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Updated 9/28/02

Sabra Ahlan-Lido, Alize' and Mimo
Sabra - is a classic silver tabby, a former restauranteur from South Florida in which he had his own Mideast/American restaurant - the main theme of which was himself. He also reflects his own food in his size as he weighs in at 27 pounds, is 2 feet long and a foot and a half wide. My talents lie in sleeping and getting up early in the morning to come downstairs and turn on the TV with the remote control so that Mom will hear it and come running down to feed me. I like to watch Wings but I never see any birds on it.
Alize' - is an oriental shorthair-multicolor who walks like aballet dancer and is very feminine. She could be left on a desert island with food and catnip alone and be perfectly happy. She screams like a banshee when another cat comes around.
Mimo - is a silver and white Brittish shorthair who is the complete opposite of Alize'. She is well mannered and a proper lady.
Sabrina, Baby Mim and Hannah
I know no dogs allowed...but Sabrina acts like one...can she still be a member? She's a loyal and loving kitty. And she really is a cat! Baby Mip is the queen of the group at 13 years old. She THINKS she's the boss or at least tries to be. Hannah is the newest addition to our cat family. She looks like Sabrina. All my cats were taken in when someone else dumped them. All are spayed and stay in the house. (Can they "pretend" they are on the back fence?) Please come visit my cats...they have their own page at my site.
Sabrina and Juliet
Sabrina - I'm a beautiful blue point Himalayan, and I know it, so I use it to my advantage. I'm so pretty that Mommy and Daddy just can't say no to me.
Juliet - I am michevious or so Mommy and Daddy tell me. I don't think so, all I do is run along the top of the cupboards, open Mommy's jewelry box and play with shiny things, and swing on the top of the doors. I am a very adorable tortoiseshell, if I do say so myself.
Salem and Tigger
Salem - is a long haired black tom. He's adorably cute because he has a soft, femine meow and sometimes his color gets the best of him and he looks a little possessed! And one last thing, he DIES for catnip!
Tigger - is a tabbish cat (for some reason he has spots too) and he's named for his bouncy personality. He's very cute and loves to sit and stare out the window at the bird feeder! He's also a great purrer, whereas Salem can't purr, he just breathes really really hard :o)
Salem, Snowball, Spring, Gigi, Midnight, Bootsie and Tigger
Salem - is a black cat with an attitude. He is loving, gentle and has two best friends, his human friend comes first and that's Matt and second comes his little cat friend named Bootsie. Salem came to me as a kitten with 4 siblings that were not even weened from their mom before being put into a box and left at the bottom of my driveway. He stayed with us because he was a sickly kitten and we became attached to him very easily. He is a lover boy and loves to play, be held and just fussed over in general.
Sam da Man, Delli, Izzy and Leslie Anne
Sam da Man - I bees a furry macho tom an I rites da Home Handycat kolumn fur da Caterwaul Chronicle. I bees furry bizee tryeen too kepe doze sisfurs ov mine owt of trubble tew.
Delli - I am a Cattorney an I repurrsents onliest gurl kitties. Mie enurjeez are spent in makin shur dat efurry gurl gits justis!
Izzy - I am a furry sweet kitty dat jes happins too bee a grate gormay kook. I am a furry fluffy kitty an sumtimez git ridikuled fur beein sew big, butt Meowmie sez knot too let dat bofur me, sew I donte.
Leslie Anne - I am a gorjus, beeyootifur gurl wif luffly hare an ambur eyez. I am won ov da luffliest gurl kitties on da infurnet an luff to poze too haf my pikshure takin. I dew knot haf time fur a wink becuz I spinds sew much times primpin in da mirrer dat no tom cud stands it.
The name of our website is Jacqlee's Cats The Fearless Foursome.
Sally and Harry
Sally - She is a light calico. She is really energetic and she loves to climb trees, be crazy and I have a picture of her I could send.
Harry - Always friendly, a long haired black and white domestic angora. He loves to climb trees and I also have a picture of him I could send.
Sam, or Sammers, is just my Big Hairball of Love (about 18 lbs) unless he isn't getting his own way, then he's my Big Hairball from Hell. He has to sleep with his head on my pillow, nose to nose, and his paw on my face. He gets no tuna treats before bedtime. He loves to bite noses. It hurts. Real cute!
Sam aka Kitty
Kitty...or Sam as some proper people call him...is really really really really really continues typing really as much as she can and finally ends it with*lazy.
Sam, Socrates, Persephone and Elektra
Sam is a self-professed nip freak! He also loves to pounce on my feet at 4 AM, taste test everything I (his human mom) eat, and in general create havoc wherever he goes. His favorite sleeping position is upside down, belly exposed to the world.
