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Major Belief Systems — Religions
Polytheism and Animism
Other Religions
Major Philosophical Ideologies

Major Belief Systems

General Information

Afterlife in Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism
Ancient China Daily Life
Ancient Civilizations
Click on Religion and explore using the interactive time line.
Archive of Indological Resources Online
BBC - Religion & Ethics
A reliable, organized site that provides information about popular religions as well as some more obscure religions. This site is easy to navigate through and provides detailed information on selected sections and aspects of different religions.
Best of Hitory Web Sites - Ancient/Biblical
Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason
British Academy - Theology and Religious Studies
Calendar of World Religion Sacred Times
Children of Abraham
China Knowledge - Chinese Religions
Digital Librarian - History
Digital Librarian - Religion and Philosophy
East Asian History Sourcebook
Ethics of Civilization
History of Religion Map
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Jensen's Scholars' Guide to WWW - Religion
Major Religions Ranked by Size
Manas: Religions in India
Middle East Studies Internet Resources
Mr. Dowling's Western Religions Page
Online Medieval and Classical Library
PBS - Empires Series
Regents Prep - Global History - World Belief Systems
Religion Around the World
Religion _ BBC World Service
Religions in China
This site includes Jews, Christians and Muslims
Religion and Ethics
Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
Religion Facts
Religion (Formerly Facets of Religion)
Religions in India. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism,
Religion Online
Religion Resources on the Web
Religion and Spirituality > Faiths and Practices - Yahoo Directory
Religions of the World
Religions and 101 Cults
Religious Diversity in the News
The Religious Movements Page
Religious Studies Web Sites
Researching History Online - World Religion, Beliefs, Folklore
Sacred: Discover What We Share
Sacred Sites
Sacred Texts at the British Library
Silk Road Seatle - Religion
South Asian History - India, Ancient, Medieval, Colonization, Philosophy, Culture, indian, art, science
Speaking of Faith - Approaching Prayer
Specialists of the Sacred
Theories of Creation
Tradition and Memory_ World Cultures to 1500 Schedule
Treasures From the World's Great Museums - Religion
Click on each of the pictures at top of page to see the whole collection.
UT - MENIC: Society and Culture: Religion and Spirituality
Virtual Religion Index
Voice of the Shuttle - Religious Studies
World Art Kiosk - Religion and Myth
World History Archive - History of World Religions
World History Connected - Issue on Religion
World Religions
World Religions Index
World Religion Resources
World Treasures of the Library of Congress - Beginnings
WWW-VL Religion Page
Yahoo! Directory Religion and Spirituality Organizations > Interfaith

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About Buddhism
All About Buddhism
Ancient Indian Religion - Buddhism
Basics of Buddhism
BBC Religion & Ethics - Buddhism
The Berzin Archives
Best of History Web Sites - Hinduism and Buddhism
Buddha and Buddhism by Sanderson Beck
Buddha Mind
BuddhaNet_ Buddhist Information and Education Network
Buddhist Art and Architecture
Buddhist History and Culture
Buddhist Studies for Primary and Secondary
Buddhism and Its Spread Along the Silk Road
The Four Noble Truths
Buddhism in America
Buddhism - The Art of Asia
Buddhism _ BBC World Service
Buddhism - Beliefnet
Buddhism Depot
Buddhism (part of The WWW Virtual Library)
Buddhism and the Radiant Buddha
Buddhism: ReligionFacts
Buddhist Art and Buddhism
Buddhist Manuscripts and Block Prints
Buddhist Studies WWW VL
China Knowledge - Buddhism
Discovering Buddhist Art - Seeking the Sublime
Must click on the link on the index page to reach this site. Well worth the effort!
Dreams of Tibet
Economics in Buddhism
Ethics of Buddha and Buddhism by Sanderson Beck
Good Questions, Good Answers on Buddhism
History of Buddhism
The History, Philosophy and Practice of Buddhism
Huntington Archive of Buddhist Art
Internet Public Libary - Buddhism
Introduction to Buddhism _ Insights from SpiritNetwork
An Introduction to Buddhism
Japanese Buddhism
Jataka Stories
The Many Faces of Buddha
Nova - Lost Treasures of Tibet
Prince Siddartha's Encounters
Religious Tolerance - Buddhism
Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia
Temple of Buddha
The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Tricycle.com_ The Buddhist Review Online
Virtual Religion Index - Buddhist Traditions
Visions of Enlightenment: Understanding the Art of Buddhism
What do you think, my friend_ (Writings on Buddhism)
What Does Buddhism Teach?
Zen Buddhism
Zen Buddhism

