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General Overview
WHAP Courses
College World History Courses
Textbook Companies
Regional Resources
Society, Culture and Religion
Science and Technology

General Overview

World History for Us All - History of the World in Seven Minutes - a video

An A - Z of History - History on the Net
All Empires - Historical Articles Index
The Amazing, Magnificent, Colossal Cruise Through Time and History
Join in a fun tour of history in this student created ThinkQuest site.
Anatomy of a Revolution by Crane Brinton
Annenberg/CPB Exhibits: Collapse of Empires
Annenberg Media for Students
Applied History Research Group - Multimedia History Tutorials
Archive of “Changed the World” Columns, The Story Place of the Web
Fun collection. the first 4 chapters of each story are free. Schools and educators can get a free subscription password.
Background Notes - US Department of State
Battlefield Anomalies
BBC - History
Historic Figures
Best History Websites
Big History
Biographical Dictionary
Bridging World History
Audio Glossary
Brief Review in Global History and Geography
British Academy Portal
British Pathe Limited - digital news archive
Browse the World at
Created by a Middle School teacher, but some good information.
Calendar Zone
Comprehensive categorized calendar catalog currently containing countless correlating connections & calzone recipes!
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Carpe Noctem - Seize the Night
The site is dedicated to the study of the science of fear, and therefore features mafia, serial killers, conspiracy theories and military leaders.
CIA - The World Factbook - Millennium_ A Perspectives Series
Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
Country Information
Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of Congress
Current Value of Old Money - History Brought to Life.
Digital Librarian_ History
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Do History
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library
Ease History
EDSITEment - The Best of the Humanities on the Web - the Web site for history enthusiasts, students and educators.
The Electronic Embassy
EMuseum @ Minnesota State University Accessible Writing
Essentials of International Relations - History
Ethics of Civilization
EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it
Facing History and Ourselves
Famous Trials
Filling in the Gaps in American History
Footnotes to History- by James L. Erwin
Foreign Emvassy Information and Publications
General World History
Genesis - Developing Access to Women's History Sources
Global Gateway: World Culture and Resources at the Library of Congress - A Student's Guide to Globalization
Guns Germs, & Steel | PBS
Hidden Treasures from the National Museum of Afghanistan
Historical Text Archive: Links : Category Listing
History Channel
History Commons - Timelines
History of Diseases
History and Government
The History Guide -- Main
History House Articles
The History Net
History On-Line
History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
Great site. There is a problem with links on the page on Non-Western History. If that is your interest, click on the above link and just scroll down the page, do not click on the subheadings listed at the top of the page.
History Study Guides - SparkNotes
History @ Suite 101
This site is a history site with a lot of useful information. There are links to different events that have occured in world history and  it also has available other useful links to guide you through a topic.
History Worksheets
History | The WWW Virtual Library
History at Yahoo!
Human Geography: People, Places and Change
Humanities Interactive Flash
HyperHistory Online
IB History Page
Institute of History, Archaeology and Education
Internet History Sourcebook Project
Wonderful resource! It is divided into many separate Sourcebooks, and then into very clear outlines.
Internet Public Library - Arts and Humanities
Jared Diamond Speaks on Environment, Population and Health
Jared Diamond - The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race
Jensen's Scholars' Guide to Humanities & Social Sciences
Jewish Virtual Library - Homepage
John's Military History Page
Kansas Council for History Education
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - World and Ancient History
Kid Info -- World History
Library of Congress Home Page
Life of a Rock Star
A fun way to discuss the Geological Survey of Canada
Macro History
The Major Events in World History
Making the Modern World
Mapping History: The Darkwing Atlas Project
Maps of War
Mary Conley History Department
McRel History Resources
Military History Online
Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Museum of Military History
The National Archives (Englnad) Learning Curve
The National Archives (England) Virtual Museum
Naval History
The New York Times - Kaifeng-on-the-Hudson
Notable Women Ancestors_ Women's Biographies
The Open Door Web Site _ History _ The Chapters Index
Out of the Past
Paul Halsall/Fordham University: Internet History Sourcebooks Project
PBS | History
PBS | History | War & Espionage
PBS | History | World
Perseus Digital Library
The Philosophy of History
Political and Economic Causes of War
Portals to the World from the Library of Congress
Project Gutenberg
Reading Room, Women's Studies Database - University of Maryland
Regents Prep - Global History and Geography
Resource Central - World History - World Royalty
Scholars' Guide to Humanities & Social Sciences
Secrets of the Dead - PBS
Smithsonian Magazine
Social studies - World history, Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
Sources for General History
Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History
TeachersFirst - World Cultures Resources
TeachersFirst World Cultures Lessons
ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Library _ World History
TIME Magazine: TIME 100 - People of the Century
Timelines - AlternaTime
Timelines of History, Today in History, World History
Today's Calendar and Clock Page
Information on all the different calendar systems including historical calendars
Tradelinks Across the World
This site provides an in-depth outline and information pertaining to some of the international trade routes including the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Trans-Saharan Trade, the Silk Roads and the Roman Roads system. An in-depth picture gallery is also included to depict the different cultures and customs along the different trade routes.
Treasures from the World's Great Libraries
University of Evansville Libraries: History Internet Resources - Country information and resources
VoS - Voice of the Shuttle
War and Military History Resources
WebChron - The Web Chronology Project
Websites of US Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
Western Civilization Links
Western Civilization Webography
The Western Tradition
What Do We Mean By the West?
Text of a speach given at the Foreign Policy Research Institute by William H. McNeill
Women In World History Curriculum
The World At Your Fingertips
World Clock
World Cultures - Washington State University
Great Site! There is a lot of information here, and you need to explore a bit to find all the wonderful areas.
The World Heritage
See Realtime video of the UNESCO registered World Heritage sites
World History Archives
The World History Association
World History Chart
World History Connected | The e-Journal of Learning and Teaching | Home
Peter Stearns: American Students and Global Issues
World History: Connections to Today - Links Library
World History of Democracy
World History for Us All
World History & Geography - High School Ace
World Hist. General History Sites
World History _ HyperHistory
World History International
World History Lectures
World History Links
World History Matters
The site offers numerous sources that are categorized, to help one find the appropriate resources easier. It is organized and contains many sources as well as tips to analyzing documents.
The World History Network
World History Resource Center
World History Resources on
World History Sites
World Mysteries
World Treasures of the Library of Congress: Beginnings
WWW Social Studies Resources
The WWW Virtual Library - History
WWW Virtual Library Women's History
WWW-VL The World Wide Virtual Library: World History Index and History Central Catalogue
Yale University Library Digital Collections
Zzzptm Dot Com - Long Story Short

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