Socrates: a large orange tabby with a massive purr. Founder of the SOBs (Spraying Orange Brothers)
Persephone: a little black cat with a lot of attitude. Very tough! Once caught a pigeon.
Elektra: a mustachioed tabby with a sweet disposition. Extremely shy. Sleeps on mom's head at night.
She is Part Siamese. She loves to bite play, and oh, did I mention she seems to Rule Me??
I am a 10 yr old black domestic short hair. I have seven toes on each front paw (the better to smack my younger adopted brother with). I deeply believe in the encouragement of feline culture and creativity. I was adopted when I was 6 mths old and have been an only cat until this year. Tigger is already a member here and if anyone wants him, they can have him with my blessings, just don't tell my mom I told you that! I just got my own home page and decided to start a feline art gallery and a feline poetry reading room. I hope all my brothers and sisters will be kind enough to give me any hints of tips to make it better. Well, I must now go and sit on Tigger. He is eyeing up my tail in a way I just don't like!
Samantha and Kittenly
Samantha -- Three sentences about The Gray Sammy. She is now 9 months old, beautiful shades of grey with a fluffy tail. She loves furry mice and plays fetch. She's athletic, demanding, crazy ... the whole ball of wax. She's turning into one great kitty.
Kittenly -- 12 years old, black and white 16 pounder. Favorite word: food. Purrs loudly, does not like other cats, but misses her best enemies BooBooKitty, Baby and Julie, very badly. Even though she doesn't know it, Sam has been good for her.
Samantha and Megan
Samantha - Sammy is a beautiful black cat who is loving and sweet with most people. She terrorizes the birds and (pardon the pun) rips them to shreds (literally). Sammy is a bit more, well... evil than Megan, when it comes to other living creatures. Her favorite foods are roast meat, prawns and people tuna. Sam is far more independent than her sister Megan but come bed time, she pretends to be a baby who insists on sleeping on moms chest the whole night.
Megan - is a large kind of plump gray tortoiseshell cat who is extremely timid and afraid of just about everything. We call her the bug catcher. In the summer she sleeps all day and then sits in the front lawn all night on the prowl for bugs. Unlike Sammy she hardly ever catches birds and never wanders too far from home. She will catch the occasional mouse (not to kill ,just for fun), dragon flies and leather jackets, to show mom and scare her half to death. She is gentle and very sweet.
Samantha, Midnight and Whiskers
Samantha - Sam is 14 years old. Her favorite food is chicken and she likes to do a little bird watching every day. Her favorite activity is napping on my lap. She doesn't like dogs or my grandchildren. She is georgeous, long haired, pleasingly plump, black with a white bib.
Midnight and Whiskers - My grandsons have 2 cats - Midnight (the devil cat) and Whiskers. They are high strung and understandably so, living in a home with 4 children under 9 years of age would make any cat edgy. Midnight and Whiskers are tuxedo cats, slim and athletic.
Samantha Bambridge aka Sammy Bammy aka Sammy, Princess Pansey aka Pooh, Molly McGeever aka Molly, Aunt Abby Blabby aka Abby and Zoe the Tail aka Zoe
Samantha Bambridge aka Sammy Bammy aka Sammy - Grand ole lady(red marmelade) of the house, once a feral cat, now known for hogging the covers on my daughter's bed.
Princess Pansy aka Pooh - original fluffy furball(pale marmelade), loves laying belly-up under the ceiling fan.
Molly McGeever aka Molly - will climb (or try to) to the top of anything (marmelade and white) and refuses to eat on the floor.
Aunt Abby Blabby aka Abby - dark tortoiseshell rumpy Manx cat, who delights in terrorizing the baby budgies.
Zoe the Tail aka Zoe - sister to Abby (light tortoiseshell) with extra long tail, who is the best bug catcher in the house.
Click here to visit with these lovely kitties.
Samantha Soleas and Tina
Samantha Soleas - I am sleek and black. I love curries, typewriting on my mistress's keyboard, and sunbathing. I live with my daughter, Tina, (a right tart) and my grandson Dinos.
Tina - Take no notice of what my mother Samantha says. I'm quite a stunner, fluffy gray and pink with an absolutely adorable character.
Samba Flowers
Adorable Devon Rex Seal Point that loves sitting on his person friend. Will retrieve things when he feels like playing. The best friend you could have.
Sami is my first cat. She is very loving and loves to sit on my lap. She is one and a half years old. I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with her.
Samian and Vicious Muffin
Samiam ... Alternately sweet and onrier than a baby snake! Given to sudden and very vocal outbursts of activity. Generally nuts! Loves everybody. Black male Persian.
The Vicious Muffin ... As looney as Samiam but somewhat more sedate. Aloof but sometimes condescends to affection. Flame-point Himalayan.