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All About Christianity
Assisting You to Learn - Christianities
BBC Religion & Ethics - Christianity
BBC Religion & Ethics - Jehovah's Witnesses
BBC Religion & Ethics - Mormon
Best of History Web Sites - Christianity
Catholic Encyclopedia
Good source for explanations of various terms, such as Lent and Abstinence which deal with the question of why Catholics do eat fish on Fridays and during Lent.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Christian Religion
Christianity - Beliefnet
Christianity - General and How to Live the Christian Faith
Christianity in the Middle East
Christianity (part of The WWW Virtual Library)
Christianity - ReligionFacts
The Christmas Story in works from the Metropolitan Museum of Art - Information on Christianity
Coptic Orthodox Liturgical Change and Hymnody
Creeds of Christianity
Early Christianity
From Papyri to King James: The Translation of the English Bible
Frontline: From Jesus to Christ - the First Christians
The whole program is now available for viewing online.
The Holy See
Illuminating theWord
In the Beginning: Bibles before 1000
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Christian Origins
Internet Public Libary - Christianity
Jesus and His Apostles by Sanderson Beck
The Lost Gospel of Judas
Painted Prayers: Books of Hours
Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution | PBS
Religious Tolerance - Christianity
Religious Tolerance - Groups Within Christianity
Songs to Make Winter Bright
Trial of Jesus
Virtual Religion Index - Christian Traditions
Yale Divinity Digital Image Library

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The Analects of Confucius
China Knowledge - Confucianism
Chinese Philosophy
Confucian Documents
Ethics of Confucius, Mendius, and Xun-zi by Sanderson Beck
Religious Tolerance - Confucianism
Virtual Religion Index - East Asia
Women and Confucianism

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About Hinduism
All About Hinduism
Ancient India
Aryan Invasion Theory
Bagger Vance and the Bhagavad Gita
BBC Religion & Ethics - Hinduism
Best of History Web Sites - Hinduism and Buddhism
Dircetory of Hindu Resources Online
Early Hinduism
Gods and Goddesses by Holy Mountain
Hindu Basics
Hindu Philosophy by Sanderson Beck
The Hindu Universe _ Hindu Resource Center
Hinduism_BBC World Service
Hinduism - Beliefnet
Hinduism Online
Hinduism (part of The WWW Virtual Library)
Hinduism - ReligionFacts
Hinduism: Resources, Traditions, History Scriptures and Philosophy
Hinduism_ The world's third largest religion
History of Hinduism and Related Religions
The History of Religion in India _ Vedism and Hinduism
Internet Public Libary - Hinduism
An Introduction to Hinduism
Notes on Hinduism
Puja _ Guide for Educators
Religious Tolerance - Hinduism
Vedas and Upanishads by Sanderson Beck
Virtual Religion Index - Hindu Studies

