Results of the 3rd Mount Tamalpais
Solo Piping and Drumming Competition
13th May 2006


Gr IV 2/4 March (11).  Judge - Ken Sutherland
1st Donna Willy
2nd Brandon Doonan
3rd Lloyd Christiansen
4th Casey Young
5th Andrew Lenz

Gr IV Slow Air (16).  Judge - Fritz Hoffman
1st Casey Young
2nd Sean Campbell
3rd Andrew Lenz
4th Walt Innes
5th David Hendry

Gr. IV Piobaireachd (7).  Judge - Colin Berta
1st Lynn Rothschild
2nd Walt Innes
3rd Andrew Lenz
4th Greg Brahms
5th Sean Campbell

Grade IV aggregate winner: Andrew Lenz

Gr III 2/4 March (8).  Judge - Jan Richey
1st Amanda Gifford
2nd Gary Kirby
3rd Kip Morais
4th Paul Forrest
5th Robert Hollingsworth

Gr III Strathspey/Reel (8).  Judge - Fritz Hoffman
1st Kip Morais
2nd Gary Kirby
3rd Paul Forrest
4th Amanda Gifford
5th Denise Butler

Gr III 6/8 March (8).  Judge - Colin Berta
1st Amanda Gifford
2nd Kip Morais
3rd Paul Forrest
4th Denise Butler
5th Patrick Teffs

Gr III Piobaireachd (4).  Judge - Ken Sutherland
1st Amanda Gifford
2nd Paul Forrest
3rd Robert Hollingsworth
4th Patrick Teffs

Grade III aggregate winner: Amanda Gifford

Grade II MSR (3).  Judge - Ken Sutherland
1st Kyle Rothschild-Mancinelli
2nd Jared Myers
3rd Annette Huddle

Grade II Hornpipe/Jig (2).  Judge - Colin Berta
1st Kyle Rothschild-Mancinelli
2nd Annette Huddle
3rd Jared Myers

Grade II Piobaireachd (1).  Judge - Fritz Hoffman
1st Kyle Rothschild-Mancinelli
2nd Annette Huddle

Grade II aggregate winner: Kyle Rothschild-Mancinelli


Judge - Malcolm Rosenberger

Gr IV 2/4 March (5)
1st Lewis Robertson
2nd Brooke Rothschild-Mancinelli
3rd Andrew Koupal
4th Les Kopari
5th William MacDougall

Gr IV 6/8 March (3)
1st Les Kopari
2nd William MacDougall
3rd Lewis Robertson

Grade IV aggregate winner: Lewis Robertson

Gr III 2/4 March (2)
1st Stuart McLean
2nd Danny Farmer

Gr III 6/8 March (1)
1st Stuart McLean

Gr III S/R (1)
1st Stuart McLean

Grade III aggregate winner: Stuart McLean

Gr II MSR (2)
1st Patrick Steuber
2nd Chris Vitt

Gr II H/J (1)
1st Chris Vitt

Grade II aggregate winner: Chris Vitt


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