Sammie Jo
I'm a striped tabby. I'm female and I live in Illinois in a house with my family. I enjoy playing with my string and balls and I really like beanie babies.
Sammy Am
I am a male orange tiger cat who likes to watch tv and adores my lady. I kiss on command and am never too independent for her.
Sammy and Mimmi
Sammy - is a healthy black & white cat with a furry and shiny coat. He loves to lie in a twisted position when he takes his nap (which is the whole day) and adores his Friskies and fish bisketts. He is very loveable and really wants to join a cat only club.
Mimmi - is her name. She is a gray and whitish Persian cat. Even more loveable and loves Pamper hearts. Likes to sleep and to chat with other cats, especially Sammy.
Sammy Brewer, Spike Brewer, Buster Brewer, Caesar and Tigger
Sammy Brewer - I am a short haired tortie with lots of purrsonality and am soon to be five. My main job is the pagemaster and graphic artist fur da Brewergang. Each kitty must do there own web page but I do offer helpful suggestions. I am the Guildmistress for TCMC dorms and manager for the Back Alley Mall.
Spike Brewer - is my illustrious sisfur. She is Co-chair fur dat Older Cat Society and a Grader at CLAW University. She takes all da credit fur effurything in our family. She is old so I let her haf it.
Buster Brewer - is my hated brofur. He thinks he is so cute and so smart and da boss of da house. He belongs to Da Agency and to Tomzrule. He also wud luff to belong to BFCC. I'd advise against it since he is a tom!
Caesar - is my sweet little brofur. Not quite a year old I have been able to mold him into my playmate. He belongs to Tomzrule too but so far he has stayed away frum the nipz beer.
Tigger - Last and certainly least is Tigger. She is Caesar's littermate. I can't stand da site of her. Meowmie is always making over her and telling her how sweet she is. Ha!
Sampson and Cheyenne
Sampson - I am an extrordinary, fluffy, black and white kitty. Even though I'm 6 years old, I've only lived with my human for the past 1&1/2 years. There were just too many dogs where I was before. I love getting on the bed when my meowmie and daddy are changing the sheets. It's just warm and cozy to have the bed made up over me. I can't understand why they always want me to move. I recently got a new adopted sister, Cheyenne. You know what pests little sisters are. She wants to follow me everywhere and keeps jumping on me to wrestle. Sometimes I humor her and box her ears for a bit. My meowmie needs me to give her some attention everyday when she comes home from work, so I climb into her lap and give her the chance to pet me. I pretty much keep things running around here. I just don't know what my meowmie and daddy did without me.
Cheyenne -I am a gray and white kitty with lots of energy. I have to go wake my meowmie and daddy up at night so they can play with me. I don't know why they insist on sleeping at night. That's the best time to romp. I have an older brother, Sampson, who my meowmie and daddy adopted before me. I simply know that they got me to keep him from being too lonely, but he likes to pretend that he's not going to play with me. He'll come around though if I bat at his ears and jump on him from behind. I go everywhere with him to pick up his cool moves. If I'm not following Sampson, I like to sit with my daddy and lick his nose.
Samuall T Bone Edwards and Contessa Tiffennee Jene di Edoardi and others
Sammy is a 3 year old black shorthaired neutered male. He stars in my home page as the Queen's Lackey, and he hates the job--and the queen! Off screen he and Queen Bitsy are pals--sort of.
Contessa Tiffennee I can describe myself, thank you, and better than Mummy can. I am a gorgeous longhaired tortie with lots of red in my fur. I am tall and slim and am a Supermodel. I'm also furry modest.
Other Cats: Sammy says, Fourteen cats in my family. The family portraits can be seen in the Queen's guided tour of the castle on or after Feb.14. I iz gettin punished as uzual. Darn old queen!
Samuel Horensky
Bravest cat on the inside of the screen door. Chirps at sea gulls on the front lawn. Defends the home by absolutely refusing to go outside which would leave the home unprotected. Insists on house calls by the vet.
Other cats: Occasionally receives visits from out-of-state relatives, Chloe and Duncan. Chloe used to live here and still considers herself the matriach of the household. Duncan is a 20-something pound sissy who is subservient to everyone. Takes Samuel a day or so to accept them and is always relieved when they go home.
I like to sleep on my mom and dad's bed at night and run real fast through the apartment. I also like going on car rides and sitting in the back window. My mom and dad found me when I was just a kitten and had no place to go. I am a tabby, I have gold eyes-- and red hair just like my dad. I will be one year old in June 1997. One time I was bad and went outside without my mom or dad and tried to climb a tree and I pulled one of my claws out -- but it grew back.