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About Islam
All About Islam
BBC Religion & Ethics - Islam
Best of History Wesb Sites - Islam
Bill of Rights in Action - The Origins of Islamic Law
Chronologies of the Middle East
Compendium of Muslim Texts
Council on Islamic Education
Digital Librarian - Islam
Discover Islam
Druse, Druze, Muwahhid, Mowahhidoon
Hajj and Eid ul-Adha
The Hajj: Islam's Journey of Faith
Historical Text Archive
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
Internet Public Library - Islam
Islam and African Traditional Religions
Islam - Beliefnet
Islam_ A Brief History
Islam FAQs - Saudi Aramco World
Islam Guide_ A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam,
Islam: An Introduction - Saudi Aramco World
Muslims, & the Quran
Islam Online
Islam_ peace through the submission to God
Islam (Part of WWW-VL)
Islam Project
Islam - ReligionFacts
Islam _ Religions of the World_ BBC World Service
Islamic Art
Islamic Art
Islamic Art
Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization
Islamic Art Indroduction
Islamic Civilization
Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East
Islamic Information and Products
Islamic Server of MSA-USC
Islamic Web Sites - Resources
Islamic World to 1600 - Culture
Middle East and Religion
Mission Islam Homepage
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
Muhammad and the Spread of Islam by Sanderson Beck
A student recommended this site as an outstanding one to use to learn about Islam.
The Noble Quran
NPR - Partisans of Ali: A History of Shia Faith and Politics
PBS - Frontline - Muslims
PBS - Islam_ Empire of Faith
The Prophet of Islam - His Biography
Prophet Muhammad
Ramadan on the Net - Welcome
The Religion of Islam Home Page
Religions and 101 Cults
Religious Tolerance - Islam
Resources for and about Muslim Women
Resources for the Study of Islam
Saudi Aramco World
Sharing Ramadan Resource Guide
The Story of Africa - Islam
Sufism - The Threshold Society & the Mevlevi Order
Tradition and Memory_ World Cultures to 1500 Schedule
Understanding Islam and Muslims
Virtual Mosque
Virtual Religion Index - Islamic Tradition
We Love Hijab
Western Religions in Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Why Do Muslim Women Wear the Hibaj?
World of Islam
World Religions Index_ Islam
25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Islam

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About Judaism
All About Judaism
Assisting You to Learn
BBC Religion & Ethics - Judaism
Behold! Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Best of History Web Sites - Judaism
Bill of Rights in Action - The Hebrews and the Foundation of Western Law
Digital Librarian - Judaism
Ethics of Ancient Israel by Sanderson Beck
The Genizah Online Database
This site boasts records for close to 140,000 documents found in the Genizah at the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo, Egypt, and images for almost 7,000 of these documents. A Genizah is a repository for Jewish documents that are no longer used. In the Jewish tradition, sacred texts were to be burned or placed in such Genizah as a sign of respect.
Hebraic Collections - Library of Congress
The Hebrews
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Israel
Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Internet Public Library - Judaism
Jewish Virtual Library - Homepage
Judaism_BBC World Service
Judaism - Beliefnet
Judaism and Jewish Resources - Andrew Tannenbaum
Judaism (part of The WWW Virtual Library)
Judaism - ReligionFacts
Judaism 101
Middle East and Jewish Studies
NOVA Online | Lost Tribes of Israel
PBS: Heritage: Civilization and the Jews
Religious Tolerance - Judaism
Researching History Online - Jewish Studies
Scrolls from the Dead Sea (Library of Congress Exhibition)
Shrine of the Book
Virtual Religion Index - Judaic Studies
Zoroastrianism and Judaism
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Ancient Religions
Ancient Religions
BBC History - Ancient Egypt
BBC History - Roman Religion Gallery
BBC History - Viking Religion
BBC Religion & Ethics - Greek Gods and Goddesses
Classical Myth in Western Art: Ancient Through Modern
The Classics & Mythology
The Collection: Mythology - The Getty Museum
Creation Myths from Around the World
Digital Librarian - Mythology
Encyclopedia Mythica
Ethics of Civilization
The Glory That Was Greece - Mythology
Greek Mythology
This site gives information about specific gods, myths, creatures, figures, places, heroes, and literature. It also includes a family tree of the principle gods.
Greek Mythology Link, Home Page
Hybrid Creatures of the Ancient Greek World
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Egypt - Religion
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Greece - Religion and Myth
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Rome - Religion
Mythweb: Greek Mythology
PBS - Empires Series
Relects of Ancient Religions (Part of WWW-VL)
Resources in Mythology
Virtual Religion Index - Ancient Near East
Virtual Religion Index - Greco-Roman Studies
Winged Sandals
World Myths and Legends in Art

