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Unit 1 — Foundations: 8000B.C. - A.D. 600


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Prehistory and the Development of Agriculture and Technology
River Valley Civilizations
Classical Civilizations
Late Classical Period
Belief Systems and Religions


About African History
ABZU Bibliography_ Search and Edit
Africa Links
African Civilizations
African Timelines
African Voices
The Africans
Africa's Science and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
All Empires - Historical Articles Index
The Amazing Ancient World - Priemier Ancient Civilization Internet Book
The Amazing Worlds of Archaeology, Anthropology, & Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Art - Art Institute of Chicago
Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Civilizations for Kids
Ancient and Classical Cultures
Ancient/Classical European History
Ancient Europe
Ancient History Resources
Ancient History on Yahoo!
Ancient Mesopotamia and the Levant
Ancient Near East and the Mediterranian World Classics Project
Ancients Scripts
The Ancient World
The Ancient World
Ancient World History
Annenberg/CPB Exhibits: Collapse of Empires
Antiqua Medicina
Antiquity and Photography
Arab-Islamic History
Archaeology and History
Arachnion: A Journal of Literature and Ancient History
Art of Asia
Art of the First Cities: The Third Millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus
Art of the Western World
Asia for Educators
Asia and India
Asian History Resources
BBC - History - Ancient History
Best of History Web Sites: Prehistory (Origins, Stone Age)
Best of History Web Sites: Ancient History
British Academy - Classical Antiquity
The British Library
Asian and African Manuscripts
The British Museum - Ancient Civilizations
British Museum - Tours of Online Collections
The British Museum - World Cultures
Browse the World at
Calendars Through the Ages
Canadian Museum of Civilization
This site gives information on China-the Dynasties, Kingdoms, and the Eras important to Chinese history. Within each topic, there are images important to the topic as well as a map designating which area of China is discussed.
Civilization in TutorGig Encyclopedia
Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World
Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
Detroit Salt Company - History of Salt
Digital Librarian: Classics and Ancient World
Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Distinguished Women: Past and Present
The Earth and the Heavens: The Art of the Mapmaker
East Asia in World History
EmbARK World Art Kiosk: Prehistoric and Ancient
Emperors of the Sangoku, the Three Kingdoms, of India, China and Japan
EMuseum - Prehistory Section
The Encyclopedia of World History
Environmental Disasters in the Cradles of Civilization
Ethics of Civilization
EyeWitness To The Ancient World
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
General Ancient History and Archaeology
Great Archaeological Sites
Guns, Germs and Steel
Hidden Treasures from the National Museum of Afghanistan
Himalayan Art Resources
Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
Historical Atlas of South Asia
History: ancient history
History of Africans in America, Africa and in the Diaspora
History of Biomedicine
History of China
The History of Costume
History Department, UCCS, History pages
The History Guide - Lectures on Ancient and Early Medieval History
The History of Psychology - Philosophy
History of Salt - Salt Institute
History of Western Civilization - Ancient Europe
HistoryWiz: The Ancient World
Humanities Interactive - Ancient Cultures of Our World
Site uses Flash technology and there are no direct URL links to internal pages; there is no by-passing their screens. However the information is worthwhile, so click on Ancient Cultures of Our World and enjoy.
The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art
In Celebration of the Silk Road
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook_ Main Page
Internet Classics Archive
Internet Public Library: Prehistoric and Ancient History
Kingdom of Conquerors
Livius - articles on ancient history
Long Story Short
MacroHistory — The Ancient World
The Major Events in World History
Mapping History - Europe
The Mediadrome - History - First Person
Metropolitan Museum of Art - Online Resources
Mesoamerican Photo Archive
MesoAmerican Social Studies Links
Middle East Studies Internet Resources
Mr Donn's Ancient History Page
Mrs. Ruland's Silkroad Page
The Museum of Antiquities
The Mya Calendar
Mysteries of the Ancient World - National Geographic
The Mythical Quest: In Search of Adventure, Romance and Enlightenment
Near East Collection at the Library of Congress
Old World Traditional Trade Routes
Online Exhibitions - Freer and Sackler Galleries
Some wonderful online exhibits, but you must go through tihs page to get to them. Of particular note for this period are Ancient Near Eastern Art: Caravan Kingdoms and Chinese Art: China History Timeline, Chinese Arts of the Brush.
Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy
Online Medieval and Classical Library
Online Museum of Asian Art
Other Women's Voices
Perseus Digital Library
Prehistory Section of the EMuseum
Researching History Online - Ancient and Classical
Resource Central - Ancient History
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Silkroad Foundation
The Story of Africa_ BBC World Service
Teacher Oz - General Ancient History and Archeology
ThinkQuests on Archaeology, Ancient Civilizations &; History
Timeline of Art History
Trade Links Across the World
Trade Routes
Tradition and Memory_ World Cultures to 1500 Schedule
Traditions of the Sun: Ancient Astronomy
Treasures from the World's Great Libraries
Vaka Moana: The Untold Story of the World's Greatest Exploration
Voice of the Shuttle - Classical Studies
Voice of the Shuttle - History
The Walters Art Museum - Ancient World Collections
WebChron Index
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization Links
Western Civilization to 1648
The Western Tradition
Women and Gender In the Ancient World
The World At Your Fingertips
World Civilization Glossary
World Civilization to 1550 C.E.
World History Archives
World History Chronology - WebChron Project
World History for Us All
World History Resource Center
World Mysteries
World Treasures of the Library of Congress - Beginnings
WWW-VL History: Ancient History in General
3D Ancient Wonders

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