Sapphire, Diamond and Misty
Sapphire Ebony Rose is a very cute cat, she is a member of CLAW, and likes to be involved in lots of clubs and things. She is a very sociable cat. To learn more, visit herhomepage. Sapphire has a brother - Diamond Jetson Charlie, and also lives with a cat called Misty.
Sapphire and Monster
My name is Sapphire (Sapphie). My 0wner's name is Christy. I am a 2 year old feminine looking semi longhaired tabby.
My winkwink Monster is a handsome, big shorthaired tabby.
Sarabande and Nathan
My name is Sarabande "sara" for short. I was rescued from the pound by my humans, Cate & Jay. I am a black DLH and I love to play with anything I can get my paws on. I talk an awful lot (especially in the morning to wake my humans up because I want to play.)
Nathan - My humans are Cate and Jason Carrarella. They rescued me from the local animal shelter when Jason decided that "Sara" needed someone to play with during the days. Well I love my new home and drive my new meowmie and daddy crazy going through everything I can. I have even helped redecorate the place by moving stuff to places I think are better, like under the couch and computer desk. Sara and I are the best of friends and love to rough house together and give each other baths.
Sarah Bess Henschel-Kranz, Sophietucker Henschel-Kranz, Samuel Goldwyn Henschel-Kranz and Sable Bernhart Henschel-Kranz
Sarah Bess Henschel-Kranz -The first in the family. Adopted from the pound in Alexandria, VA. about 8 years ago. Long-haired tortoise/calico. Gentle, but definite ALPHA, since others have arrived in household.
Sophietucker Henschel-Kranz - Adopted from underneath a friends porch. Abandoned by mother,very ill, nursed her back to health. she is striped, grey, furball. Limited friendships established with certain persons - does not prefer the company of other cats.
Samuel Goldwyn Henschel-Kranz - Adopted from pound in Charles Town, WV. HUGE, buff/orangish tabby. Weighs in at over 11 lbs. super friendly.
Sable Bernhart Henschel-Kranz - Latest member of family. Rescued from the Race Track at Charles Town, WV. Probably a Singapura (according to the vet). Small, CURIOUS, very friendly, gets into everything. Loves the washing machine, vacuum, hair dryer, and falling into the bathtub when full of bubbles.
Sarah Jane
She is sweet, funny and loving. Very fluffy and her tail looks like a raccoon's. She is so beautiful. I love her. I adopted her a year ago.
Sarapena and Fluffy
Sarapena is 10 years old and a beautiful tortiseshell tabby. Her claim to fame is her obsessive attachment to her "mommy". Whenever mom appears, Sara will leap from the floor and onto her shoulder.
Fluffy is also 10 years old and Sarapena's sister. Fluff is very large tan and white shorthair. Her favorite pastimes are begging and sleeping next to any warm body. Her nickname is Jabba the Fluff.
Sardine plus 40 brothers and sisters
Mini-cat, fine tiger stripes. Mummy sais that I am so intelligent words fail her!
My name is Sascha. I'm beautiful with 4 white paws, white tummy, and white face. My tail is thick, long, and gorgeous. I hear you are very handsome and that you have a young sister. Don' let your sister take advantage of you.
Sasha, Chelsea and Jaegermeister
Sasha - is a beautiful 5-year old tortoise point Himalayan. She can be very temperamental if she doesn't get her own way. She's very loving and purrs vigorously if she is pampered and gets what she wants.
Chelsea - is a beautiful 3-year old seal point Himalayan. She is very skittish and runs away from everyone unless you have food.
Jaegermeister - is a handsome 5-month old black cat with white boots on his back paws. He was born incognito in my mom's garage up in the mountains. I babysat with him for a week while his mother was getting spayed, and he has been with me ever since. He gives the two girls a real workout, so much so that Chelsea has lost a whole pound since he arrived (she only weighed 9 to begin with)!
Sasha and Murphy
Sasha: I'm a brown mackeral tabby. My favorite hobby is to chew the tails off the furry toy mice that my human gives me. I will sit and shake paws but only if I'm offered my favorite treat: Pounce. I'm the official greeter when other humans visit us.
Murphy: My little brother Murphy is a white kitty who loves to have his tummy rubbed. His favorite hobby is to climb the step ladder and watch our humans when they are in the garage doing mundane things such as laundry. He loves to cuddle while one of his humans is sitting at the computer. We wrestle and chase each other up and down the hall - Mom says we sound like a herd of buffalo (especially at 6 in the morning!)
She is very curious and special. She is a gray Siamese.
Snowball - White female, age unknown, also a stray.
Spring - Calico female. Snowball's daughter, age 3.
Gigi - Gray long haired male, age 2, stray cat.
Midnight - Black long haired cat, age 10.
Bootsie - Black and white, age 4 months, stray.
Tigger - Long haired gray cat, Spring and Gigi's daughter.