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Polytheism and Animism

African Studies Center - Africa: Religious Studies
African Traditional Religion
African Traditional Religion: Triumphs of Rituals
Ancient Religions
Art and Oracle: A Scholarly Resource of African Art and Rituals of Divination - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Atheism, Communism
Includes discussion of Animism, Pantheism, Deism and many more.
BBC Religion & Ethics - Paganism
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Late Antiquity - End of Paganism
The Lost Gods
Magical Religions (Part of WWW Virtual Library)
Mythology - Digital Librarian
Native North American Traditions
Pagan and Earth-Based Religions - Beliefnet
Pantheism (part of The WWW Virtual Library)
Religions in Africa
Religions and Cults - Animism
Neo Pagan Religious Traditions
Virtual Religion Index - Anthropology and Sociology

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All About Taoism
BBC Religion & Ethics - Taoism
China Knowledge - Daoism
Chinese Philosophy
Daoism in the Arts of China
Ethics of Daoism and Mo-zi
Religious Tolerance - Taoism (a.k.a. Daoism)
Taoism - Beliefnet
Taoism and the Arts of China
Taoism Information Page
Taoism (part of WWW-VL)
Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan
Taoism - ReligionFacts
Virtual Religion Index - East Asia

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Other Religions and Belief Systems
Bahai, Janism, Rastafari, Shino, Sikhism, Unitarianism, Zoroastrian

Ancient Indian Religion - Jainism
Baha'i - Beliefnet
The Baha'is
Bahai Faith (part of WWW Virtual Library)
Baha'i Faith - ReligionFacts
BBC Religion & Ethics - Bahai
BBC Religion & Ethics - Janism
BBC Religion & Ethics - Rastafari
BBC Religion & Ethics - Shinto
BBC Religion & Ethics - Sikhism
BBC Religion & Ethics - Unitarianism
BBC Religion & Ethics - Zoroastrian
Cao Dai - ReligionFacts
China Knowledge - Chinese Religions
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Persia - Religion
Including Zoroasterian
Internet Public Library - Faiths and Denominations
Islam and the Baha'i Faith
Jainism - Beliefnet
Jainism (part of WWW Virtual Library)
Jainism - ReligionFacts
Mahavira and Jainism by Sanderson Beck
Rastafari, Rasta, Rastafarianism - ReligionFacts
Religious Tolerance - Religions, Faith Groups and Ethical Systems
Shinto - Beliefnet
Shinto: Nurturing Nature
Shinto - ReligionFacts
Shintoism - Japan
Sikhism - Beliefnet
Sikhism Home Page
Sikhism (part of The WWW Virtual Library)
Virtual Religion Index - East Asia
World Religion and 101 Cults
Zoroastrianism - Beliefnet
Zoroastrianism and Judaism
Zoroastrianism (part of The WWW Virtual Library)
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Major Philisophical Ideologies

Age of Enlightenment
Chinese Philosophy
Episteme Links: For Philosophy Resources on the Internet
Ethics of Isocrates, Aristotle, and Diogenes
Ethics of Legalism, Qin Empire and Han Dynasty
Ethics of Socrates, Xenophon, and Plato
The Glory That Was Greece - Philosophy
History of Philosophy in the Yahoo! Directory
History of Western Philosophy from 1492-1776
Humanism, Agosticism, and Atheism
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Greece - Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy in the Yahoo Directory
Sanford Encycolpedia of Philosophy
Virtual Religion Index - Philosophy and Theology
Voice of the Shuttle - Philosophy
Western Speculative Thought
The Window - Philosophy on the Web

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