams, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington KY
Ms. Pojer's History Classes, Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua NY
Check out the Global Studies information
Mr. Vince Pompo, VVS High School
Check out the DBQ page.
Mr. Bill Velto, Cary Academy, Cary NC
Mr. Brian Weller, Webster Schools, Webster NY
Mrs. Williams, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, KY
Ms. Adrienne Williamson, J.J. Pearce High School
The Cave's World History
Santa Susana HS AP World History Study Guide

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College Courses

Dr. Eric Mayer's Emayzine, Victor Valley College
Dr. Joseph O'Brien: John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Dr. Lynn H. Nelson, University of Kansas
Dr. Mary Conley, College of the Holy Cross
Dr. Nancy Fitch, World History Since the 16th Century
Dr. Paul Hallsall, The West: Enlightenment to the Present
Dr. Slatta, North Carolina State University
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library
DSU's European and Asian History Courses
European and Non-Western History at Ursuline College
Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies
History Department - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
HIST182 - World History from 1500 to the Present
HST104 - The World Since 1500
History 372 - The Middle East: From the Roman Empire to the Mongol Invasions
Topics in World History, 1350-1800: Syllabus
Western Civilization Since the Protestant Reformation
Western Civilization to 1648: William Patterson University
Western Civilization from 1648: William Patterson Univerisity
World Civilization Glossary
World Civilizations Syllabus
World Cultures - Washington State University
World History I - UCLA History Department

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Textbook Companies

Adler & Pouwels, World Civilzations
Bentley and Ziegler Traditions and Encounters A Global Perspective on the Past
Bulliet et al, The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History
Craig, Graham, Kagan, Ozment & Turner, The Heritage of World Civilizations
Duiker & Spielvogel, World History Companion Site
Lockhard, Societies, Networks and Transitions: A Global History
McKay, Hill & Buckler, A History of World Societies
Spodek, The World's History
Stearns, World Civilizations
Stearns, World Civilizations: The Global Experience
Stearns, World Civilizations: The Global Experience, Third Edition, AP Edition
Strayer, Ways of the World
Strayer, Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources

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