Sassy just loves being outdoors when she's in and indoors when she's out. Very independant, and only want's to cuddle when it's Her idea!
She likes to sit in the sun all day. She will not eat anything but wet catfood that is put in the microwave for 10 seconds to heat it up! Sassy is the fluffiest cat in the world.
Sassy is an 8 month old Blue Russian kitten who LOVES to do things her own way and usually ends up doing a great job. She is a very talented kitten and looks very cute.
Meows! I'm a 3 year old seal point Siamese. My favorite things to do are playing, sleeping, eating and having fun. You can visit me at my very own homepage and even read my journal by clicking here.
Sassy, Bootsies, Tiger, Angel and Blacky<
Sassy -- She is very small and cute and she is a little scardy cat. She is often jumping around, going under chairs and hiding in places. This is a very cute little Kitten! She had 4 more brother's and sisters but 3 of them died.
Bootsies - He is a very cute Cat! He and his sister Midnight were born May 10, 1997.Bootsies says "I love to chase your feet. My favorite toy is someone's hair. When I am happy I will purr like a motorboat!"
Tiger -- He's a cute Cat/kitten. I was born March 13,1995.I was a surprise to my owner, her mom and dad put me in her room for her to discover. I had the worst luck in my life! When i was brung home I had to stay in a cage for 6 weeks (I had ring worms), then later I got caught in the woods for 3 days (I was starving!), then I got shot in the head by a be be gun (it hurt), then I got hit by a car (in the head!). I didn't die but I was mostly blind, I couldn't see very much, I couldn't smell and I was brused badly! I had to be fed with the things with the needles in them that hurt (but without the needle) Then I soon was able to see in 1 eye. A little later my friend Black taught me how to eat by myself, and soon I was able to do almost anything! I'm fine now, but I'm always hungy and Angel taught me how to get on the table and eat food. So I've had a pretty exiting life (a hurting one!)
Angel -- She's a very cute Kitten! I am 1 year old and I was born April 21 1996. I love to play with string and I love running around the house jumping on tables! I also love to play with my owner. I had kittens on May 10th 1997.Ther were 5 kittens but 3 of them died of dehydration.
Blacky -- He's a very cute/cool Cat!! - I'm 4 years old. I was given to my owner by her mother when she thought they were just at the store. I am one of the first cats.My friend Prince and his mother left so now I'm the ruler of the house! I am very Brave and Cool and I play rough. I'm the coolest cat around and there is no doubt about it!!
Sassy, Bootsies, Tiger, Angel and Blacky
Sassy -- She is very small and cute and she is a little scardy cat. She is often jumping around, going under chairs and hiding in places. This is a very cute little Kitten! She had 4 more brother's and sisters but 3 of them died.
Bootsies - He is a very cute Cat! He and his sister Midnight were born May 10, 1997.Bootsies says "I love to chase your feet. My favorite toy is someone's hair. When I am happy I will purr like a motorboat!"
Tiger -- He's a cute Cat/kitten. I was born March 13,1995.I was a surprise to my owner, her mom and dad put me in her room for her to discover. I had the worst luck in my life! When i was brung home I had to stay in a cage for 6 weeks (I had ring worms), then later I got caught in the woods for 3 days (I was starving!), then I got shot in the head by a be be gun (it hurt), then I got hit by a car (in the head!). I didn't die but I was mostly blind, I couldn't see very much, I couldn't smell and I was brused badly! I had to be fed with the things with the needles in them that hurt (but without the needle) Then I soon was able to see in 1 eye. A little later my friend Black taught me how to eat by myself, and soon I was able to do almost anything! I'm fine now, but I'm always hungy and Angel taught me how to get on the table and eat food. So I've had a pretty exiting life (a hurting one!)
Angel -- She's a very cute Kitten! I am 1 year old and I was born April 21 1996. I love to play with string and I love running around the house jumping on tables! I also love to play with my owner. I had kittens on May 10th 1997.Ther were 5 kittens but 3 of them died of dehydration.
Blacky -- He's a very cute/cool Cat!! - I'm 4 years old. I was given to my owner by her mother when she thought they were just at the store. I am one of the first cats.My friend Prince and his mother left so now I'm the ruler of the house! I am very Brave and Cool and I play rough. I'm the coolest cat around and there is no doubt about it!!
Sassy, Coco, and Boxer
Sassy -- She is fiesty,she loves to chew paper and chase after our other two cats. She is a Siamese mix I got at the animal shelter.
Coco is a purebred Siamese. He is four years old and is just now getting out of his shell. He is quite fat and lazy. He sleeps a lot. I got him two years ago from a couple who divorced.
Boxer -- A black and white Persion whom I got from my grandson two months ago because he knew I would take good care of him. He and Sassy and Coco chase each other through the house.
