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As a spaceship moving left to right at the bottom of the screen, shoot up at enemies as they enter, assemble in formation and fly down at you. If you allowed an alien to capture one of your ships in its tractor beam, you could shoot the foe later and double your fire power!

I picked this up in May of 2009 from Darryl (aka. DJDNS - a local collector). It was sold as a project as the monitor and cabinet had issues but the boardset was good.

First thing I decided to tackle was the cabinet. I began to strip it in preparation of sanding and some Bondo-work.

Inside bottom of the cab has a "nice", little smell to it...

I used a orbital sander with 60 grit paper to sand the cabinet...

Next was the corners...

To repair the corners of the cabinet I decided to use Bondo. I have used this in the past and it works great and dries very strong. Darryl had a trashed Bosconian cab and cut off corner on side of it to use as a template.

I lined the template up with the cab and clamped it. I then took a small piece of cardboard and lightly nailed it to the cabinet (in between the t-molding groove) following the curve of the template thus making a mold.

I then filled it in with Bondo and repeated on the other side.

Once the insides were done I flipped the cab and again used the cardboard to follow the curve of the newly created corner and filled the outer side.


I also used the Bondo to repair the lockbar holes.

While the Bondo was curing I moved to the contol panel. The original overlay was cracked along the edge and just nasty. I removed the top layer of vinyl first and then the remaining artwork/adhesive with a hair dryer (which worked GREAT and saved lots of time!!!).

Goo Gone was then applied and scraped off to remove any remaining adhesive.

The following day I sanded the locations that I applied Bondo as well the as the bottom, inside of the cab. When done I used a electric leaf blower and a shop vac to remove all dust and loose particles prior to painting.

Here are the repaired corners...

I used Killz primer then followed by some semi-gloss, ultra white enamel paint. Two coats of primer and three coats of paint were then applied with a foam roller.

I then used some flat-black Rustoleum spray paint to get the corners and inner sides.

Not sure why I only have this 1 pic of the white side...

While the white paint was drying I decided to work on the control panel. First I primed the control panel and then followed it with two coats of Rustoleum Glossy Finish black paint.

Using the CPO that I purchased off KLOV (thanks DPtwiz for an awesome deal!!!), I positioned it where it needed to go and clamped it into place.

I then peeled the far-right side pictured above and folded the paper underneath the CPO leaving approx 2" of adhesive open. Working from right to left I pressed down on those 2" (just the top-facing part) creating an anchor point. I removed the clamps and lifted the left side of the CPO up removing 3" of the backing at a time and pressing down with my right hand.

Once the top part was in place I began on the front, rounded portion. I worked from the middle out pushing down gradually on the rounded section and ensuring proper adhesion before moving further.

Here is the control panel reassembled with new buttons.

I then painted the front and bezel area with black semi-gloss latex paint using a roller (sorry no during pics as I was pretty beat at this point).

I then applied the artwork (thanks again DPtwiz...3pc artwork, CPO and bezel for $100) using the locations I measured off the original cab.

The t-molding slots were then recreated using a Dremel and new t-molding applied.

Reassembled and looking good...

New, reproduced bezel...

New buttons and CPO...

The G07 chassis was recapped and video header pins were reflowed.

The game is 99% completed. Just need to clean and reattach the kickplate, metal coin chutes and perform some monitor adjustments.