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Baltimore Sun - SunSpot
The website for our statewide Maryland newspaper, The Baltimore Sun. This site includes all the different sections of the newspaper. It will help you find news around the world, and also in your backyard.
BBC News
British News for a different POV.
CBBC Newsround
The BBC presents this unique interactive site. In addition to news stories and other features available in text, you can listen to audio files or watch video files. Geared for middle school students, the site includes polls, games, and quizzes, as well as sections on world news, weather, sports, television, and movies.
CBS News
With many different subheadings, this site can easily be navigated.
This site provides up-to-date news and is divided into different sections reflecting different types of news.
CNN Student News
CNN has partnered with educational company Harcourt to create a news site geared to kids. It features up-to-the-minute news in major areas, including World Events/Culture, U.S. History/Government, Science/Technology, Business/Mathematics, Language & Fine Arts/Media, and Health/Life Skills.
Guardian Unlimited
This site provides a different view on political issues than the US media. It also reports foreign affairs, including British, Western European and the Middle East with a British perspective on the events.
Information Clearing House
This site says that it provides the news you won't find on CNN or FOXNews.
LIFE Magazine Online
The official website for the famous LIFE magazine. This site will provide you with great news, stunning pictures, and challenging puzzles.
MPT Online
This site is broken down into categories including Arts and Culture, Kids and Family, and Education. The categories are full of information for all kinds of people.
MSNBC - MSNBC Front Page
This site is a great news site with a lot of information. Contains many different topics, as well as video and multimedia.
NBC 4, Washington, DC
With local news that has information about your health as well as news about the government This site is a great one for staying informed and being entertained.
Newspaper and News Media Guide
Links to media sources world-wide
This is the site for Newsweek magazine, containing news on the nation, world, Iraq, entertainment, and more. This site also provides live talks to listen to on different issues.
The New York Times on the Web
The site for New York's newspaper, The New York Times. This site is chock-full of information concerning politics, worldly news, and national news.
The New York Times on the Web: Learning Network
The New York Times Web site for students features news summaries from around the world, a daily news quiz, a word of the day, and much more. Students may submit questions to New York Times journalists and later read replies on the Web site. They also can send letters to the editor via E-mail.
The Online NewsHour — PBS
PBS companion site for the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Contains NewsHour Extra for Students and Teachers which has additional stories of interest to students.
Online Newspapers
The site says that it has thousands of world newspapers at your fingertips.
The website of the TIME magazine. This site includes a bar at the top that has the latest news form CNN. It also has categories such as nation, world, photos, and graphics.
USA Today Top of the News
This site includes topics like news, travel, money, sports, life, tech, and weather. Also has chat rooms, video, surveys, polls, and photos.
Washington Post
The front page contains a listing of the top news stories. This site is organized very well and it is packed with excellent information. There is also a video, picture and entertainment sections.
The Washington Times
Website of the other Washington DC newspaper.
Live InstaWeather feature that allows you to see what the weather is like from the Doppler radar. The top stories are displayed with a picture that you can click on and it takes you to the link. There are many different sections of news available in the side bar of the site.
WJZ: Homepage
The top story has a picture to go along with it. There are lots of videos and pictures to help people understand the news. On the right side of the site, there are windows that show the stock market, sports scores, and a schedule of shows that are coming on WJZ at that time.
World News Daily - Information Clearin House
This is not a mainstream news outlet. It claims that it has the “news you won't find on CNN or FOXNews.”


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