Sassy, Oliver, Abby and Dusty
Sassy: She has strips. She loves to jump and be petted! She sleeps alot and is really cute.
Oliver: tan and white.
Abby: White and black.
Dusty: black and white blue eyes
Sassy and Sam
Sassy is a Siamese. She "talks" a lot, eats a lot and she likes to "play" with my dog, Mini. She is pretty fat but very friendly.
Sam is a BIG black cat. He isn't big as in fat, but big as in tall. He is a lot less friendly than Sassy. He can't stand Mini. If you don't give him treats when he wants them, he swats at your ankles when you walk by him.
Sassy and Sissy
Sassy - has a unique feature. One of his bottom teeth sticks out of his mouth when it is closed. He looks mean but it is just looks!
Sissy - is spoiled rotten.. She is in love with my husband, Gary. Wherever he is, she will be there.
Scamper, Snowball, Dito, Whisper, Buffy and Hobo
Scamper sits up and begs. Taught himself this trick. Will jump from the floor to my shoulder and stay perched like a bird.
Snowball is a white cat with blue/gold eyes.
Dito is a white cat with blue/gold eyes.
Whisper is a tabby who talks.
Buffy is a beautiful white long haired cat with blue eyes.
Hobo is a tabby with an attitude.
Scaramouche, Starrish Lionheart, and everyone
Scaramouche - My name tells alot about me, if you've read the Sabatini book about the French lawyer (and revolutionary and aristocat) of the same name. Needless to say, I am also garbed in black, with white gloves, spats and jabot. I have a trim black moustache and goatee, which makes me one attractive fellow. I am now a member of Mewsa. My human thinks I'm the cats' meow.
Starrish Lionheart - I am another resident of Villa Felis Fidelis, and am second in command to Scaramouche. My Mewmie says that I am a Champange Tabby, but I'd rather be known as a Ginger Tom (although my Tom parts are a fading memory). I live here with my wife, Carlyle, my daughter, Isabella Goldenfoot and my mistress, Possum. Mostly, I like to eat, sleep and watch a little tube. My really favorite activity was curtailed about three years ago when I sired two litters within two weeks of each other. Meowmie said ENOUGH!
Other cats: Egad! There are almost forty of us now, since my lady friends Marybeth, Chloe and Bartolomew had their babies. However, my sidekick, Starrish Lionheart (ginger male neuter) and I hold the fort against Sir Guy (white w/black tail and ears long hair neuter). We have daily adventures protecting our ladies fair (the above three new Moms and Maggie, Emmaline, Carlyle and Isabella Goldenfoot) from d*gs, strays and other perils.
Complete Roster of cats: Scaramouche, Sarrish Lionheart, Busterfur Jones, Maggie Mae, Carlyle,Possum, Mittens, Isabella Goldenfoot, Lady Emma, Marybeth, Chloe, Bartolomew, Jabot, Meip, Oliver, Cutlass, Peter, Small Mouse, Quinn, Black Jack, Espirit and Dream Dancer. The Black Watch, a family of four black DSHs who patrol the porches are: Night Shadow, Moon Shadow, Ebony and Caviar (aka Miss Hiss).
He is chocolate brown and white. He has blue eyes. He is a Siamese.
Scooter Pie, Baby Tato, Muffin, Angel, Stinky, Frank E. Tuff Guy, and Shoe
Scooter Pie - Tuxedo Cat, Male, Tripod. He has recovered nicely from his amputation. The front leg is still missing, but he compensates very nicely. All the other cats say "Go Scooter Go!" when he executes his terrorizing missions. He stages a great deal of BAD kitty boy madness. He's the baby; gotta love him.
Baby Tato - Calico Coon Cat, female, very dainty, Miss Priss.
Muffin - Mother of Baby Tato, Grandmother of Shoe, female coon cat.
Angel - Prettiest face you ever did see! White short, shinny hair. Built like a ripe wally mellon, definitely not hollow.
Stinky - Male, taupe tabby, bow legged.
Frank E. Tuff Guy - Smallish white male that was thrown out of a moving white caddy at his dad's job site. Very Tuff Guy.
Shoe - Top cat, my hunting shoe, my killer shoe, my SON. He always wears a tuxedo for he likes to be as handsome as he is intelligent and trim.
Scotty and Aussikatte
Scotty - is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese with a "loud" voice. He's a real sweetheart - a real lap cat, but he's a little slow. Somehow, that just makes him more endearing.
Aussikatte - Yes, we have an Ocicat named Aussikatte. He's a beautiful tawny male (neutered) and everyone exclaims over how beautiful he is. When we brought him home, we just started referring to him as the Ocicat, so that name stuck!
