HanaHo Arcade PC

The people at HanaHo are terrific. Yes, if you have the time, talent and tools, you can build a MAME cabinet for a lot less money. But HanaHo will go the extra mile to make sure you are a happy customer. When I purchased my ArcadePC, I ordered it without the PC, substituted a monitor of my choice and had an extra blank control panel included.

I later used the blank to build the control panel pictured above. This layout works great. You can use the trackballs, joysticks or spinners without running into the other controls. The joysticks are positioned well for both 2 player games and for 1 player games that use both sticks. The only change that I would recommend would be to move the start buttons down next to the trackball buttons, and align the main buttons with the joysticks.

I have *7* mice hooked up: 2 trackballs, 2 spinners, 2 light guns and the Track-Point built into the keyboard. Windows and MAME treat all seven devices as the system mouse, But Thanks to Mame Analog Plus, I can play multi-player trackball, spinner and light gun games.


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