Pictures from Michael and Kathy's wedding, 2001

Michael and Kathy were married in August 2001. Here are a few of the pictures taken at the event.

Michael and Kathy see each other for the first time on wedding day.

Outside the church.

Us with Kathy's parents.

Us with Michael's parents.

Bride and bridesmaids. Abby, Kendra, Kathy, Kerry, and flower girl Stephie.

Groom and groomsmen. Dave, Steve, Michael and Clint.

The whole wedding party.

Stephie the flower girl enters.

Kathy's father leads her into the sanctuary.

Pastor Brad leading the ceremony.

Michael and Kathy sign the wedding license.

Cutting the cake.

A brief kiss.

Our good friends Ingrid and Dave.

Kathy and her siblings. Kendra, Bob, Kathy, Steve, and Kerry.

Kathy with some college friends. Rachel, Julie, Kathy and Abby.

Leaving our reception.

Leaving the church. Best man Steve drove the car.

Heading for the honeymoon.