Scruffy and Family
Scruffy is a very sweet cat that loves to sit in my lap and caress my face with his paw. He is a cat that loves new kitties and tries to by a father to them all.
Ninja loves to give you hugs, and is playful.
Marmadude: He was found in my backyard, and now a beautiful loving cat, very friendly, greets everyone hello.
Princess: Mother and Grandmother of all the cats I have. She takes good care of them all
Tuxedo: A very sweet and sensitive cat, and loves the ladies
Buddy: a sweet cat, that loves to drink out of the facet, follows you everywhere. plays with kids.
Squirrely: a cat that always keeps you laughing, into everything, always playing
Missy: a new baby- a kitty that is full of mischief, and chases the others around playing hide and seek, when she isnt curled up with them in sleep
I'm a cute little orange kitten who loves to play!
Scully,Fox, Spud and Mercury
Scully - I'm a seven month old tigress kitty, black and browns. I have one blotch of white on my body. I'm not telling where! No, it is not on my face. My birthday is May 22, 1998.
Fox - I am a five month old little fella, an orange long hair tiger. I am a lover kitty, very friendly with everyone! My birthday is August 11, 1998.
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Spud - joined Scully and Fox in 2000. He fit right in and loves chasing them around.
Mercury - is an older kitty (11 yrs old) who needed a home for the rest of his life. He has been pushed around too many years and when meowmee heard about him --- well.... his is our new furkid!!!
My cat is beautiful and fluffy. He is orange.
Sebastian, Misty, Milo, Azreal and Onyx
My four cats are very special to me. Milo and Azreal love to fight over food. Sebastian and Misty love to cuddle.
Milo is the oldest cat of my four cats. He is only a year old. I adopted him from a veterinary hospital. He is an orange American Shorthair.
Sebastian is the second oldest. He is 11 months old and he was my first cat. He is is a grey and white tabby.
Misty is the youngest. I got her when she was only 5 weeks old. She is now 8 months old. She is the sweetest cat. Misty is a black and grey tabby.
Azreal. He is about 10 months old. He loves to whine alot.
Onyx -- Sebastian here! I would like to announce the new arrival (8/3/97)of my new sibling Onyx! He is 5 weeks old and someone found him abandoned at a bus stop. My human adopted him. He makes cat number 5 in our household. I just wanted to share with yoy this joyous occasion!
Sergei, Rocky and Petra
Sergei - is a quadra polydactyl (6 toes on each foot), black, gray and white tortoise shell. He is currently 7 months old and already 12 pounds. He can't really jump up on things well because of ther shape of his feet, but he sure can pick things up. He joins the family with Rocky and Petra.
Rocky - is a 16 year old male, orange and devoted to his mother (me). In his younger days, he was known to fetch, beat up on dogs and ride motorcycles. He rides in the car and likes to go to chicken drive thru restaraunts.
Petra - is a 1 1/2 year old female (black and gray tabby. She is mischevious (known as "little missy" when she's in trouble and loves to leap in the air and do somersalts. Rocky and Petra used to live with me in San Diego with Kit Kat and Stickers, but we moved. Sergei is a Washington native.
Stunning giant black shorthair domestic cat with emerald green eyes. Loves to wrestle with humans and wear small carpets on his head.
Shadow - was born around October of 1999. He was adopted from the local Humane Society in January of 2000. He's a black DMH. He is a sweet little kitten with a wonderful outgoing personality!!!
Blizzard - is a 7 year old white domestic long haired cat with huge blue eyes. He is deaf, but that doesn't hold him back from being demanding, mostly when it comes to food and attention.
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Shadow and Bandicoot
Shadow is a 10 month old neutered male cat. He is black as the night with long fluffy fur. He enjoys mutilating every aloe vera plant he can find. Also, his second favorite hobby is stalking his best cat friend, Bandicoot.
Bandicoot is an 8 month old neutered male. He is orange and striped like the tiger within him. He enjoys snuggling with his favorite human. His second favorite hobby is letting his best cat friend, Shadow, think he (Shadow) is the almighty hunger.
Shadow, Stubby and L.T.
Shadow: Hi, I'm a handsome 19 pound, black shorthair, diabetic, with great eyes. My Meowmie gives me my insulin shots twice a day, and I Let Her!!!
Stubby: 12 years old, brown tabby, with "cut-off" tail. I was born in Japan, where I adopted my owner.Lucky for me, she brought me to Texas with her when her assignment was over. I'm a pushover for petting.
L.T. - (little twit): 9 yrs old, long hair calico (of course I'm a lady). I'm the most spoiled of our "family".
Shadows Marie, Martha Maelstrom, Ceilidh Djinn, Brendan Michael and Lacey Susan
Shadows Marie - (I am the cat...) I'm almost 12 in human years; black and white dlh; I'm the main cuddler in the family. hang out on mommy's bed, purr, snuggle, eat, sleep--quite a fulfulling life.
Martha Maelstrom - Gray and White Splotched Cat; almost 11 years old, dsh. Only sh in house; the long-hairs pick on me all the time. Especially the persians. And the psychotic calico. I'm a shoulder-cat whenever possible, and I hate it when people lay around without any fur on.
Ceilidh Djinn - Queen of the House, no matter what anyone else says. Virgo, 7 years old. After all, I'm a female black Persian. Have a doctorate in Black Cat Arcana, and currently studying for my Cheshire comprehensives.
Brendan Michael - Ceilidh's youngest littermate--I'm 20 minutes younger. I'm a Red Persian, and my job is to convince people that even if Persians seem funny-looking at first, we're actually the cutest cats in the world. (Ceilidh isn't cute, she's just elegant.)
Lacey Susan - I'm an incredibly beautiful Calico dlh. Was rescued from a Humane Society this spring because they were gonna give up on me and New Mother said it wasn't fair for me to suffer any more because of promises humans made. I lost my front claws when I was a kit, and rear ones when I was 3 and my Old Mother married someone who thought I'd hurt his hardwood floors. I'd been an indoor/outdoor kitty and found myself in a compromising situation one day (being totally clawless) and got neurotic. Then Old Mother gave me away, and they gave me away to the shelter, and the shelter fostered me to someone whose cats told me that REAL cats have claws so I got even more neurotic, and then New Mother showed up. I know she loves me, but I WILL NEVER BE A PET AGAIN! It hurts too much and people give you away. New Mother promises she'll never leave me and I want to believe her but I AM NOT A PET. Even if I forget sometimes and cuddle. And I DO NOT PURR; I just practice Rhythmic Growlin! Sometimes. The other cats in the house pick on me and I wish they'd go away. We hiss and growl and paw-bat at each other all the time.
The Other Five will register later--they're all sleeping now.
Shadrach and Jezebel
Shadrach: "I am master of all I survey."
Jezebel: "I am a shy, petite flower, although somewhat fluffy."
2 1/2 year-old Main Coone. Very lovable and still a baby :-)
Shamrock and Thistle
These kitties are both sweet-tempered. Shamrock is a very fluffy irish tortie. Thistle is a fluffy scottish tortie.
Shontom is very nice and a lovely tabby. He is known as King Shontom. Halloween is his favorite time as he loves to haunt.
Her nickname is Snob Cat. She is a tabby but mainly white with a large butterfly shape tabby colour on her lower back.
Shawn is a white with gray van markings. He loves to play with his orange ball, sleep and eat.
Sheba Bjorn Svenson Beguhl
Sheba is a lilac point Siamese. She gets her nightly run of the furniture at home, eats like mad and acts like a d*g with a very loquatious purrsonality.
Sheba, Ringtain and Bleesed Reeve
Sheba - is a black kitten that was adopted at the humane society and has helped her human out with a lot since her human is often sick.
Blessed - is a male, white fluffy kitten, that was adopted at the humane society. He got his name when he was trying to jump out of his human's arms.
Ringtail - is a stray that was born from a long line of strays. She has always ruled it over humans -- and knew exactly where she wanted to be - with her sick human so she could help take care of her.
Watches blank tv for hours/ runs around like a psycho cat at night/ goes from person to person trying to get attention
Iz a stway dat my gwand mowieme found. Iz heppy heppy heppy dat iz gotza home. Iz luv my gwand meowme but Iz wuv my meowme loza loza. Iz luv yellow ponce and sleepin on da window sil. Iz luv a tac meowme's feet in da nite. Itz fun fun fun. Iz is gray an white.
Shelby and Bailey
Shelby - Very playful and energetic. Loves salmon, chicken and the occasional cat treat.
Bailey - Shelby's little brother. Loves to lounge in the sunfilled windows. Loves treats and kitty milk.
Sherlock, Sushi, and Samson
Sherlock - I live in west Yorkshire, in England. I am a white and ginger cat, and a very good hunter! The mouse population (along with other animals) is greatly decreased in the fields behind my house. My mum got me from a very nice lady who had rescued me from the bad start in life that I had. I am always getting into trouble for fighting, but one does what one must! My vet understands, but my mum gets upset!
Sushi - A female tabby/white, a total nutcase of a sister.
Samson - A male ginger/white, bit of a wimp.
She is black and white with medium length fur. She was once a stray but I rescued her from under my neighbor's house. Poor thing ....
Shylo Katt MacRae
Our kitten loves to bite toes, and hiss at black boots. She is our protector and friend. Life without her would never be the same. A great companion.
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